Shiloh walks in her house and her mother is in the kitchen cooking dinner and said "Hi, honey how was school" Shiloh throws her backpack on the ground and jumped on the sofa and said "it was fine you know same old same old, nothing change" and she lightly touches her throats and closed her eyes hoping to god her mother doesn't ask what was taking her long to get home. "Honey, are you hungry i'd made spaghetti also what took you so long to come home" Shiloh froze a bit and said "Oh i came home late because.... I had some errands to do but don't worry about it mom I'm here now and yeah I'm hungry but I'll take a plate upstairs" "Okay honey come get a plate then, I'll be in my room if you need okay" Her mother leaves the kitchen.Shiloh got her plate of spaghetti and headed to her room and she slumps on her bed grabs her laptop and put on her headset and started talking on a live chat in the game of dead by nighttime. "Hey guys sorry for coming late what did i miss" she starts to eat her spaghetti "Hey Shiloh you miss James making a double shot on one of the monster it was so cool" "Yeah man i couldn't believe that i could do that and i didn't plan it ... so dope tho" "Hahaha guys i can't believe I'd miss that must of be the best but hey why isn't Sarah online today?" the guys pause a bit and said "Didn't she tell you she had ... some business to do but she kinda sound Cheerful today" Shiloh finish her spaghetti and said "Did she said what type of business?" "............ she said she found a guy that has a nickname of Santa i think it was" gets interrupted by James "Trevor you fricken idiot that not his nickname it was Satan and to be honest that fricken weird that she would hang out with a guy with that type of name it sounds so evil" Shiloh froze for a couple of seconds she felt a knot in her stomach and felt cold sweat down her spine "Shiloh you still there you have spoken in a while" "Did Sarah said where her business is going to take place at?" Trevor answered "Yeah, i think she said she was going to meet him at the park by the public library, like that not creepy at all". Shiloh mind went blank she thought of all the worst things that could be happening to her friend Sarah "hey guys I feel tire I'm just going to leave the game and take a nap" "Ahhhh come Shiloh you just got on" "yeah it has been an hour yet" "Nah you guys I'm just tired talk to you late, goodbye." Shiloh turns off her laptop and is frantically think of what type of thing that can be happening to Sarah.Fuck, fuck, fuck how can this happen out of all the people in the world it had to Satan, I have to go get her fuck damn it. Why does it all have to be that this shit happens to me. Shiloh takes her plate down to the kitchen while peeping in her moms room to see if she awake but she asleep an open her door wide enough to get the car keys off her mothers dresser. Shiloh leaves the house in a hurry and turns on her mother car and starts to drive away quickly.

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