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"I'm sorry about Patrick." Wendy says as she opens a door and pushes me inside.

"It's alright. I understand where he's coming from... I think." I answer and she chuckles.

"Your actually sort of funny kid." Wendy says patting my shoulder and I try my best not to flinch. " Are you scared of me?"

"No. I'm not scared I'm just hurt and you happened to pat me where it hurts." I answer with a shrug and Wendy frowns taking my shirt and pulling it off, then turning me slightly to get a better look at my back.

"What are these marks?" She asks and I quickly pull my shirt back on and quietly head towards the door. "Please tell me." She whispers.

"My past is all those scars on my back." I answer before walking out of her room and out of the gang house holding all the sins.

I haven't seen Wendy around school for a week after I left her house. In all honesty I'm a bit worried because I haven't seen many of the sins. It's now Friday and I haven't seen Wendy since last Monday I admit I'm a bit nervous and now plan to go and see if she's home after lunch period.

As soon as the lunch bell rings I leave through the front doors to start walking to the sins home. I knock on the door but there is no answer so I try turning the knob and it clicks and the door creaks open.

"Hello? Wendy." I call and Gloria comes out of the living room and I frown seeing tears streaming down her face. "Gloria? Are you okay?"

"Jackson what are you doin here?" She gasps and quickly wipes the tears away.

"I came to find Wendy. She hasn't been at school and I got worried." I answer and she whimpers.

"She's in there." She says pointing to the living room as her brother Gregory comes out.

"What's he doing here?" Gregory says as he stands in the way of me getting into the living room to see Wendy.

"He came to see Wendy, let him by Greggy." Gloria says and starts to walk up the stairs.

"This is your fault kid. If you hadn't hurt Wendy, then this wouldn't have happened." Gregory says glaring at me as he moves to follow his sister up the stairs and Samantha walks out of the living room and smiles at me.

"You here to see Wendy?" She asks quietly and I nod walking over. "She's hurt really bad."

"What did she do that got her into so much trouble?" I ask looking at Wendy with Patrick and Lucile standing there looking at her.

"She picked a fight with the musketeers. It was 4 against 1 which usually wouldn't be a problem for her but she had a lot on her mind. It happened yesterday, she was waiting for you near your house. It's dangerous for us to go into their territory to begin with but she does it a lot."

"Why was she looking for me?" I ask confused.

"She wanted to find out about your past." Patrick says looking over at me.

"Why?" I frown wrapping my arms around my body.

"How am I supposed to fucking know what she thinks?" Patrick growls at me and I jump back falling on my butt.

"B Be nice to him Pat." Wendy mutters softly and Patrick looks at her and nods, before pulling Lucile closer to him and she run her fingers through his hair trying to calm him.

"Wendy." I say quietly walking over to the couch she's laid out on.

"Can you guys leave me and Jackson alone please?" Wendy says and her friends nod and leave the room closing the door behind them.

"Wendy what the hell were you thinking?" I say looking down at her.

"Was it a musketeer that hurt you?" She asks and I frown confused.

"I just moved here I didn't even know there were gangs here until I met you." I answer and she frowns.

"Then who did that to you." She growls trying to sit up but I push her back down.

"Stop you might hurt yourself more."

"Fine I'll stop but I want to know Jackson."

"My father."

"What about him?" Wendy asks confused.

"My father is the reason my mother and I moved here. We moved to get away from him. He gave me these scars." I answer and shrug.

"Your father fucking abused you?!" She shouts sitting up fast and gasps grabbing hold of her stomach.

"Yes you idiot now lay back down." I answer and she glares at me. "I'm not scared of you. I'm scared of my memories." I answer.

"What are you talking about?"

"The day we met. You thought I was scared of you but I was reliving a memory from my past." I answer with a shrug and she frowns.

"You weren't scared of me?"

"Nope." I smile and she blinks.

"Why not?"

"There isn't a single thing in this world that you could do that would be worst than what my father did to me." I answer with a shrug and she frowns.

"I don't know about that."

"It wasn't just physical abuse. I was sexually and mentally abused by him as well. I took it all to keep him away from my baby sister. One day I wasn't there and he killed her."

"He killed her?"

"She was 5. She would have been 7 next week." I state softly and Wendy holds my hand.

"I'm so sorry Jackson."

"I blame myself for it. I started a fight with a guy at school and they gave me detention. If only I hadn't started that stupid fight with that loser." I growl.

"You can't blame yourself." Wendy says pulling me down onto the couch with her and she hugs me tightly. We are both silent for a while and Wendy ends up falling asleep on my shoulder her heavy breathing against my neck keeping me calm and I find myself slipping into the darkness that clouds my mind.

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