"We stole a lot from the humans when they vanished." Long ago, humans lived in harmony (well kinda, wars were a thing) with the other five races, faefolk, merfolk, birdfolk, elvenfolk, and the dragons. Two races, the dragons and faefolk, continuously interacted with the humans through the Guardians, dragons and fae who got "charges," people they were supposed to guard and guide. Majority of charges were humans. Solara Firebeam is a fairy coming into age. Today is the day she gets the career she will have for the rest of her working life. But she is in for a big surprise. (Terminology for words are put at the beginning of every chapter and eventually I'll put in a chapter for pure Terminology.)

I Wrote This For My Writing Class I Really Liked It So Im Posting It Im Gonna Continue It At Some Point Im Still Trying To Figure Out Pairings Though Lol I Have My Beta Helping Me With That But I Realy Like This There's A Lot Of Sass Sarcasm Annnnnd Dry Humor The Main Character Is A Shithead But I Love Her Fairy People Mermaids And Mermen At Some Point Dragons Bird Creature Things Elves What The Hell Happened To Humans Who Knows Guess You'll Find Out