Bit 1 Sunday Morning Rain

Sunday Morning Rain

Erica stood at the window watching the rain. It fascinated her, watching as the drops of water appeared from heaven to wet the street below, collecting to make puddles. From her second story window she watched through the bars of the fire escape as a jogger trudged her way through the steady down pour of water. As the dedicated runner past under the street light Erica watched as her soaked pink and white Nike Shox splashed, distorting the small pools of water. Watching it rain was relaxing, she wanted to feel it on her skin. "It's early, not even daylight yet," she thought, "No one will see me and..." she looks behind her. "David is still sleeping." Erica smiles as she watches him for a moment, he sleeps so peacefully. "Last night he was magnificent! David wanted me so badly, we hadn't made love all week." She replayed their love making in her mind. "David was so strong, he was so hard and now my pussy is so soar." She thinks with a smile. Erica turns back to the window to look at the water. She licks her right middle finger as she widens her stance to place her finger at her swollen opening, her moist finger brought a soothing to her as it circled her inner labia. It felt wonderful to her, she wanted to continue and she wanted to finish in the rain.

Erica gently pulled at the old window, it was stubborn like most mornings, but she would not be denied. Using both hands the naked woman summons her strength and control to open the window, but still keep the room silent. As the window slowly shook upward the smell and sound of the cool Sunday morning air entered the room, the rhythmatic beat was audible as the drops of water tapped on the rod iron bars and the retired metal pots now holding Erica's plants and flowers.

David found a large piece of half inch thick plywood once used to board up a window, he placed it on the balcony over the iron bars giving Erica a flat surface to stand and walk on.

Erica cautiously looked out at the building across the street hoping to find no lamps on, no one looking back. The building was dark and still, it seems that everyone is sleeping except her and the runner who is now out of sight. She looks back at David before taking a deep breath.

Stepping out onto the balcony was refreshing, exhilarating! Erica had never felt so free! The water was cold and brought her senses to life, saturating her skin and hair taking away her fear of being seen without her clothing. With her blemished inadequacies exposed Erica looked to heaven smiling, extending her arms thinking, "Here I am God!" She considered God is smiling as 'she' looks back at her saying, "I see you girl!" God has to be a woman to make a Sunday morning this splendid!

David woke to the smell of water and the sound of Erica's laughter. Stepping from the bed, he looks to the open window to investigate the celebration. He saw Erica standing with her arms stretched looking into the sky. He couldn't remember seeing his wife so happy, he couldn't believe she was outside naked. David observed as Erica turned around and around excepting the rain. Her hair and body was soaked and it glowed in the darkness from the illuminated street light. He decided to step onto the balcony with her.

Erica turned around to see David climbing through the window, "Shit! Oh my God!" David laughed. "Baby!" Erica said softly before laughing at her husband. "You are naked!" she said. David laughed, "So are you!" as he took Erica in his arms. "Why are you out here like this?" He questions. "I wanted to feel the rain," she answers, "Isn't it magnificent!" Erica's brown eyes were happy, her body was cold but she felt wonderful. David felt Erica's lips need to be kissed, her beauty needed to be worshipped and adored. The cold Sunday morning rain poured on the couple, but they could no longer feel it.

David hungrily kissed his wife. He sucked the rain from her lips, her tongue and neck before he returned his mouth to hers again. Erica took his right hand in her left and placed it on her left nipple. David's thumb gently circled it as he took more of Erica's tongue in his mouth. Removing his thumb David kissed his way to Erica's erecting left nipple, taking it into his mouth and slightly biting it, Erica moans as the bites sent surges throughout her body forcing her to raise to her painted toes and arch her back. Only her shoulders rest against the red brick and mortar wall. Erica looks at her husband, her brown eyes were sultry, her mouth was open as she breathed.

"Fuck me David..." she begs, "Please Baby, I need you to fuck me!"

David sucked the water from Erica's stomach as he lowered himself, taking a knee to suck the lips and clitoris of her throbbing pussy. Erica's vagina was not shaved, the rain matted the fur of her kitten to her skin, Erica opened her legs as David got down on both knees to pleasure her. David's heat along with cool water was soothing, Erica turned her head as she sighed, the rain was cool like a satin comforter as it continues to cover her, her nipples harden from the coolness of the air. She enjoyed the feel of her man's tongue as it circled her swollen lips, and her throbbing swollen clit. As David performs he feels around for the milk crate he usually sits on when he is on the balcony. Finding it he places it at Erica's left foot, grabbing her ankle with his strong right hand to place her foot on the crate.

David's tongue licked Erica's opening until her lips parted. "Baby... Fuck!" Erica whispers as her urethra opens to his craftsmanship. David knew Erica's body, what it liked, what it wanted, what it needed to be satisfied. Erica looks down at David, he is hers to command. "Tell me you want me David!" Erica commands. "Tell me you want to eat my pussy!" David gets up to look at his wife, Erica was beautiful, her eyes and mouth were seductive. David stood in front of his wife looking into her eyes. She looked down to see him stroking his penis.

"I love you Erica, you belong to me! You are mine... all mine."

David steps into Erica, she feels him remove his hand, his hard hot erection points upward and rest against her, bouncing and stretching as it pulsated. Erica took the six inch rod in her hands massaging it before placing it at her moist water-cooled opening. David placed his strong laboring hands on the brick wall at both sides of Erica's head as he spreads his legs. The married couple lock eyes. Erica continues to rub David pulsing manhood.

"Do you want that fucking cock?" David wipes the water from her face.

........."yes!" Erica kisses his hand

"Do you want it?" David repeats sternly.

........."yes! Yes! YES!" Erica cries.

David turns Erica's face to the wall, pulling her hips back to meet him. David was as hard as stone! Erica's squeezed her eyes shut as she grimaced to take him again. "Fuck! Oh Shit!" the wife growled as her husband pushed deep inside her. Erica's pussy quickly moistened, but she was in pain. She wanted David, she wanted to feel to his power. David drove in and out of Erica, faster and faster, his intensity soon overwhelms Erica as her moans become near screams as she tries to not wake the neighborhood. "Oh My God! Oh My God! Baby.... Oh.... Oh My God!" Erica screams, the sound of their wet skin slapping in the rain was an aphrodisiac to her. "Fuck me harder!" Erica screams but tries not to wake the neighborhood as she is being pounded. I'm going to cum, Baby.... ka.... oh..... ka, cum with me! David tries to up his thrusting, but with no shoes he has no traction. David's desire is inextinguishable. He places his left hand at Erica's throat cupping his hand, careful not to hurt her. David's Driving weakens Erica, her legs barely support her. Her climax is beginning, she can no longer speak. David is now growling, snarling as he works feverishly to cum for his wife. "OHHHHHH SHIT!" David yells, OHHHHHH SHIT!" "Cum with me baby!" Erica's cries, the sound of the pouring rain is maddening. David's body convulses as he fills his wife, Erica struggles to stand through her orgasm. The couple's moans and shrieks are harmonious, echoing throughout the neighborhood.

They finish with David's head resting on the back of his wife. The rain is slow and soaking, it gently washes away the evidence of the couples lovemaking. David pulls out of his wife and turns her to face him. They look into one another's eyes as they enjoy the aftermath. Just then a window opens and a neighbor shouts.

"What the hell is going on out there? It's fucking Sunday Morning here!"

Erica looks at David with a smile.

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    ChiChi Washington over 2 years ago

    I am only going to comment on one but I have read through several of them. I love your writing style. I am following you so I can be sure to read other stories you publish