Bit 1 Terms, Places, and Culture

Fairy: Singular

Fae: plural

Faefolk: Term for Fairy race

Xyana, Goddess Of Duty

Bukris, Goddess Of Life

Kiplo, God Of Death

Nihmes, God Of The Afterlife

Nienta, Goddess Of Loyalty

Byohr, God Of Chaos

Oaris, Goddess Of Order

Gilo, God Of Hatred

Afterlife: The place that is believed, by mostly fae, is where dead souls go after death.

Frak: cuss word, specifically fuck

Butternuts: a kind of nut that was discovered in the Amazon rain-forest. They have a buttery flavor and are great in cooking and drinks and dishes

Cambridge: Human city that has been re-purposed for fae. 2nd largest faefolk city. Home of the Guardian HQ.

Liab Wood: Small district that is the farthest a district can be from a large city and still be included in the city. Has a lot of rich people who own large farms and manors. There are rumors that there are slaves there, just like the humans used to do with plantations hundreds of years ago.

Solezanillo: Nobility district. Mostly rich people who are nobles or wealthy people who were lucky when purchasing places. Has some middle class families who work for the nobility.

Tepachula: medium sized upper-middle class district with a few rich people thrown in.

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