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Bit 1 Society Is A Bust!

Has it ever occurred to anyone that society is royally screwed up? What about the fact that no one can speak their mind without being judged or criticized? I am a 15 year old female with a manic depressive attitude and a very outspoken mind. Some people say I have no filter. I say what is the point in filtering things that are true? You shouldn't have to sugar-coat everything so people don't get "triggered" or "upset". If they don't like it, they can leave. This society, today, in the year 2017, has messed up many lives. Many relationships. A slightly overweight girl or even guy can't walk down a school hallway without being called "fat" or "ugly". And how do I know this? Because I am one of those slightly overweight girls. But has anyone ever stopped to think, "Hey, maybe there is a reason they can't loose weight". NO! Because people are more concerned with ruining other peoples lives to make their life seem 10x better. Has anyone ever thought about the fact that, hey, maybe there is a reason that they don't have super nice clothes, or a pair of $100 shoes. Maybe their dad is deployed and they don't know if he is coming back. Maybe their grandparent(s) just died. Maybe, just maybe, they don't feel the need to dress up for anyone, because they don't feel the need to impress anyone! Has anyone ever thought of that? This society, this generation revolves around social media, selfies, boasting, criticizing, judging, and more than less, lying. So I want people, anyone and everyone, to stop. Think. Wonder. What are they saying to people? Is what they are saying hurtful? Are they saying mean things without even realizing it? Has this society and generation become so hectic, that people are saying mean and hurtful things and thinking they are perfectly OK? Please, comment and tell me how you feel about this.


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  • LS
    Letetia Smith over 3 years ago

    Great story and passion felt while reading! Society is a BUST is very very relative to the times we live in.