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I wrote this in my Creative Writing class and have nothing better to do with it. Enjoy people.


In my history class we were talking about how the supernatural community came to be a part of human society. I had heard it many times before. It would be hard not to in this society, especially if you are a supe (supernatural creature). You constantly hear about how, despite the generations we’ve been among humans, how we’re too dangerous to be a part of society. It’s absolute bullcrap. We’ve helped our human counterparts many times in past wars, even fighting against each other, cause ODDLY we have a sense of patriotism, WEIRD how we have feelings too! Ok yeah we’re more powerful than humans but that doesn’t make us dangerous! Humans kill each other all the time for Gloria’s sake. I frown to myself, my race gets it the worst out of all the supes. I’m a dragon.

No really, I am. I’m not a big one but I’m still a dragon. I can’t be ridden on, I’m more pet sized. Small kind. I’m sure you’re giving this a frowning look. You don’t believe me? Well okay then, time for the big guns. There are two major kinds of dragons, small and large. The large dragons are the ones you gotta be scared of. You can ride them and they are formidable opponents. The ones you use in wars and stuff. Small ones are the ones that ride around on your shoulder and follow you around. They’re the ones that guard you like (I hate this comparison) a far more dangerous dog. There are various types of dragons, like what kind of thing they shoot out of their mouth at you and that affects where they live, what they eat, and what temperatures they like. But I won’t really get into that. Too tedious. My entire family on both sides is either Water or Ice type, (I’m an Ice type) and the only other type I’ve met is Fire. Thus why I was raised in freakin Australia.

One plus side is that there were no vampires there, but the sirens and merfolk were annoying, fave spot of theirs. Our people don’t really broadcast ourselves. There is EXTREME racism towards the dragons. Thankfully, our race can shapeshift into various levels of more humanoid forms, so often times we take the most humanoid form.

Are you convinced yet?

Cool I can get back to my story now.

I sigh. Unfortunately, my first day of freshman year at Florida State University, my professor learned I was a dragon, and asked about it in front of the ENTIRE class. So naturally, that spread throughout the entire school and now I can’t go anywhere in this school without being harassed. Thankfully on some parts of the campus, people don’t really recognize me. Great job keeping that on the down-low prof. You did amazing. Hope you feel bad for that. Probably doesn’t. Freaking dick.

Suddenly I feel a sharp nudge to my side. “Ow.” I mutter and glare at my best friend, Talia. “That hurt you jerk.”

She shrugged. “Sorry.” Then she pointed at the lecturing professor. I sigh once more and jot down some notes. Talia, my best friend in the whole wide world, is actually a human and not another supe. Despite how much the media throws at you about supe and human communities interacting and getting along:

It’s bullshit. Media propaganda.

Generally, supes and humans form relationships within their own communities. It’s not unheard of for human-supe relationships of any kind but it’s not as common as supe-supe or human-human. Humans, once they find out about a supe, tend to leave out of fear, reputation, the list goes on. So having a human friend who doesn’t leave, is rare, especially if they approached you asking to be friends when everyone knew you’re a supe. I feel blessed to have Talia in my life. She has been my biggest supporter in everything I do. She’s also very supportive in… other things…

And by other things I mean my crush. She is determined to get us together. I have like no chance, he is LITERALLY one of the most popular guys in school. I sigh and look at my crush, two rows in front of me.

John Abbott. Secretary of the Student Government. He’s kind, funny, has good manners and is polite to everyone, helpful...dream guy right? But that’s just part of who he is. I’ve seen more. We once had to do a project together. I got to see more of him, he wasn’t afraid to say we couldn’t do the project at his house, cause his father is a racist abusive a-hole and he didn’t want me exposed to that. He told me that he doesn’t judge people by what race they are or their history or anything. He judges by the person they are. He really hates the people he’s around constantly cause they ARE like that. He often tells his friends to stop when they are harassing people for being a different race or whatever.

In society, it’s okay to harass someone and crap cause they’re a different race. All the segregation happens. You’d think the humans would have learned...

But anyway, most people don’t get to see that side of him. Even his friends. I didn’t understand why he was telling me this and he told me, “You’re easy to talk to and I trust you.“

Yeah let’s just say I went back to my shared apartment and fangirled to Talia. John and I became decent friends after that, but I have this annoying stutter whenever I talk to him. Talia smacked my head again suddenly. I jerked out of my staring off and glared at her. She was now standing in front of my desk in the lecture hall. She grinned at me, showing teeth. “Sooooooo Ms. Dream, how was the day dream about Mr. Sexy over there?”

I glared. “Screw off Tal. And don’t call me by my last name you bitch.”

Her grin grew larger, if it’s even possible at this point. “No thanks. It’s fun teasing you Crystal.”

“You’re an ass.”

“You love me.”

“Unfortunately.” I retort as I grumpily put my stuff in my bag. Talia patted me on the head with a smirk and walked off. Rushing to catch up I ended up dropping my writing book. When I stooped to pick it up, another hand reached for it. I looked up thinking it was Talia and stopped.

Oh how freaking cliche is this.

I was looking straight into my crush’s viridian eyes.

We stared for a few seconds…… Gloria, this is getting awkward. I feel my face getting warm. (Somehow it’s possible for an Ice type dragon, I don’t know biology, fuck off.) Look away Crystal you idiot!

John smiled at me and handed me my book. “Here, you dropped this.”

I take it and stutter out a response. “T-thank you!” Why am I always like this around him? I hate emotions sometimes.

He looked like he was about to ask something, but Talia (damnit girl you ruined my moment here) called out. “You coming Crys?”

I stand up quickly and brush off imaginary dirt and stuff my book in my bag. “T-thank you a-again!” I say running off toward the door.

I never noticed his fond smile after me.


“Talia, I’m doomed.” I announce, walking into our apartment, much later.

She looked up from her book, This Republic of Suffering, (hah! History nerd) and looked at me, amber eyes leering at me over her reading glasses. “Why?”

“Cause there are a bunch of dicks in this college.”

“Well, many males do have that anatomy….”

“Tal you know what I mean.” I snap at her, throwing my bag on the floor and flopping on the leather couch.

“Ruiner of fun,” She held her hands up in the universal sign for ‘no offense, don’t kill me’. “Okay who do I gotta kill?”

I blew my blue hair out of my face. (I had dyed it a bold sapphire blue a couple weeks ago and man did it look good!) “The usual suspects.” I growled and stuffed my face into a pillow. I am so sick of this racist crap.

“Hun that sounded very dragon-like.”

“Sorry….I’m just…UGH.” I exclaim and throw my pillow at the wall.

“So, Tom and Jerry were jerks and idiots like normal. What else happened?” Talia said calmly

“It was in front of John.”

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh… welp crap.” she said, coming to the realization of my eternal doom. Finally seeing some gears turning here.

“Yeaaaahhhh…” I deadpan.

“Well what are you gonna do?”

I shrug at the question. “Scream. Cry. Never show my face again.”

“Then they would have won hun.”

“Heyyyyy good point.”

Talia flicked her red hair out of her eyes. “Yeah I’m full of those. Now I’ve got an idea…”

I groan and facepalm. “Nooooooo…… your ideas are awful.”

“Fuck you this one is great.”

“And what is it?”

“Ask John out.”


Talia rubbed her ear. “Loud mouth.”

“Dragon. And awwww hell NO. I am NOT asking John out.”

“Darling, just do it. To be honest it’s kind of pathetic seeing you mope around. Not to mention, if he hates racism and shit like you say, then he would be able to fend off most of the racism.” She smirks and twirls a hair strand around her finger. “After all I’m sure he already does AND, you would get to date him and have your hero in shining armor. Win-Win. And if he says no, then I can cut off his man parts OR find some dick pics and send them throughout the school. I’m sure he has some SOMEWHERE.”

“...there’s a reason you were sorted into Slytherin…..”

“I know hun. I know. Sooooo you gonna do it?”

“I’ll think about it.”

Talia stood up and pulled me to my feet. “Nope! Stop your moping! We are going to make you look gorgeous and you are going to ask him tomorrow!”

“I hate you.”



“Talia this is a bad idea.”

She scoffed and flicked my forehead. “NONSENSE!”

I rub my ear. “Was that revenge for yesterday?” Jerk, I’m a dragon, far more noise sensitive than you.

“Probably.” She patted my head. “Now hun, just be calm. You’ll be amazing. He can’t say no!” She gestured to my outfit, a pretty Egyptian blue blouse combined with black leggings and simple black flats. My blue hair was lightly curled. “You even look amazing, thanks to my fashionista abilities.” I shrug, not feeling very confident. “I’m not amazing. I’m Like I know that’s cliche, but I’m not special. I can’t really do much of anything amazing. I’m just a girl majoring in Psychology. And like that’s even that useful of a thing. I can’t cook without burning things or constantly under-cooking them. I’m not athletic. I’m not the best at any academics. I don’t really have any artistic or musical talents. I’m not that pretty and-”

“SHHHH!” Talia said putting a finger to my lips. “Hun you do not give yourself enough credit. You are the best person in the world and anyone who disagrees can fight me on it. You are so smart, who gives a fuck if it’s not in academics? You are smart people-wise. You can read people like no tomorrow and you can help them.You are passionate about your likes and hobbies. You listen to people, which so many people don’t. You care about injustices in the world. You care about the little things in life that people just breeze over. You are amazing hun. Just cause you don’t have what society sees as amazing, doesn’t mean you aren’t. Don’t sell yourself short. You are the prettiest girl ever and you have an amazing personality. Anyone who disagrees can freaking fight me. I’ll punch them in the nose. Society can go screw themselves, you are you and you are amazing and nobody should be able to take that from you.”

I felt tears well up in my eyes. “Tal…”

“Hey, chin up love. You’ve got a lot coming for you in life.”

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?”

“Plenty,” she said with a smile. “Now go get the guy who doesn’t deserve you and your amazingness.”

I nod uncertainly and look around the library. It was study hall for him. Well, “study hall” we don’t really have one here but he uses a lot of extra time for studying. I know this cause I see him in here on a consistent basis when I’m in here researching for my psych class. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him sitting by himself at a table. I gulp and look back at Talia. She gives me a thumbs up and encouraging smile. I slowly walk up to the table, shouldering my bag. My hands were shaking.

He looks up when I approach. “Hi Crystal.”

I smile back nervously. “H-hey.”

He frowns. “You ok?”

I nod slowly. “Uh yeah, hey can I sit down?”

“Yeah go for it.” he says casually. I sit down across from him and pull out my Pysch textbook. Fortunately I actually had an assignment to do, Perfect excuse. Some time passed while we both quietly worked and I tried to calm down my nerves. I didn’t notice him looking at me occasionally. “So, wanna tell me what’s wrong?” he suddenly said.

I look up with a start. “What?”

“Hey there was no stutter.”

I look at him confused. “What do you mean?”

“Well I have officially cured your unexplainable stutter that you have around me.”

I narrow my eyes. “What are you getting at…?”

He rolled his eyes. “What’s wrong Crys?”

I blink. “I uh-”

“Hey look it’s the dragon bitch!” a voice called. I sigh. John looks at me with worry. I slowly turn around to see Tom walking up.

“Where’s your lackey?” I ask calmly, while returning to my book. Tom sits down next to me and grabs the book out of my hands. “Hey!”

He flips through it. “Why do you want to do this crap? Like, you aren’t even human. Nobody in their right mind is going to want you as a shrink!” I look down at my hands.

“Well I’d want her. She’s a good person. Unlike you, Tom” John said, startling both of us.

Tom sneered. “Why would you want this freak? Bet she can barely even understand human culture. “

“She probably understands it better than you. She probably even understands your mind better than you do. I mean, she is a Psychology major.” John says without missing a beat.

Tom gaped at him. “Why the hell are you defending her? Your dad should’ve taught you all about these freaks.”

“I am not my father Tom. Get lost you sorry excuse for a moral person.”

Tom sneered again. “You’re worthless Abbott.” he said getting up.

“Not as worthless as you. You won’t last a month in a real job” John called as the jerk walked away. He sighed and looked at me. “You ok?”

“Why did you defend me?” I demanded.

“Cause I care about you and nobody deserves that harassment. What most people don’t understand at this place is that a lot of human jobs, are very welcoming towards other races. Individuals are very racist but many jobs and bosses aren’t.”

“I didn’t know that. I know like Starbucks is, otherwise they wouldn’t have hired me.”

“It’s hard to find that out amongst the onslaught of media.”

“True.” I said with a hum, returning to my book..

“Hey Crys?”

I hummed in response. "Need something?" I say as I wrote down a few notes.

“Yeah, did you wanna ask me something or…?”

I look up. “Oh uh yeah.” Shit.

“What is it?”

I look down again. “Will you….will you go out with me?” I say in a rush. This is such a bad idea…. “I really like you and I uh-”

“Yes.” he said.

I look back up. “Really?” I ask, completely shocked. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

“Yeah.” He said with a laugh. “I really like you too, and to be honest, I was trying to figure out a way to ask you out. But I guess you beat me too it.”

“I guess I did?” I was super confused.

“I'll text you a time for a date okay?” he said. “Gimme your phone.” Flabbergasted, I did so. He entered in his number and handed it back. He then gathered up his stuff and blew a kiss at me, then he left.

I sat there for a good ten minutes, just shocked. Then I pulled out my phone and dialed Talia (the girl ditched me, bitch) and put my book away. “Talia you will never believe what happened…”

The End


Hahahah that was bad for an ending. I tried lol. Uh I hoped you enjoyed this crap.


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