Standing in the airport looking out the glass pane window at the once darken sky where just moments ago the wind was howling and the thunder was crackling down. I’m so glad the storm passed quickly, I’m already petrified of flying and that storm did not help at all. I continued to watch the workers through the glass packing the luggage on to the plane. I began to question myself. Why was I leaving a world that I knew so well to step in to a place that I know nothing about? I hear the boarding call over the intercom. Now boarding Flight 198 to Los Angeles. I scurry to gather my belongings and head for the plane. Once on the plane I handed the flight attendant my ticket . She took one look, “First class is right this way” extending her arm to the left. I kindly nod and follow in suit. Walking to my seat I could not help but admire first class it was like something out of a movie.

This was amazing the seats were all white with a burnt orange trim, the scent of fresh leather filled the air and they were so big that you could easily fall a sleep in them. I set down next to the window and placed my purse in the empty seat next to me. Looking around I cant believe I’m in first class. Becoming a best selling author is something that I never imagine I would be in my life. The thought of one of my millions of imaginary stories would actually be taken seriously. Yet here I am Emma Michaels best selling author of adult erotic romance novels. I mean who would of thought I would be able to make a living writing erotic books like this considering I have never been with a man on that level. I’m a 28 year old virgin through and through. The closest I have come to being with a man is just a kiss or two and maybe a little foreplay. Still this vault has remained closed and under tight lock and key. I’m not waiting on Mr. Right or anything like that I just have no desire to have sex with a man or a woman. You see I love to writing about sex I just can’t complete the act.

The thought of being intimate with a man was something that I just couldn’t see happening to me. I’ve kissed plenty of men and allowed them to make out with me and that is as far as it goes. I have never experienced an orgasm in my life, men just don’t arouse me. Their touches are just empty touches, I have never felt that tingle that women say they get when they are turned on by the opposite sex. So you could wonder how do I write erotic romance novels. I base my novels off of video’s, research and speaking with other women. There are times when I feel conflicted selling books that are false in so many ways. But I just enjoy creating experiences for my readers. Even though I have never experienced them myself. I want my readers to find ultimate joy and ultimate pleasure in reading my work.

” Excuse Me”. I here a gentlemen’s voice speaking as I glance up to see the one and only Chace Daniels from (For You I Will). The love scene that he did was so intense, I got a lot of ideas from his character. “Madame I believe your purse is in my seat” He spoke again. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Those baby blue eyes looking straight through me and that perfectly tanned skin with a low haircut just enough to run your fingers threw, he was a pure work of art. ”My apologies I didn’t know anyone was sitting here”!

“No worries” He said! I’m very grateful to be sitting near such a beautiful woman on this five hour flight. “Five hours!” I replied. “ Yes, Five hours” He said. Fear began to set in as the plane began to move I could feel my hands began to shake uncontrollably as I looked out the window watching the airport become smaller and smaller my fear was about to reach an all-time high. When all of a sudden I felt some thing warm gripping my hand. I looked down to see Chace’s hand over mines holding them together. He gently squeezed my hands as I looked up into those beautiful eyes once more and before I could utter a single word. Don’t worry I’m here with you. He spoke. Those words from his sexy lips brought me so much comfort and peace. I started to feel something that was unfamiliar to me. It was in that moment I began to feel my panties become moisten between my legs. I closed my legs as tight as I could and it was in that moment I believe I had my first tingle.


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