Chapter 1

Every fairy, at the age of 8 solar years (that’s 2 years for other creatures), goes through the “coming of age” ceremony. In this ceremony, it is determined what the fairy will do in society for their adult life, or what they will be best at. It could be anything, from politics to diplomats for the other races, to a simple worker (that’s the easiest one, you can be anything), to a scientist. The possibilities are endless. The most revered job, however, is that of a Guardian Fairy. If this became your job, you would have a vision of the person you were to guard, called your “charge,” during the visions you get during the ceremony, and set off to find them. The best part is the traveling, which is why it’s so revered. Many fairies don’t get to travel to the extent that Guardians do. It’s considered an honor to be a charge for a guardian fairy amongst the other races. The dragons do something similar, but they are more designed for battle and protecting while fairies deal more with guidance, though sometimes protecting.

Today it was my ceremony. I was dressed in a shimmery white dress with a golden trim. My orange eyes glowed slightly in the dim light. My fairy type, Fire, has eyes that do that. My average-sized red wings crackled (crackling or nearly burning wings are a mark of a Fire fairy as well, our wings look like they are literally fire) and fluttered gently as I admired myself. Slightly tan skin, orange eyes, long, fiery red hair, decked out in simple makeup and tribal markings of fire. I frowned slightly. Makeup. A human invention.

We stole a lot from the humans when they vanished.

Long ago, faefolk and dragons used to consistently get human charges, compared to the other races. One day, centuries, no, millennia ago, the humans just disappeared. It’s hard to imagine 8.5 billion creatures just disappearing off the face of the planet like that, but somehow they did. All the other races were in a panic, what if it happened to them?

But it never did.

What remained of human civilization was taken by the other races, who made use of the more advanced technology and other things humans had made. Many human cities were settled in by the others. Some were abandoned and left for Mother Nature to reclaim. From stories I’ve read, humans were creative, innovative creatures and the Guardian races enjoyed having them as charges in the majority of cases. But they often fought major wars with each other.

One story I read spoke of a devastating war between at least 11 of the human nations. Many people were killed and one man tried to take over the entire world. Four countries were on the evil man’s side, taking over. The others were on one side trying to stop them. One nation, called America I believe, didn’t join until one of the opposing sides, Japan (I’m pretty sure anyway, hey shut up I haven’t read that tale in over 3 solar years, and go get a haircut you rude person) bombed them somewhere. And one on the evil man’s side switched sides because the evil man was stupid and challenged them in the middle of winter. Apparently this war was so devastating, it affected the entire world for generations to come. I honestly can’t imagine that. All of us other races were pretty neutral apparently, except the ones with charges, those creatures were considered exempt from any politics because their duty was to their charge before anything else. But for the most part, we stayed out of the wars of the humans. We had, and still have, our own petty wars but nowhere near as bad as the humans. But when the major powers weren’t at war with each other (and even when they were), the humans were very accepting of our races (though oddly not their own, apparently they had a lot of social issues, some Guardians described their charge being emotionally, physically, and mentally damaged badly when they find them from other humans for various reasons) and were very diplomatic toward us and accepting of the Guardian races’ duties.

Sometimes I wish I had lived then, I’ve always wanted to meet a human. But alas, woe is me, they don’t exist anymore. I’m merely wishing for a dream that will never happen. That time period also seemed so much better, despite human pettiness. There seemed to be a sense of “be who you are” in most places. There was a general acceptance of anything, though I guess there was always someone who would beat you down.

Looks like that part hasn’t changed much.

I sigh as I look at myself once more and stand up taller, trying to make myself seem more important, stronger, better. It was time for my destiny to be decided.

<lololololololol BREAK lolololololololol>

I sit quietly as I watch the other fae who are having their ceremonies walk into the rooms where they are outlined their duties. It would be my turn soon. I understand why we do this (kinda) but I really wish we could choose our own jobs. The magic in the ceremony reacts to our wishes and looks at various futures and what our personalities are and could be, but even still it’s not perfect. Many people end up doing something they hate because some futures showed they would enjoy it, and they never did. Humans didn’t ever do this when they were around, and the merfolk, elvenfolk, and the skyfolk don’t either. The dragons don't really either, there you signed up to be a Guardian and other roles, unlike with the faefolk.

It was a flawed system, but I supposed it worked to an extent. Granted, a small extent, but it worked.

“Solara Firebeam.” a Nature fairy drones.

I look up when I hear my name called. Welp, time to face the music. I stand up nervously and with a grace I didn’t know I possessed, I walked over to where the bowl of water was waiting, I was to take a ladle, dip it in and take a drink. Then I would have a vision of my job.

To be honest, I don’t know what I want. I’ve never decided. All I want is to see the world. But very few jobs require that.

I dip the ladle and shakily bring it to my lips, taking a drink. As soon as the water ran down my throat, the visions hit.

I saw a young fairy girl with soft corn-colored hair with a smile as radiant as the sun itself. She had to be fairy because she had no feathers on her like the birdfolk have plastered all over them and no tail like the merfolk do, and there was absolutely no way she could be an elvenfolk, she didn’t glow like one, and obviously she wasn’t a dragon (sometimes Guardian races got each other). She looked about 8 solar years. There was one thing that was odd, she had no wings. None. I glided over to her and looked closely at her. Her eyes, a topaz-brown color, sent waves of calm, yet fear at the same time.

I was very angry suddenly, that this youngling was afraid. Who dared to frighten her?

I then realized what my job was, I was a Guardian. And I’m pretty convinced my charge was a human.

The race that was supposed to be, you know, freaking DEAD.

This was unsettling.

I gasped as I emerged from my visions. The Nature fairy (she had large viney wings, Nature fairy) who had called my name helped me over to a seat unsteadily. I answered dazedly when she asked how I felt and what my job was. I was surprised she wasn’t freaking out that I had almost fainted, but then again, the more powerful visions can cause some fae to faint. She was probably really used to these kind of things. I looked up when she handed me a document to sign. I looked at the paper, it was my personal records. At the top it said:

Solara Firebeam
Type: Fire
Job: Guardian
Charge: Unknown

I sighed deeply and signed the paper. I had to sign it to say I approved, even though that was an absolute garbage formality, a tradition.

They didn’t care much about if you wanted the job. They used to care, before the humans disappeared. But now they didn’t really care, you would be that job whether or not you wanted to and you couldn’t change it. You used to be able to change and redo the ceremony, but no more.

The humans’ disappearance really freaked out the other races.

The Nature fairy directed me to the room for Guardians and handed me a few crackers and some juice to restore my stamina. I entered the room and looked around. Not a big group, which makes sense because everyone wants to be one, but not many get it, based on those dumb futures and the personalities we have and could have and our wishes that the ceremony magic sees. I sighed and sat in a chair in the back to remain unnoticed by the few fae in the room.

Once the ceremonies were all done, the fae in the rooms were lectured about what their job consisted of. I zoned out during it. I didn’t need to listen. I’ve looked up enough about Guardians in both the past and present. Ha! I probably know more than the instructor. Joke’s on you, suckers.

Basically, I’d have to learn to fight some (Already learned mothersuckers, defense is a thing) and then I’ll have to take periodic travels around the world to find my charge. I’d feel a pull telling me where they are, the magic in the ceremony imbues it in you, if you become a Guardian that is.

When the instructor was done droning, we were required to fill out a sheet of what our capabilities are, as well as hobbies, likes, dislikes, amongst other things.

What is this? A questionnaire? What the frak?

I sigh and fill out the paper.

Hobbies: Me likie reading, studying older cultures, practicing magic attacks/close combat skills/physical defense, oh and mocking this stupid paper questionnaire thing

I chuckle to myself lightly as I fill out the rest of the paper. I finish way before everyone else so I spend my time mindlessly setting my hand on fire. (The room instructor got mad at me)

The instructor took our papers then told us to report at the Guardian headquarters the next day at 8:00 am sharp, then left the room. I yawned. Tedious. I stretched and got up, time to blow this pop stand. Ah, that’s an old human expression if you were wondering.


At 7:30 I arrived at the Guardian headquarters. So tedious. I was anxious to go search for my charge. I spent most of my day in my worn-down small apartment building (it used to be a human apartment that was converted, they’re pretty bad on upkeep, despite being in a rich people district) after the ceremony, studying if it was possible for a human to have survived and ignoring my family by using the excuse of “I gotta study areas where my charge could be”, they left me alone. Most sources said no…. But one I found seemed possible but very unlikely, there isn’t enough information for anyone to make a definitive answer on the possibility of a human’s survival.

‘Since I have like thirty minutes to waste, I’m gonna grab some coffee.’ I mused to myself, fluttering my wings slightly. Fifteen minutes later, I was enjoying myself some Nature’s Course coffee. That company has the best coffee, literally. Humans and their inventions are great but holy fairydust, coffee is their best hands down. Taking a sip of my amazingly mouthwatering creamy butternut (butternuts are a kind of nut that was discovered in the Amazon Rainforest. They have a buttery flavor and are great in cooking and drinks and dishes) coffee (this is not sponsored I swear, I just freakin love this coffee), I noticed a Water fairy wandering around looking lost (she was the only one around, what the afterlife). ‘Oh frak, that fairy was in the Guardian room yesterday.’ I realized. Sighing to myself I call out “Hey Water fairy! You look lost!”

The Water fairy looked around rapidly before she noticed me and headed over quickly. “Was that you?” she asked. I nodded. “Oh! Uh, wait, I recognize you from yesterday!”

“Yep.” I said, drawing out the “p” before taking a sip of my coffee and examining her. She had gorgeous pale blue hair that was about shoulder length. I had to admit, I was jealous. Her skin was pale, pretty normal for a Water fairy and her eyes were violet. Her small pale blue wings shimmered and moved like liquid behind her, marking her as a Water fairy.

“So uh…. I haven’t been out to the inner city before, do you know the HQ is?” she asked meekly.

“You’re literally standing right in front of it.” Bukiris, how can one be so blind?


I facepalm. “Want me to walk you in?”

“I’m an adult now, I don’t need babysitting!” she snapped.

I shrug. “Just trying to be nice.”

She blushed. “I’m sorry!”

I was confused. “Uh why?”

“Well you’re being nice and I’m snapping at you...”

I shrug again and take another sip. Bukiris do I love this coffee. “Nah it’s cool.” I say offhandedly and start walking in. The water fairy was startled and started following me.

“So uh…’re a Fire fairy right…?”

“That’s a bit obvious, kid.”

“I’m an adult!!!!!”

“Makes no difference to me, I call pretty much everyone kid, except my parents. And technically, you are still a teen.”

“Oh, that’s true.” she paused. “I’m Raine Bluegriddle!”

“Solara Firebeam.”

She hesitated and looked away. “You… you aren’t very talkative are you?” came the meek question.

“No. not really.” I said as we entered. The place was wide spaced with a chic look to it. There was large glass windows all. The front desk was located near the back wall and there were sitting places everywhere. I saw a few people from the room yesterday sitting around and someone bumped into us from behind. Raine and I were pushed aside as a girl with long ebony hair and large airy wings and pale skin dressed in a simple white flowy shirt and jeans. Definitely an Air type fairy. Rude though.

“Hey wasn’t she in the room yesterday?” Raine asked softly.

I hummed. Well would you look at that, she was. Guess this kid can pay attention. “Seems so.” I took another sip of my coffee, that miraculously wasn’t spilled. Magic.

“You really aren’t talkative.” Raine commented.

“I don’t really have a reason to talk.” I replied with a shrug.

“Why not?”

“Why talk when I can think and observe?”

“That’s fair.” she said. I nodded and walked forward, following the rude Air fairy. Seemed like she knew where to go. The fairy turned and headed down a hallway past the front desk. The sign above it said Training Rooms. Welp I missed that sign in my first view of the “H-hey wait up!” Raine called after me and hurried to keep up with me. I sighed and slowed down a little, but continued walking. Raine caught up pretty fast. The Air fairy was stopped outside a closed room shortly down a branching hallway. The closed room had a sign over it that said Moonblade Sanctuary. Below it, another sign, written this time, was placed that said ‘New Guardians report here.”

I called out to her. “You gonna head in, or is it locked?”

She jumped slightly and looked around quickly before spotting Raine and I. “Um, I…”

Raine jumped in. “Nervous? Don’t worry, we all are. Even the quiet one over here.”

I scoffed. “Well sorry I don’t see reason to talk much.”

The Air fairy laughed slightly. “You two act like old friends. But um yes I am nervous.” She was wringing her hands together I noted. She has a lot riding on this.

“We just met today!” Raine said. “She, uhhhhhh... helped me find my way.”

“I still can’t believe you didn’t see that you were standing right next to the HQ.” I said.

Raine blushed. “I came from the rural areas, I don’t come to the Inner City often.”

“Well to be fair, Cambridge is a big city and has only expanded since the humans disappeared.” The Air fairy commented. “What district do you come from?”

“Um, Liab Wood.”

I blinked. “Wow that is far out. Pretty small though.” It’s a small district but it has a lot of rich people who own large farms and manors. There are rumors that there are slaves there, just like the humans used to do with plantations hundreds of years ago. Slavery is despised upon in fae society, and is illegal. If those rumors are true, then those rich people are breaking the law and should be arrested.

Raine blushed at our surprised looks. “Um yeah. Everybody knows each other…” she said with a nervous laugh. “W-well what about you two?”

“I come from Solezanillo.” I said.

“Um… holy frak, are you kidding? That’s the rich people district. Like nobility!” Raine exclaimed.

I shrugged. “Yeah. But I don’t live with my birth family. I was abandoned at an orphanage for whatever reason and got adopted by a middle class family in the area and live with them. I’m perfectly fine with it.”

“Wow…” they both said.

“What about you. Air fairy?” I asked, changing the topic, the stares were slightly uncomfortable

“Also. um. what’s your name?” Raine added.

The Air fairy looked away. “Um.... my name is Silhouette Airwood. I come from the Tepachula district.”

“Well that’s a pretty normal district compared to ours.” I said with a chuckle. The Tepachula district was an upper-middle class area with a few rich people thrown in.

Silhouette looked away. “Yeah…”

“Nice to meet you Silhouette!” Raine said joyfully.

She blushed. “Nice to meet you both.”

I cocked my head. “Not good with people?”

“Um no, not really.”

“Cool.” I said, ignoring her questioning look at my acceptance of her social awkwardness. (It’s frowned upon in society to be socially awkward. I really don’t get why.) “Well shall we go in? It’s almost 8.” They both nodded and we walked in together. Inside the room was a large area with mats laid on the floor and various magic-proofing structures.

“This is cool!” Raine said, bouncing on her toes.

Silhouette laughed slightly. “You act like a child.”

“I’m an adult!”

I put my pointer finger up. “Again, technically you are only a teenager.” I said matter of factly while taking a sip of my drink.

“Shut up you flaming frak.” Raine exclaimed. Silhoutte and I both grinned at each other in amusement.

“Alright newbies!” a new voice called out. “Gather round!” The three of us looked around and saw that all of the people from yesterday had arrived. There was an Air fairy dressed in official looking clothing, a black bodysuit with a tan leather jacket over it. She also had a holster on her leg and was wearing black knee-high boots. All of us “newbies” as she put it, gathered around her. She smiled. “My name is Moonbeam Thunderblossom. I’ll be one of your instructors.”

“Who’s the other one?” someone called out.

“Yeah and why are we being taught by a female? Shouldn’t we be taught by a male?” a snotty voice said. “Males are way more powerful.”

Instructor Thunderblossom’s lavender eye twitched. “And what.” she started in a pissed off voice. “Is wrong with me being female?” she finished with a powerful burst of wind coming from her large wings, knocking almost all of us over. Luckily I stayed standing, also I managed to protect my coffee. “IS THAT POWERFUL ENOUGH FOR YOU?”

“Moonbeam, calm yourself.” a new authoritative voice said said from above. We all looked up. Above us, standing in a doorway that probably just opened, as it wasn’t there before, was a tall Nature fairy. He had dark skin and was dressed in a similar fashion to Instructor Thunderblossom. His average wings looked like they were made of feathery leaves, the mark of a Nature fairy. His olive eyes glinted down on us all.

“Wassup, Avo?” Instructor Thunderblossom said.

The one named Avo jumped out of the doorway and glided down to land by Instructor Thunderblossom’s side. “You really need to learn to control your temper.”

“Shut your mouth.”

I sighed. “This is ridiculous.” I whispered to Raine and Silhouette.

“Agreed.” Silhouette said.

“I ship it.” Raine said with a creepy smile on her face. Silhouette and I looked at her weirdly. She smiled sheepishly and blushed.

“ANYWAY!” Instructor Thunderblossom said. “This is Avo Sweetstorm, your other instructor and my partner.”

“Partner?” Someone questioned.

“Yes. Partner. During training you are put in a group of four, these people are your team for your entire career. Guardians also go out and perform missions if need be. When searching for your charge, your team goes with you. Leaders of your group, who are assigned, will sometimes assign partners among your groups. That’s what our leader did.” Instructor Sweetstorm explained.

“Yep!” Instructor Thunderblossom continued. “So today we will be assigning groups based upon how well you interact with each other. So for now, just mingle and we’ll see how it goes.” After finishing that, the instructors flew off to the still open door.

I looked at the fae I walked in with. “Well it looks like we might be put with complete strangers.” I said.

“No fair!” Raine whined. “I wanna be with you two.”

“Technically we are still strangers.” Silhouette said quietly.

“But we at least know each other, even if only a small bit.” I said.

“Fair point.”

I sighed. “Well we can just stick together and we’ll likely be put in a group together.”

“But we need a fourth person.” Raine said.

“U-um excuse me.” a quiet voice said from behind us. “I um couldn’t help but overhear you all…” We all turned around to see a short fairy with small wings made of leaves. He had a simple green shirt and tan shorts on with sandals. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and pale skin. Nature fairy. A very short Nature fairy. He looked about my chest level. Honestly looked like a kid.

“Hello!” Raine said cheerfully while Silhouette and I remained quiet.

He looked down hesitantly. “H-hi. Um so I was wondering if I could talk with you guys. Everyone else is kinda scary looking.”

“Not good with people?” I asked.

He nodded and crosses his arms over his chest. “Y-yeah.”

“Same here.” Silhouette said. He looked up at that. She smiled at him. “You can talk with us.”

“What’s your name, kid?” I asked while sipping my coffee. Frak it’s getting cold.

“Nyx Mountianwillow.” He said.

“I’m Raine Bluegriddle!” Raine said. She gestured to me. “The one with the coffee is Solara Firebeam. She doesn’t talk much. Pretty sure she has something against talking.”

“I just see no need to when I can observe.” I interrupted.

“Same thing.” Raine said, brushing me off. I rolled my eyes at her. “And this is Silhouette Airwood. She’s not good with people but she’s pretty cool.” Raine continued matter-of-factly as if I hadn’t interrupted her. Nyx looked back and forth between us. “How long have you all known each other…?’

“We all met today.” Silhouette answered.

“You all act like best friends.” Nyx said.

I SWEAR Raine’s eyes turned into stars at that. She clasped her hands together and like practically swooned. “IT MUST BE DESTINY!” she exclaimed.

We all looked at her weird. “Ummmmm….ok then.” I said. Silhouette and Nyx shared a look and shrugged.

“TIME’S UP NEWBIES!” Instructor Thunderblossom’s voice rang out across the room. All the recruits jumped slightly at her sudden voice. We all looked up at the door.

Instructor Sweetstorm sighed and ran a hand down his face. “Your groups will be assigned now.” he said. He then made a hand signal and a screen turned on next to the instructors. All of our names were put on the screen with pictures from our files next to them. The names moved around in a quick fashion. When they stopped, they were all in groups of four. Excited chatter began among the recruits. I looked for my name.

“OH MY BUKRIS!” Raine exclaimed loudly. All three of us (and some nearby recruits) winced at her volume.

“What?” Silhouette asked.

“WE’RE ON THE SAME TEAM!” she said pointing.

I looked at the screen where she was pointing. Sure enough, she was right. All four of us were put in a group. I sighed. ‘Well, I guess we’ll see how this goes.’ I said to myself as I watched my new teammates interact. Raine was jumping around, probably should never give her coffee, or maybe I should, read it calms down hyperactive kids. Silhouette was trying to calm her down and Nyx seemed pleased with the results. I gave a mental shrug. It could be worse. I smiled despite myself. I was happy with this.

But my smile quickly went away as I thought of my charge. How in the world would I explain that?

Chapter 1 End


Hello! This is a story I'm starting. I wrote the first chapter in my writing class for a project. As the the story continues I'll explain more about their world and culture. Uh I hope you like. No idea when the next chapter will be out.

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