Bit 10 The Runner

Brad sets off at every morning promptly at 5:30 a.m. for his daily 5K, it takes him about 30 minutes, 27 on a good day. As re sets his pace he looks for the blonde haired lady with the long pony tail, outfitted in Nike dry fit gear. He looks for her reflective colorful clothing every morning at about his halfway point, this morning after much deliberation he is going to add his name with his smile and "morning" and if he can, he is going hand her a note.

Like clockwork at just over fifteen minutes the reflection of the swoosh is visible, this morning she is sporting a yellow jacket with a little pink reflective logo, yellow, pink and blue splash print leggings with the swoosh at her left hip and yellow to pink Nike lunar running shoes, her long ponytail and the cord to her earbuds bouncing in unison. Nike running perfection in motion!

"Wait for it! Wait for it!" He says to himself. "Morning! I'm Brad! He shouts hoping to be heard over her music. "Kelsey!" she shouts back as she passes, they lock eyes for a second immediately bringing Brad to a stop, he turns and runs to catch her.

"Sorry sorry sorry!" Brad quickly places his hands up to ease Kelsey after startling her. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to hand you this!" Brad extended his hand with the sheet of paper to give to the nicely attired jogger. Kelsey takes the note and as Brad appeared he disappeared into the dawn. Kelsey unfolded sheet of paper, curious to read its contents.

I would give anything to know you!

Cell: (777) 555-1234

Work: (777) 555-4321

If you are married or involved with someone, I apologize and do not mean to be disrespectful, I didn't see your ring.

I usually walk in evenings to wined down, usually around 7:30. If you're available I would like to walk around the park with you, we could meet at the bench where we usually pass each other.

P.S. It's not a problem if we cannot meet and I will not bother you in the future. And it's not necessary to change your running schedule, I will return to my simple wave and good morning.

I am just taking a chance.

Brad watches his phone all morning for a text message from an unknown number, the ad executive he figured he would receive a "married," "engaged," or "seeing someone" as a message, if nothing else. It was several hours before he considered Kelsey could be a lesbian.... he was surprised he hadn't thought of that, as he learned not long ago that his building is a Peyton Place for "LBGTQ's."

It's 7 p.m. and Brad has concluded that his letter was a "dud." He walks to the park bench like he mentioned in his letter, he figured he would sit for a few minutes before walking back home. "At least I took the chance, it wasn't so bad," he thought.

As he came around the curve the bench came into view. Kelsey was sitting at the bench, her back was to him, he recognized her long ponytail.

"Hey!" Brad said with a smile to the woman attired in a white Nike sweatshirt and short black Nike volleyball trunks accentuating her perfect round derrière. Kelsey was breathtakingly beautiful in the daylight. Gorgeous makeup and a eye popping, mind blowing frame. Brad stopped to pinch himself, "Wow!" he thought. "I didn't think you were coming," Kelsey says with a smile as she gives Brad a once over. Five foot nine, guessing about 165-175 pounds. He has toned arms and legs, and nicely groomed with dark brown hair and blue eyes. "I was beginning to think you changed your mind." "Ah... no!" Brad returned. "Since I didn't hear anything back from you I thought you were not going to show, but I am glad you did!" He looks at Kelsey, she is unbelievable. "I'm Brad, a.... Bradley Taylor Sullivan." He extended his hand to shake. She smiles as she takes his hand, "I'm Kelsey Milner." Brad smiles, "It's nice to finally meet you!" "You too!" Kelsey returns, "I wasn't sure how I was going to get you to make the first move." "Really?" Brad questions, "I wish I'd known." Where do you live?" Kelsey asked. "Just across the street from the park, why?" Brad inquires. Kelsey looks around them, Brad noticed the look on her face. "Can we go?" She asks. "Ah.... yeah, sure...." Brad answers.

Brad unlocks the door and leads Kelsey into his secured building. Once the door closes behind them Kelsey relaxes, "Brad, would you hold my hand?" "Of course I will!" Brad answers eagerly and takes her left hand in his right. He looks at Kelsey's perfectly french manicured fingers, he also notices the outline from the ring that was on her finger.

Brad and Kelsey steps onto the elevator, she turns to face him. "Brad, I have been watching you everyday for three months, I didn't know how I would make this happen." She kisses his lips just before the elevator door opens reaching the fifth floor. The door opens, Erica Williams is standing in her opened black bathrobe, white bunny slippers and a scarf containing her beautiful long black silky braids. Beneath her robe was her Georgetown college t-shirt and athletic shorts, Brad tried to avoid looking at her large nipples as they pointed through the old gray shirt. She stood dumbfounded with the bag of garbage she was taking to the dumpster chute. Witnessing the end of their kiss stopped her in her tracks. "I'm sorry Erica, Brad apologizes, "This is Kelsey, "hi!" she says with a wave and smile as they passed. "Hey...." Erica returned, she looks questionable watching the couple as they pass, trying to make sense of what she just saw. She wonders, "what the hell?"

Brad opens the front door and allows Kelsey to enter the apartment first. Kelsey looked around, the apartment had been renovated to an open concept. The large room had look of a man. Modern leather furniture, a 65 inch flat screen tv, big vintage band and concert posters on the walls. A 3-pickup black Gibson Les Paul and Marshall 4X12 half stack amplifier sat next to a bar stool, a true rocker's rig. Next to the Fender stood a Pioneer stereo with a turntable, 15-disc cd changer and dual cassette player. There are classic rock albums dated before the metal age. Frampton, Uriah Heep, Skynyrd, Grand Funk Railroad and Boston leaned in display against the base of the stand. Kelsey walked to the stereo and turned to Brad, "Next time I am here I want to hear you play, do you know "Gypsy?" Brad's eyes widen, "Kelsey, I am in love with you! You fucking rock!" Kelsey returns slowly to the amateur classic rocker, "I can name at least four songs from each those albums you have on the floor." Brad shakes his head as he looks at Kelsey's seductive approach, watching as she removes the rubber band from her hair, "Oh my God you are so awesome!"

"Brad, I want to know what you want?" Kelsey request as she places her breast in Brad's chest. She looks him square in the eyes. "What do you want Brad?" His smile drops, with all seriousness he answers, "I want a life with you!" Kelsey looks at Brad's mouth and returns to his eyes, "do you know the beginning of 'Do You Feel Like We Do?'" "Yes, I play it all of time." Kelsey places her lips at his, "hum it for me!" Brad look at the sultry groupie as she observes his mouth as he begins his low sexy enticing scat, "Da do da da.... da da...." Kelsey slides her tongue into his mouth, every guitar player dreams for a moment like this! "Keep going Brad!" She whispers through her french kisses. Brad continues, accepting and returning her smooches, he found her four play out of this world. "Fuck me, Kelsey whispers, "Fuck me right her on the floor!"

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