huff huff..... shit shit he's coming fuck fuck! "Come on Shiloh...LETS PLAY A GAME! ahhahahahaha....What is Shiloh afraid to play." Shiloh goes and hide behind a dumpster whispered to herself "why the fuck did it had to be this day ... I should of known better" accidentally hits the dumpster."Oh! did Shiloh decide to play or is she shivering in fear.. COME OUT NOW YOU TWAT!" Shiloh shivers in fear and coward towards the corner trying to hid " FINE I WILL HAVE TO GET YOU MYSELF THEN!"He destroy everything in the alley way while Shiloh cry in the corner and holding her breathe thinking what she should do. Then suddenly out of no where something happen Shiloh was shocked and scared their standing in front of her was Him... he had a grimacing grin smiling so wide and said "Ah! I found you... why would you put me to such difficulties to find a piece of trash standing right next to the dumpster .. how ironic... ahahaha". He grabs her by the hair drags her out the alley and make her stand up and Shiloh said in a crying voice"Stop!" he looks at her and smile "you think telling me to stop will make me do it ahhaha your so hilarious but how come I always hear you say stop but never hear you ever plead for mercy in fact if you do I might let you go". He pined her to the wall and put his hand lightly on her throat softly and she said "You know very well I won't plead" he look her in the eyes and went close to her ear and whispered "Now,now you won't plead ...hmm if you know whats good for you then you would plead but I guess you have chosen your fate" then he pull away and they make direct eye contact with his grimacing smile and said " Your my favorite type to torture and those eye make me want to tighten my grip on your throat" and she spat back "and that smiles makes me wanna puke and that tongue of your makes me hope you choke on it" and he said " to bad that not gonna happen because I have some place to go" and with that he let go of her throat and stare at her and smile and walked away into the distance and Shiloh slumped down on the wall and said "till next time Satan "

Cover Bit 2

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