Bit 5 Devine Chapter 6

Marvin Casey stands frozen looking at the angelic figure lying in front of him. “Mr. Casey, my pussy is not going to eat itself!” Officer Flannigan says smugly. The married truck driver kneels positioning himself in front of the lady state inspector, “WHAT IN THE HELL AM I GONNA DO?” his mind screams. “I gotta do this!” he rationalizes; with a grin Officer Flannigan readies herself for her pleasuring to begin. Marvin measures her vagina with his tongue. Her love zone was tiny like that of a young girl; her skin was elastic feeling to his fingers. With his dry tongue Marvin nervously begins rolling over her sensitive button-like vulva, his rough, abrasive tongue felt like an old hot leather strap to her sensitive area. It was rough and uncomfortable, not at all what she was expecting. The female officer imagined his meaty lips sustaining her warmth in his mouth, and heating her now throbbing clitoris and labia to a boil, catching every drop of her climax with his tongue and swallowing every ounce. His tongue reminded her of the old belt her father would use to discipline her when she was disobedient as a child. “WHAT THE FUCK! I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WERE MARRIED!” the frustrated horny woman complains as she raises her head from the blanket and pillow to look down at the anxious trucker. “DON’T YOU LIKE PUSSY? HAVEN’T YOU EVER EATEN A FUCKING CUNT BEFORE?” The D.O.T. Officer sits up in disgust. “I HEARD NIGGERS FUCKING LOVE TO EAT PUSSY! I WAS TOLD YOU MOTHERFUCKERS THINK THIS SHIT TASTE LIKE GRANDMA’S FRIED CHICKEN!” she exclaims, “THIS IS BULLSHIT!”

Officer Flannigan lies back down in embarrassment and frustration. “AUGH!” She placed her hands over her face, “what in the hell am I doing?” the officer asks herself. “It’s obvious this guy is gay or something! Black men don’t give a fuck about being married! They will fuck anyone at the drop of a dime!” The officer looks back down at Marvin. “Are you fucking gay or something?” Marvin looks 
blankly at the officer. She looks at the truck driver in disgust, “Get the hell away from me! Your bitch ass is out of service!” The officer begins to get up, “Wait… Okay…” Marvin places his hands up. “I... I'll do it...” he sighs. “I can’t afford the tickets.” Officer Flannigan looks into Marvin’s eyes, “You’re not married... not married to a woman anyway.” Anger forms on Marvin’s face, matching the disgust in the officer’s eyes. “You want to suck my cunt? You think you can suck my fucking cunt like your husband’s little fucking Mexican cock?” she scoffs. “Alright, Girlfriend! I want you to suck my fucking cunt as if it were a hard long black dick! Either suck my pussy like you mean it or take the God Damned tickets! I am not going to fuck around with your black bitch ass any longer!” Marvin looks up at the impatient, pissed off officer; there is sadness in his eyes. He doesn’t want to do this; he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife. Officer Flannigan looks down at the intimidated, solemn truck driver. “What’s it gonna be! Girlfriend?” her green eyes burned with a fire Marvin had never seen. “I’ll do it…! I’ll do it…!” Marvin exhales, not knowing if he can go through with it. “I don’t have all day! Stop fucking around and let’s go!” the officer orders.

Marvin considers his options and then thinks. “I have this crazy ass bitch demanding me to eat her pussy! She is beautiful! And what she is asking is a truck driver's fantasy! A bitch who's fine as hell with a body that is banging!” Marvin thinks back to all of the nights he fought the hypnotizing amber and dashing white lines to stay awake as he drove on dark back-roads and 2-lane highways, creeping through one small town after another careful not to wake a sleeping Sheriff's deputy. Crossing states like Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, Marvin, like many truck drivers, would utilize the “night dream” of a beautiful, scantily dressed young woman hitchhiking on a desolate road. Outfitted in only a form-fitting white tank top or concert t-shirt, denim short-shorts at least a size too small and thong sandals. The vision carries a tattered backpack or a small, old hand-me-down satchel. The young woman stands along the side of the road waving her arms or with only her thumb pointed upward. Weariness is present on her dirty, road-worn face, her body is fatigued, and her feet are killing her. Still, somehow she manages to smile sincerely hoping her alluring features score her a ride.

You, the truck driver, pull your rig safely unto the road’s shoulder and to a stop, and watch as she struggles to hurry. The young woman opens the door and climbs into your truck, “Thank you so much!” she eagerly says as she drops her bag and immediately she introduces
herself, She tells you her name is “Jasmine,” probably an assumed name, of course, but you figured what the hell.

You allow her a few minutes to collect herself; during that time you assess her features as she enjoys the solitude of the comfortable passenger's side captain's chair. Jasmine is a beautiful young girl with a body blessed by God himself. She looks maybe seventeen, but if you ask she will say she's much older. “Are you alright?” you ask. “Yeah… thank you!” she answers and begins to reflect, you can hear it in her voice that she is tired, you figure probably of thinking more than anything else.

The young hitcher hiker opens wanting to explain her situation or dilemma without incriminating anyone. “My dad... he's going through a tough time, I didn't want to, but I needed to get away from him.” What she says brings you to wonder, “why would she leave her father at a time when he needs her most?” You inquire about her mother; she doesn't respond for a moment, maybe looking for a viable answer. “My mom is dead.” “You offer your condolences; still you wonder if she is telling the truth. Teenagers run away for all sorts of reasons. No, you read between the lines to what she may be saying. It could be that her parents are good, hardworking and honest people and she's a brat, wanting to just “show'em!” Or, maybe her father is that type of asshole beautiful young girls need to run from, and her mom is in denial. “I'm trying to get to Los Angeles, California or New York City!” Jasmine adds believing she is the world’s next big thing!” But you eventually surmise that she just wants to get away from an asshole back in her “Podunk” town who believes he has the right to control her.

Jasmine sits back in the passenger seat telling “her story,” and soon she repeats in delirium how long the day has been and mentioned her pains and tension, but she thanks you again. “I bet you don't have a care in the world!” she says looking out into the darkness. “So where are you going?” You offer an answer that doesn't take her quite as far as she was hoping. For insurance reasons, she shouldn't be in the truck with you anyway! You already know that your hospitality will bite you in the ass at some point, but Jasmine’s a cute girl, and every guy wants to be a hero! So, you still ask her if she is hungry. “I haven't eaten since yesterday,” she says. You figure, “what the hell, the girl's gotta eat... right?” There's a truck stop just up the road; you believe she can't eat that much and maybe you can talk her into going back home.

You watch as Jasmine, who looks a little than older than seventeen when in the light, devours her meal, inhaling it in a matter of seconds. “Are you going to finish your fries?” she asks politely with her award-winning smile. “No,” and you push your plate toward her and wonder what's going on with her. Jasmine gives you a most appreciated smile before scarfing away the remaining contents on your plate. An hour has passed since you, and your rider left the truck stop. Jasmine is still talking, now comfortably like an old friend, but you are no longer listening. At this point, you are ready to stop at the next exit and kick her greedy little ass back onto the shoulder of the road and drive away in peace. That's when she looks at you with a flirting grin and says, “I can't believe a nice guy like you is out here all alone. If you were my man, you wouldn't spend all of your time on the road without me! I would be out here with you, and do everything I could to make you comfortable while you are making money for us.” The young woman spoke confidently, causing you to wonder and ask “how?” “I would tend to all of your needs!” the young woman replies. You smile as you look out into the darkness; there is only that broken amber line to the left of you and rumbling white line to the right. “You can do that?” Jasmine looks at you with her captivating smile, “of course I can, Daddy!” “Daddy?” you say to yourself. It brings a smile. She leans to touch your right arm as your hand rest on the gear shifter; you allow her fingers to trace their way to your shoulder. “You are so great and powerful! And I bet you are as big as our stud back home.” She lifts her chair's armrest and turns in her seat to move closer to you. “I bet you could remove all of the stress from my neck, shoulders and lower back. The young hitcher looks behind her at the dark, cozy sleeper. “You know Daddy, it has been a fantasy of mine to “do it” in an 18-wheeler!” she admits. “I am so horny, and my pussy is so wet and juicy, I want you to fuck me all night!” the hitchhiking beauty unzips and wiggles out of her “Daisy Dukes” as she smiles at you, your eyes veer away from the road to glance at her bald little kitten. Her hairless skin shines reflecting the light from the moon; her nipples stand like two anthills beneath her cotton t-shirt. With your next breath, your nostrils fill with her pheromones; the scent was sinfully sweet and distracting. Jasmine takes your right hand from the shifter to place it just below her belly button, “Let's grow your horse size cock!” her lustful tone produces a hard-on robust enough to tear through a pair of Levi’s. She looks for something to hold on to and spreads her legs. The young woman smiles as your hand slowly travels downward across her smooth hairless region to touch her wetness. “Use your finger Daddy!” she whispers lifting her left leg, resting her foot on your thigh. You use the tip of your middle finger to enter her, fluid rolls down her right leg when you part her lips. Jasmine moans as your finger strokes the surface of her urethra; you feel her tremble each time you touch her clit. “Oh yeah, Daddy... do it faster.” Jasmine's moans deepened from the attention given to her throbbing clitoris. “Oh my God, your finger feels so good!” she exhales taking her left hand to pinch her nipples one and then the other, until they are attention demanding, thank God for rumble strips! Her sultry eyes are on you as you continue her pleasuring. “My pussy is burning up for you Daddy! It's been so long since I had a good, hard fucking! I need it; I need it right now!” she moans as she opens her legs wider, and kicks out of her left sandal to place her sexy tan, red polished toes over your crotch. She rubs your hard-on with the ball of her foot and toes as her moaning gets louder and louder from your fingering. You work feverishly until the sloppy sounds of extracting liquid can be heard, “Oh…. Oh My God!” she groans as she closes her eyes. With a shriek, the young woman squirts into your hands and down her legs onto the floor. “Look at what you made me do!” she exclaims and lowers one of her hands to rub her clitoris; her aroma fills the cab of the truck. “Daddy, my pussy is on fire for you!” the young hitcher wines. “Take me to the back and fuck my brains out! Pound my pussy with your horse cock and make me squirt down my legs! Pull over Daddy!” she begs, “Pull over and take care of Mama! I NEED IT, DADDY! The youthful-looking hitcher demands, FUCK MY SWEET YOUNG PUSSY UNTIL I AM RAW!”

Marvin has had that dream a million times; he had covered hundreds of miles with that vision, it gets more detailed each time, and it always brings a smile. He looks down at the near-naked officer, “Rita would not ask me for this!” he considers, “She wouldn't ask for me to do this! She would rather spend the night bitching about how fucked up everything is!” Marvin returns to Officer Flannigan's face and body with a nod. “She’s a fine ass white girl, prettier than any woman I have ever dreamed up!” His mouth begins to curl upward looking at a body you would find in a centerfold lustfully lying on his bunk staring up at him with emerald eyes and a devilish smirk. Her hairless vanilla scented vagina fills his nostrils and widens his eyes. He thinks with a grin, beginning to lose his fear of the intimidating officer. “Bitch!” he says to himself. “You want your little pussy eaten? I am going to send you bragging to your friends... Let's do this shit!” Still working to get past his fears, the truck driver efforts to put his wife’s image and scolding voice out of his mind. He takes the waiting officer's small, firm ass cheeks in his hands. His grip is forceful like a vice. “Oh Shit!” she says excitedly, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

The feel of the truck driver’s hardy and callused hands immediately captivates Officer Flannigan. The officer’s entire body slides forward at his control. Her eyes smile as the trucker lifts her pelvic region to his mouth. She watches as he licks his hungry lips and slowly begins lapping the exterior of her pussy. Marvin first sweeps away the fluid at her perineum and allows his tongue to glide upward catching the liquid pooling at the opening of her vagina, 
continuing to drive his pleasure giver over her hood ring and clitoris. “Ah...” The officer sighs as her pussy begins to melt in Marvin's mouth. Marvin looks up at the officer, “I bet she’s never had it like this,” he considers, “I bet this bitch ain’t never had her cute little 
fucking toes curled, he looks up at the demanding D.O.T. officer, “Today is your lucky day!”

Marvin strategized a plan for attack. Initially, the idea of concentrating solely on her little hard clit until her brain explodes was going to be the mission. But, he decides a passive approach would be best to ruin her for any other man. Nonaggressive motions to desensitize her body first, then working slowly to bring her body to a boil! He smiles in his mind, “You are going to beg for this again when I'm through! You are going to want me to make you cum again and again!” he scoffs, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that.” The married truck driver considered, Rita seldom wants to ride slowly; she prefers bypassing the foreplay and getting down to business! Being fucked hard doggy-style to a spin and leg shaking; mega 
earth quaking; monstrous orgasm! And afterward sleeping soundly the rest of the night like a baby.

Marvin Casey begins his work, “slow and steady.” First, working to lower her sensitivity. Starting again, giving much attention to her outer lips, slowing down to lightly kiss her inner thighs, gently rubbing her legs with his hands to slowly stimulate her. “I am going to give your white ass something to remember me by!” Marvin said to himself with a smile.

Officer Flannigan could feel Marvin’s thick warm lips as he tenderly kisses the sensitive puffy skin around the opening of her 
pussy. He lightly kisses and sucks her outer labia to relax the eager officer. From left to right Marvin sucked her outer labia, watching them as they slowly thickened. His kisses sang a melody in her mind, “Mr. Casey!” the officer whispers as she exhales. She stretches as her body continues to melt into the truck driver's mouth. The sound of his kisses was rhythmic; Officer Flannigan closed her eyes to enjoy better the music that filled her mind. “Umm! Mr. Casey,” she smiles as her tension melts away. “That feels so good!” she exclaims. “Oh, my God! Umm! Damn your mouth! Baby your tongue... it should be praised!” Marvin’s subtle attack was like a lazy river. The slight sound of his slurping was hypnotic. The heat from his nostrils warmed her hairless region, and the feeling of the driver’s work was insouciant driving the officer into a slow climbing frenzy! Officer Flannigan’s breathing deepens, “Oh my God! Mr. Casey… What… What are you doing to me?” she whispers, squirming, wanting him to consume all of her. Marvin’s hot saliva brought the horny officer's body to a boil! He drenched her lips, taking a moment to blow his cool breath on the wet area giving her shivers she could feel in her spine. “Oh... Fuck...” she exhales. Marvin circles the outer area before entering the little valley between her inner and outer labia with the tip of his dull, round tongue. Officer Flannigan moans and swallows, her body calms at the feel of his casual circling, she could feel her moisture excreting, the truck driver masterfully sucked the saliva and the officer's juices away without losing a drop. “Oh, My God…. Oh, Shit!” The female state trooper grins opening her eyes to look down at her giver, “Mr. Casey, my pussy is in heaven!” She admits she has never encountered such power and control at a command. “Is this why?” she wonders.

Marvin is a technician; his concentration is deadly. Officer Flannigan's eyes closed as she moans with delight as her sex slave continues to fill her body with electricity. Marvin watched as the officer's inner labia swells with blood, slowly turning purple. The officer moaned as her pussy lips began to thicken and throb. The orgasm wanting lady cop's back arches, as her body starts to radiate. Goosebumps form on her arms, she can feel the hairs on her forearms standing on end as her body warms. She unbuttons her shirt then arches her back to unfasten her matching nude lace bra. She quickly removes the articles tossing them aside. Marvin looks to examine her breast; they looked perky and firm, more than a handful. Her nipples were small, pink and pierced. The left had a hoop the right had a 
barbell like piercing. “This Bitch is Bad Ass!” the truck driver thought, “I cannot believe she is a cop!”

Officer Flannigan was fully naked and still burning up from the inside out. Her body glistens as beads of sweat formed and ran from her. Marvin's mastery of the art of cunnilingus was unparalleled, and this seductive officer is his victim as if it were planned this way, he could not have planned this better! Officer Flannigan extends her hands reaching for Marvin's head to force his mouth harder against her love zone. She looks down at her source of pleasure; his head only moves slightly; her satisfaction was his only concern. Marvin looked to see his receiver looking down at him; she was astonished at his attentiveness and precision. Marvin's clitoral massage sent electronic pulses to the tips of her fingers and toes. The truck driver increased his intensity alternating between quickly and slowly sucking and pushing then pulling Officer Flannigan's clitoris back and forth between his meaty lips. The wanting officer's breathing deepens, and her back arches again. “Oh... SHIT!” she sighs. “Yes, Mr. Casey Yes!” she whispers, “Baby, Eat my sweet fucking pussy!” Yes… yes!” she whispers. “Oh, eat it like that! Marvin says nothing, he continues to attack the D.O.T. Officer's clitoris, rolling it around his meaty tongue and lips, her hood ring became an ally as it enhanced her sensitivity, electricity fired through the officer's body, she was awestruck! Marvin quickened his pace, the muscles in the officer's legs tensed. “Oh My God, Is this why?” she moans again as she looks down at the black man. “Is this why…. Is this why Mr. Casey? The look on the officer’s face was questionable. “This must be why!” She could feel her urethra reacting from the truck driver's intensity. “Oh My God…. FUCK!!” Officer Flannigan yells as her urethra opens to secrete more of her fluid, her tingling fingers stretch as she gasped and tried to form words. “Baby... Mmm... Mr. Ca… Casey... Ta... Tell me my pussy is sweet! Tell me you love eating my cunt!” she exhales. Marvin circles Officer Flannigan's lips with his tongue, sucking away her remaining juices. “Ah...” the officer pants, “Your mouth is fucking awesome! Mr. Casey! Oh, My God, you are so good! Baby… Shit!” Marvin licks the entire length of her opening. From her perineum to her clitoris his tongue drives with long strokes, Officer Flannigan works to hold in her screams, the officer’s clitoris is now hard as a small stone, Marvin continues, “MR. CASEY... I AM GOING TO CUM! I'M GONNA CUM BABY... FUCK!” she exclaims curling her toes until her knuckles crack, Marvin smiles to himself as he watches the D.O.T. Officer. “DON'T STOP ME BABY!” the officer is gasping to keep from passing out, “make my bitch cum! I want to cum in your mouth! Make me do it, Baby! I know you can! I want to cum all over your face!” Marvin returns to aggressively wiggling his tongue over Officer Flannigan's swollen clitoris, removing his right hand from her ass, taking his fingers to slide her foreskin hood away, taking his left hand to caress her 
midsection, Officer Flannigan begins trembling. In and out her clit slid across his lips, a thick milky substance flowed from her pussy. Officer Flannigan quaked as she enjoyed the feeling of her body 
tingling. Her legs shook from the sensitivity; she felt as if a “forked-tongued snake” was servicing her. “FASTER!” She screams as her eyes begin to water, “FUCK!” the officer grimaces as her body convulses, she curls her toes, flexes and again curls her toes to crack her knuckles. “AH... OH SHIT! OH, OH... FUCK!” Officer Flannigan had never experienced anything close to what she is enduring right now. “The power of this man is incredible!” she thinks, “He's forcing me to! He is so strong, but his touch is so light… FUCK!” she screams. “This must be the reason!” Officer Flannigan surmises. Marvin's force is like a runaway train. He feels her body stiffening; he knows she is about to climax. “OH SHIT!” she screams, “DON'T STOP MR. CASEY! DON'T STOP BABY! OH… OH... FUCK!” The officer is now overcome with emotion. Getting her pussy eaten has never felt like this! Marvin sensing the tenseness of her body keeps his pace steady. He looks up at the officer; he could see her tears escaping from her closed eyes, her jaws are tight, she clenched her teeth! He believes his opponent is trying to withhold her climax to prolong the confrontation. “Are you trying to hold back?” the truck driver questions. The officer struggles to breathe. Marvin commands the hood ring to do his bidding. Officer Flannigan points her French manicured toes in efforts to contain her screams. “I don't think I can take anymore!” the officer says aloud. “How is he doing this?” she tries to rationalize, the force of this man is overwhelming me! “OH, MY GOD! OH... OH... SHIT... MISTER... CASEY!” She extends with her hands trying to reach for Marvin to push him away. Marvin releases the officer to take her hands in his, holding them down firmly on the mattress. The strength of the driver was too much for the officer. “AUGH… Officer Flannigan screams as she explodes! Marvin takes advantage of the moment and licks his middle finger quickly 
saturating it. He returns to long lapping her quivering opening adding ample amounts of his saliva. Marvin takes the lengthy digit and enters the climaxing officer to his second knuckle with his palm face down. “OH...!” the woman screams. “Baby!” she pants as her vaginal muscles close in on the invading finger, wanting to remove it, “what are you doing?” she questions. “Try to relax,” Marvin’s voice was calm. Officer Flannigan’s body squeezed around the finger fighting to push out the long, grand digit. He stiffened his arm to keep his finger firmly in place, Marvin looks into the eyes of the tensing woman, “will you try to trust me?” his soft tone was low and just above a whisper. Officer Flannigan eyes looked fearful, this wasn’t in her plan but, there was something about the truck driver. “I… I’ll try.”

“I want you to close your eye’s, relax and lower your legs,” Marvin Casey said softly. Officer Flannigan released her body as she lowered her eyelids, her legs gradually descended, Marvin, smiles watching as her little pale feet rested on the surface of his bunk. “I’m going to push downward first; it will relieve your stress.” The officer nods positively, mesmerized by the resonance of the trucker’s voice. “Oh…” she melts as the big, thick finger brought comfort, relaxing her in a way she had never experienced. “I am going to turn my finger and massage your g-spot. Officer Flannigan remained quiet, though she thought this was his bullshit ploy to finger her.

Marvin’s turn was gradual; Officer Flannigan’s breathing was deep and level. Marvin slowly summons his finger to curl; she remains motionless until his callused tip crossed her ribbed area. “Ah…” her eyes popped open with her moan. “Mr. Casey…” she began, his fingertip slowly stroked the sensitive area again. She arched her back and haled her breath. “You still need to relax,” he reminded. “I don’t know if I can.” the officer returned after releasing her breath. Marvin Casey’s strokes were smooth, gliding over her ribbed 
organ like warm water. “Oh my God…” she sighed looking into the face of her pleasure-giver. You will have to tell me when to remove my finger; he advises, “don’t tell me to remove it until you know for sure.” He continued curling his finger watching as Officer 
Flannigan’s mouth opens and closes trying to form words. Her g-spot was becoming firm, more sensitive to his touch. “Oh Baby…” she exhaled, “I think I’m cumming.” Marvin continues as he observes the face and body of the moaning woman beneath him. Officer 
Flannigan’s face was red; there were beads of sweet on her forehead and skin. He waits for her to tell him she’s ready and to remove his finger, he continues as she starts to tremble. “Are you ready?” he questions. “I… I don’t know,” there is panic in her voice, “I need you to help me.” Officer Flannigan lies in a paradox, feeling both ecstasy and pain, being pleasured and tortured. “Mmm…” the officer moans deepen as she digs her fingernails into the old blanket. Marvin Casey observes wondering how much longer this will go on, how much more can she endure. The trucker returns to his old friend, the lady trooper’s clitoris hood ring. Circling her pierced organ with his tongue heightened the sensitivity to her massive clitoral orgasm, forcing her to a second climax. “OH! OH! OH!” “She says excitedly, “I’m cumming again!” Officer Flannigan's perspiring body shakes erratically, pushing firmly at his girthy middle digit. Marvin Casey slowly slides his finger out of her and removes his mouth from her clitoris to massage it with his wet fingers. The muscles in her butt and thighs flex and harden as the 
second climax produces fluid. The confident driver continues pleasuring the officer with his tongue intensifying the sensitivity of her clitoris, almost eliminating Officer Flannigan's ability to compose herself. The convulsing officer extends to find and squeeze Marvin's hands as she endures her extended orgasm, she gasps to breathe as her urethra opens and closes. Marvin watches as a clear fluid introduces itself overcoming the thick milky substance and pours out of the officer's vaginal opening in large amounts, it trickles down her perineum to the opening of her flexing anus.

It takes a few minutes before Officer Flannigan retakes control of herself. “Damn Baby! Oh My God….” the smiling D.O.T. Officer testifies as her trembling body works to overcome the aftershocks from her toe-curling orgasms. “You can eat that shit!” She looks down at the truck driver with approval, watching as the truck driver wipes his face with his hands in efforts to remove the officer's juices, Officer Flannigan takes her right hand and rolls her fingers over her vagina catching the fluid with her fingertips and nails. The horny officer brings her moistened fingers to her nose to sniff before placing them in her wanting mouth. Tasting her love fluid was an aphrodisiac, she wanted more! Marvin watched as the officer stuck her fingers into the opening of her hairless pussy hoping to locate more of her juice. She joyfully stares at Marvin Casey as she lies on the truck driver's bunk licking her fingers. There is a devilish smile on the woman's face as her tongue eagerly searches her fingers for more of her sweet goodness. Marvin continues watching not believing what he is witnessing. “This crazy ass bitch is licking her own cum! What the fuck!” Marvin’s mind questions; “It's like her persona has changed! This must be her Mister Hyde side.” The stunned truck driver stands motionless as he looks at the woman. “Umm...” the officer moans as she looks at her pleasure giver with a smirk. “Where did you learn that Mr. Casey? that was so good! And your mouth!” her eyes widen. “Oh My God, your mouth! Your beautiful fucking mouth!” Her enthusiasm swelled him, he smiles. “It is fucking awesome!” Officer Flannigan looks at Marvin's mouth with her roguish smile. “Come here Baby!” the demanding officer extends her hands forward towards the unwilling truck driver. Officer Flannigan's eyes narrow as her smile disappears. “Come here, Mr. Casey… NOW!” she commands. Marvin cautiously steps forward. “That's it, Baby! Bring your fucking marvelous mouth to me!” Marvin, unsure of the officer's commands climbs onto the bunk, he places his chin between her hands, Officer Flannigan pulls Marvin's face to her mouth. He is forced to lie on top of the D.O.T. Officer. She glides her nose and mouth along Marvin's moistened cheeks and stubbly chin, smelling her scent on his face. “I love this scent!” She rubs her cheeks along his face before licking away the excess moisture. The officer's breathing was deep; her pulse quickened, she is excited! Marvin closes his eyes hoping to place his mind somewhere else. “Open your mouth Baby,” Officer Flannigan commands. Marvin obliges his Master. The fluid starved officer begins licking Marvin's lips before attacking his tongue. Officer Flannigan sucks Marvin's tongue out of his mouth and into hers. The intense sound of the officer's sucking was turning the truck driver on, driving him crazy! Marvin tries to concentrate elsewhere, but that was just impossible, the noise coming from her was overpowering. Marvin's penis began erecting. “God, not now!” he prays. Marvin tries to pull his body away to hide his growing organ. Not willing to release her insatiable lover the D.O.T. Officer pulls the truck driver back over her. Marvin's arms give in to the Officer; he allows his weighty body to collapse on her. “Oh... yes!” Officer Flannigan whispers as she continues licking and sucking his lips and tongue, she soon feels Marvin's hardening penis growing against her pelvic bone. “Is that you Baby? Do you want to fuck me?” Officer Flannigan stops to look into Marvin's eyes; her big emerald eyes were captivating. “Do you Mr. Casey? Tell me you want to! Tell me you want to fuck my luscious pussy!” The officer's eyes never leave his. Marvin felt anxious; his eyes shifted from the officer's looking away to her nose and mouth. Officer Flannigan was like nothing he had ever encountered. Everything about her was strong and direct. She was as perfect as a dream. “Do you want to fuck me with your hard ass cock? Tell me, Baby! Tell me what you want to do!” Marvin's mind races, “it's like she wants it!” Rita's face enters Marvin's head, “TELL THAT CRAZY BITCH NO! TELL HER I AM WAITING FOR YOU AT HOME! TELL HER DAMMIT! TELL HER YOU BELONG TO ME! Marvin looks into the officer's eyes, Marvin's dick was hard, it wanted out of his pants, it wanted to attack and abuse her perfect wet pink little pussy. “Yes!” Marvin whispers. “Yes... what?” The officer asks with a shit eating, devilish grin; her eyes never 
leaving his. “I want to fuck you!” Marvin admits. “Kiss me Baby, I want to know what if feels like!” the officer commands. She opens her mouth as she tilts her head. Marvin tilts his head to kiss the officer. Their first kiss was like nothing either of them had ever experienced. Serene like an ocean sunset, they stopped immediately to look each other in the eyes questioningly. Marvin took liberty and kissed her again. Officer Flannigan closed her eyes as she opens her mouth. She waited for his lips and tongue to meet hers. Marvin’s tongue entered her mouth like it belonged there, his kiss was commanding, and she willingly submitted. Officer Flannigan found herself lost in Marvin Casey; she wanted all of him; she wanted to be taken and to belong to him. Marvin's kiss was hungry and passionate; he knew how to kiss! He knew how to kiss her! Officer Flannigan soon fell victim to him; her body began to melt as the truck driver's tongue did a forbidden dance in her mouth. He pressed his warm body against the wanting D.O.T. Officer allowing her to accept all of his body weight. Officer Flannigan struggles to breathe as she draws herself closer, desiring the hulking driver more and more, wanting to be devoured by him. She grabs Marvin's triceps, to her small hands they were huge, her eyes roll backward, she needed air, but she couldn't let him go to breathe. “Tell me you want me!” the officer whispers, “I need you to tell me you want me!” She opens her eyes to look at the man holding her, “Baby... Tell Me!” Her face was earnest. “I do!” Marvin admits looking into the eyes of the woman in his arms. Their kisses intensify as if the two strangers worked to consume one another. Marvin's mouth was wet, there was an ocean of saliva, but he managed to subdue the excessive fluid, never letting it pool. “Oh my God!” she thought. Marvin's hardened penis pressed firmly against Officer Flannigan's pelvic bone. “He feels so good! I want him! I want him badly!” she said to herself as she becomes engrossed with him. “I want to feel his big, black fucking cock inside me!” “Take off your clothes!” the consumed officer demands. Marvin stands and kicks out of his “Jordan's,” he removes his 
t-shirt to reveal his powerful upper torso. Officer Flannigan is captivated with his proportions. Marvin's pectoral muscles were big like two pillows; his stomach was flat, though his not have “washboard abs.” Marvin's triceps were huge from years of push-ups. “Oh my...” Officer Flannigan's mouth formed as she looked at his 
shoulders, biceps, and forearms. “He's big!” She imagined his workouts must be insane! Marvin unbuttons his Levi's. He looks up at the astonished officer before lowering them. Marvin took his jeans down to his knees, removing his right leg first taking off his ankle sock at the same time, he removed his left and stood in front of the officer dress in only his boxer briefs. Officer Flannigan's smiles at the logo on his waistband before zeroing in on his enormous bulge. She leaned forward to touch it; the mound was larger than her hand. “My God Mr. Casey!” she exclaimed with her Gaelic tongue. Marvin lowers his Jockey's and the officer marvels at his sizable manhood.

Officer Flannigan sits up from the bunk to study Marvin Casey's body, “like Goliath you are, Mr. Casey!” she replies as her hands travel across his body before arriving at his penis. It was big and almost black, darker in color than the rest of him, she was afraid to touch it, but the officer could not stop staring at it, the massive organ was awe-inspiring! As big as the toy the officer hides in her nightstand. She looks lower to his immense thighs and places her hand on his hamstrings to take her small pale white hands down his legs; they were hard like stone. “You are an Adonis, Mr. Casey!” The green-eyed lady lies back on the bunk with a wicked smile. “Come back and lie next to me.” Marvin cautiously lowers himself to the right of Officer Flannigan who stares into his eyes in wonder. As he lowers his head to share the pillow the gazing Policewoman moves her body closer, “he's so warm,” she closed her eyes to relax like one does when enjoying the heat of the sun. Her eyes open with her smile looking up at a man who could satisfy her again and again. Marvin Casey looks into her pools of green; her eyes are compelling. “Can I kiss you again?” his voice was low, the low tone vibrated inside her. The officer couldn't speak, she gave only a definite nod. Marvin Casey lowers to the open mouth of Officer Flannigan. Her tongue was sweet to him; his groans were like those from a lion or a grizzly bear. Officer Flannigan opened her eyes and worked to get her body under him; she wanted to be mounted, she was ready to submit and give herself to him. Marvin climbs on top of the wanting officer resting his throbbing rock hard penis on her pelvic bone. Looking down at her long fiery auburn hair and attention capturing face, her emerald eyes, pouty rose-colored lips were submissive as she watched him. He looked down at her petite pale body beneath him, the 
marvelous scent from the officer's neck and cleavage-filled his nose; her pierced pink nipples stood and waited for his attention.

Officer Flannigan moans as she begins to grind her clitoris against Marvin's weighty boner; the sensation as her hood rolled along his thick meaty shaft tingled the tips of her fingers and toes. Marvin held himself in place as she gyrated. Closing her eyes her moans got louder, “Help me Baby!” she softly request as she wraps her hands around Marvin's waist to pull him into her. “I want to cum again.” Marvin raised himself, “let me do it!” he said confidently. The officer watched as the skilled truck driver used an old technique he sometimes performs on his wife.

Marvin gets up onto his knees, and takes Officer Flannigan's ankles in his hands, “Oh...” she smiles as his strong hands excite her. The lady cop observes as her legs are parted and pushed upward to separate the inner lips of her pussy. Marvin places his large semi-erect penis over her clitoris and slowly pushes and pulls his meaty member back and forth across her wanting little organ allowing the weight of his solid girthy cock to please her.

Officer Flannigan closes her eyes; the sensation was like massaging a tense muscle. Light and easy at first but, soon she moans audibly as she rotates her hips to receive more of the strongman's big beefy package. He slides the shaft of his weighty big black dick along her hood ring causing her body to tremble and quake, Marvin can see her face turning red, “You're making me cum! Oh, my God, I'm going to cum this way!” Marvin silently continues his pleasuring with slow strokes pressing his cock firmly on her clitoris watching as Officer Flannigan's convulsions intensify. “Baby...” she moans, “Oh... Oh... OH MY GOD!” Marvin removes his penis; Officer Flannigan looks down at him wondering why he is changing his method when it feels marvelous! The technician joins his fingers as he lowers his palm face down over the opening of her vagina, “Baby, what?” she begins. Marvin gives his hand a waving motion, his fingers move quickly from right to left over her clitoris. “OH FUCK!” she shouts overcome with emotion. “AHH! Officer Flannigan grimaces as she orgasms; her fluids spray from her urethra in all directions, “SHIT! OH, SHIT!” Officer Flannigan's sounds as her convulsing body produced more spray. She exhales deeply as her body works to push her remaining fluid out of her.

Marvin gingerly lowers Officer Flannigan's legs as she tries to catch her breath. Officer Flannigan looks at him questionably; her eyes trained on his. “Are you okay?” he asks softly. “The room is spinning!” she says reaching for his shoulders, wanting to be held. The officer was exhausted, it was visible in her eyes. “Will you hold me?” her request was said just above a whisper. Marvin looks down at the sheet, “let me get some towels first.” The officer studies as the truck driver stood and extended his hand for two big bath towels and a new sheet and mattress cover. “The after effects were still present, she looked too weak to move, he thought. “I need to pick you up and place you in the driver's seat to change the bed.”

Officer Flannigan watched as Marvin dressed his bed for her. He turned and lifted her with care; she looks with wonder. The trucker lowers the officer unto his bunk, “how's that?” he smiles at her, it gave her warmth that she'd never experienced. Marvin lies down next to the D.O.T. Officer who cozies next to him. She raised her hands to his face, assessing his features. The little ball of fire was awestruck. “Mr. Casey, is this why?” her emerald eyes were like those of a child. Marvin lowers to kiss her lips. “I don't know; I can only show you what it's like with me.”

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