The seventh day ends, and the Eighth day begins.

DAY 8:

-They reach the second campsite and immediately put jonathan in chains to make sure he doesn’t go away-

Jonathan: -Sighs-

Unknown: So, They caught you to?

Jonathan: Ya, this is the worst thing that could happen. First trapped on the island, we lost a person and now another person teamed up with these “kidnappers” and now i’m also trapped here.

Unknown: Ah so that’s what i have been told by many others:

Jonathan: Who else is here?

-The unknown person steps back so Jonathan can see. There was a long light grey wall lined with 50 or so people chained-

Jonathan: What is this place?

Unknown: This is the wall of the chained.

Jonathan: Clever

Unknown: Indeed.

Jonathan: So why is everyone here? Why is everyone like this?

Unknown: They didn’t trust us. Whoever they don’t trust or run away from them, are sent here. The very first person is practically a skeleton right now. They don’t feed us, they just let us stay chained ‘till we die. Or at least that’s what has been told.

Jonathan: Strict crowd.

-From the opposite side of the wall-


Jonathan: *lowers voice* Well then.

Unknown: Don’t worry. He has had the worst time here out or all of us.

Person 2: Hey guy’s i heard the kidnappers got a new person added to the team.

Unknown: Really? No one EVER has teamed with them.

Jonathan: That may be rare, but i know who teamed with them.

Unknown: Really?

Jonathan: Ya i was stuck on the island with them.

-guards walk in with someone new and throws him on the ground-

Guard: Be Quiet. You guys have a new friend.

-the guard leaves the room and a few murmurs can be heard along the wall-

Blake: owwww. Do they have to be so rough on the chains?

Jonathan: Blake?!?!! Why are you here! I told you not to do anything stupid!

Blake: Oh hey Jonathan. Ummmm i’m here because they came to camp and chained me up and brought me here. And since when have i done something stupid?

-Jonathan gives him a look-

Jonathan: You REALLY wanna go there?

Blake: Ehhhh ya nevermind.

Jonathan: Exactly.

Bit 2

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