Shiloh pull up to the library and see the park in the distance and their she spotted her friend Sarah and with no surprise their she sees Satan their he standing right in front of her friend. Shiloh get out the car quietly and creeps toward the park and hid behind a tree close to her friend Sarah but none of them spot her and she could hear what their were saying "Hello, Sarah wow you look more beautiful up close." Sarah blushes and said " Ahh shucks no I'm not" "Sarah you remind me of a lily, you look so delicate and fragile and vibrant " he pull her hair out of her face and lifts her face up to look directly at him she turns red and said "umm with a very scary name your really sweet and is very kind but i have a question" he smiled and said "of course my lily what is it that your are curious about" she said "why do you have a nickname of Satan" and with that he laugh and pulled away from her and said "do you really want to know why?" Sarah with a curious look and said "of course" that is when Satan stood up and said "Well then let me show you why" Shiloh mind went blank she thought of all the worst things that can happen and she couldn't stand and watch it so she runs up to Sarah before Satan could do anything and said "Hey Sarah i need you can you come with me to my car?" Sarah looked all confuse and said "how did you find me and why?" with an angry voice she said "Trevor and James told me and because i said so" Satan intervene in the conversation "Well, well it nice to met again" Shiloh gave her keys to Sarah pointed her to the car and told her to wait for her and Sarah obliged . She then faced Satan "Why the hell are you doing this" Satan step closer "because I can and she was willingly letting me, she is quiet a lily you know beautiful but quiet the easiest to destroy" "You fucking sick twisted bastard you are the most disgusting I ever faced in my life" She spat in his face but she knew very well she would pay for that. Satan clean his face and with a grimacing smile an said "did you forget that I'm the only you fear of, I am the monster that haunts your dream, I am the monster that you fear of in daylight, I am the only one that knows your souls". Shiloh with disgust on her face said "I wish that you were dead" Satan laugh so hard that he snorted a bit and said "You know very well that you can't get rid of me I am a part of you, I am the one that gives you purposed and don't you forget that". Satan grab her by the wrist and pinned her to the ground and grabbed her by the face and said "Why do you always have to ruin my fun" Shiloh then said " Your fun is sick and twisted and you have no right to play with peoples mind" Satan looks directly at her with a serious face "Don't you forget who made me now you are the master mind of all my tricks" Shiloh cried and said " I don't know what your talking about you crazy psycho, ever since I'd came to this lousy town all you've been doing to me is giving me hell" he let go of her and stood firm with his fist clench "You really don't remember was i really not worth remembering! How could you after all this time you don't know WHAT YOU HAVE DOWN" with his eyes narrow his fist clench he punch the ground and screamed with anger "HOW COULD YOU!" Shiloh in shock and dismay quickly got up and ran to the car she didn't dare to look back she didn't dare to see what would happen if she stayed a little longer as she ran to her car she can still hear him yelling but once she open the door to the car it was silent. She got in and turn the car on and left as soon as possible

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