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Bit 1

"Jackson get up before I come up there and dump ice water on you." I hear my mother yell from somewhere else in the house. Great it's morning and I'll be starting at another new school.

"I'm up mom." I yell back before getting up and walking into my bathroom to get ready for the day. I look in the mirror and groan as I see my busted lip and black eye. Mom is so gonna kill me, I sigh and decide to shower and towel dry my dirty blonde hair.

"Jackson what happened to your face?" Mom asks me as soon as I enter the kitchen.

"I fell again." I chuckled and she sighed.

"What am I gonna do with you?"

"Wish for a better son." I joke and she slaps me upside the head and I whine and rub my head.

"Stop putting yourself down and joking like that Jackson." My mom snaps at me and I pout.

"It makes me feel better mom." I say and kiss her cheek before walking out of the house and turning towards the direction of the school and sigh. This is going to suck.

Finally I get to the school and am just walking out of the office after getting my schedule and I grunt as I walked into someone and fell to the ground.

"It's the sins. Run!"I hear someone up the hall yell and I look up at the person I bumped into and see a girl glaring down at me with six others looking at her.

"Watch where your walking stupid." The  girl glaring at me growls out and I blush.

"I... I'm s sorry I'm new and was looking at my s schedule." I stammered out staring up into her big brown eyes filled with anger.

"I don't fucking care just stay out of my way." She growls.

"Calm down Wendy." One of the guys behind her says and picks me up chuckling.

"Give him his wallet back Gregory." Says a girl that looks like him and my eyes widen as he holds my wallet out to me.

"Th... Thanks. I'm uhm Jackson." I say taking my wallet from him and the girl that was glaring at me shoves me into the lockers.

"Stay away from us. All of us." She glares.

"No problem. I don't think I'll even see you again." I answer and walk away and into my first classroom. Great first impression on people Jackson, you idiot.

"Alright class we have a new student named Jackson Harmony make him feel welcome. Jackson you can take a seat at the back table." The teacher, Mrs. Darcy, says and I go sit at the table. About 5 minutes later the door slams open and the girl from before walks in and sits down next to me. I quickly look away and work on my notes as she glares at me.

"Your late Ms. King." Mrs. Darcy states glaring at the girl who now has everyone's attention.

"Yeah I know." She smirks and kicks her feet up onto the table and I whimper and back off slightly making her chuckle softly.

"Leave Mr. Harmony alone Ms. King." The teacher states and I blush even deeper.

"He's fine Mandy now continue with the lesson." She says and smiles waving her hand for the teacher to continue. "So your name is Jackson Harmony?" She asks and I look to see her smirking at me.

"Y yes." I stutter confused as to why she's speaking to me.

"I'm Wendy King." She grins at me and I notice that most of the students are leaning away from her.

"A Are they scared of you?" I ask softly gesturing and she looks around at them and each of the students she glares at snaps their head back to their work.

"Yeah they are... Why aren't you?" She asks softly.

"Mr. Harmony and Ms. King. You both are partners for this project." The teacher states and my eyes widen.

"P partners?" I whimper.

"Yes unfortunately Ms. King isn't the easiest to get along with." The teacher shrugs as the bell rings to end class.

"Here be at this address at 5 tonight." Wendy states and my eyes widen and I helplessly nod as I take the paper she's holding out and start to pack up before heading to my next class.

I frown and look up at the building in front of me and see a huge mansion. I knock on the door and a girl opens it wearing only a pair of boxers and I blush and look away.

"I Is Wendy here?" I ask softly.

"Sure come on in. I'm Lucile." She says before grabbing my hand and dragging me in and I stumble and fall my face landing on her chest and I begin blushing profusely.

"I'm sorry." I state pulling away quickly before I hear yell from upstairs and see someone tumbling down.

"That's for stealing my cookies you jerk." The girl at the top yells and I look and realize that the guy on the bottom of the stairs is Gregory. I hear a giggle and look over and see another girl.

"Lucile put your clothes on before Patrick sees you." The girl giggles and I look over at her. "Oh uhm hello I'm Samantha." She says and yawns before leaning against the door and falling asleep.

"Jackson?" I hear my name and look up to see Wendy at the top of the stairs with a guy that slides down the banister and lands in front of me.

"Why are you holding my girlfriends hand?" He asks glaring at me and my eyes widen and I jump back pulling my hand from Lucile.

"S sorry I d didn't mean too."

"Just be happy he didn't see you trip and your head land on my boob's." Lucile says and he growls and pulls back his fist and instantly I flinch awaiting his punch.

"Let me go Wendy."

"Stand down Patrick you will not hit Jackson." I hear Wendy say and I peek at them and see Wendy in front of me holding Patrick's fist so he can't hit me.

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