-These people-creatures are standing still like statues. But you can tell that they are alive. They have Fur hide that makes them look like that specific animal. -

The leader of the group speaks. But it’s in a different language.

Leader: 당신은 누구인가? 어떻게 여기에셨어요?

(Who are you? How did you get here?)

Jonathan: We. No. Speak. That. Language. -says slowly-

Minx: Shut up! You are sounding stupid right now.

  • She turns to the leader - 나는 할망구 야이 내 "친구"조나단입니다. 우리는이 섬에 붙어있어. 우리의 배는 추락했다. ( I’m Minx and this is my friend Jonathan. We got stuck on this Island. Our ship crashed.

Jonathan: How did you---

Leader: 당신은 당신의 배를 수리하고 있습니다? 얼마나 빨리 당신은 우리의 섬을 떠날 수 있습니까? ( Are you repairing your ship? How soon can you leave?)

Minx: 불행히도 우리는 우리가 죽을 영원히까지 여기에 붙어있다. 아니면 당신이 먼저 우리를 죽일, 그것은 의존한다. 우리는 우리가 싸움에서 끝나지 않는 너희들을 귀찮게하지 할 수있는 방법이 또한 경우에, 그것은 잘 될 것입니다. (Unfortunately we are stuck here forever till we die. Or you kill us first, it depends. Also If there is a way where we can not bother you guys so we don't end up in a fight, that'd be great.)

  • A member steps forward -

Member: Minx? Is that you?

Minx: Jeno! I thought you died!

Jeno: I thought you died to.

-turns toward leader- 그건 확실히 내가 그들을 알고있다. 소녀 적어도. ( It’s alright I know them. At least the girl.

-Leader nods for the others to step down-

-Jonathan, Confused as ever-

Jeno: At least you are back. I’m sure you remember everyone. Jisung, Chenle, Mark, Yuta, Jaehyun, Taeyong, Winwin, Renjun, Jaemin, Ten, Doyong, and our Leader, Taeil.

Minx: Oh my goodness! I didn’t! You guys look so different from when i first saw you guys!

Jonathan: Wait so you all can speak english?

Jeno: Yes. Minx: Shut up Jonathan.

Jeno: Same old Minx -Laughing-

-The others start laughing as well.-

Jonathan: So we all cool now?

Jeno: Yes Minx: Shut up.

Jeno: ok Minx you can stop it now.

Minx: Fine. I just missed you all and i want to make up for lost times. Is Xiumin still with you guys?

-Jisung chimes in-

Jisung: He is but…. He is not in a good condition right now.

Minx: Is it alright to head in and see him?

Jisung and Jeno: Doesn’t hurt.

Jeno: Let’s head out.

-They all start to walk to NCT hideout-

Jonathan: Can i Head back to camp now?? Or?...

Taeyong: Not this moment. We also need to make sure that we trust you. We already Trust Minx.

Jonathan: Alright. Fair enough.

-They all continue to walk in silence for a few more miles, until they reach the hideout.-

~Once to camp Taeyong and Jaehyun takes Jonathan to the “prisoner” Tent to hold jonathan till it’s time for them to return to their own camp.~

~The Rest lead Minx to where Xiumin rests~

Minx: Xiumin! Are you alright? What happened? -Minx scans his body-

Xiumin: Minx? Is that you? I’m doing better than when i first got hurt.

Minx: How long ago was it that you got hurt?

Xiumin: Not very long ago. I’d say about 2 days ago.

Minx: Well at least you are doing better.

Xiumin: I guess. But i will say that i am doing better now that you are here. It’s been so long since I or we all saw you.

Minx: Well I ain’t goin’ nowhere now. 4 of us got stuck on this island. Well 3 now…. 1 is dead.

Xiumin: Minx…. Did you kill the one who died?

Minx: What??! Nooo…. Ok ya i did.

Xiumin: Same old Minx. -laughs-

Minx: What i can’t help it. He was annoying. -Laughs-

~ Jisung walks in~ Minx you better let him get some rest. You can come to see him tomorrow.

Minx: Alright fine. See you soon Xiumin.

Xiumin: See ya.


~Alarms sirens ring throughout the camp~


-Everyone is rushing around-

Mark: Minx! Get up. We need to find him!

Minx: What do you mean? Who do we need to find?

Mark: Your friend Jonathan! Not only did he escape, he stole something valuable from us.

Minx: I can stay here and Tend to Xiumin.

Mark: No! We need you to help up find hime.

Minx: Fine. ~heads towards the door~ Well you coming or not?

Mark: Oh ya!

~ They run searching for Jonathan~

Minx: FOLLOW ME! I think i know where he headed!

~She runs back to her camp where she left blake with some of the guys from NCT right behind~

Minx: BLAKE! Have you seen Jonathan head back here?

Blake: -AHHH jonathan told me not to tell her and i'm bad at lying!- Uh no i haven't seen him run through.

Minx: You are lying, i can tell. Plus ur are horrible at lying.

Blake: -sighs- He went that way. Plus, who are these guys?

Minx: No time. LET’S GO! ~she yells to the others.~

-They run off to the direction that Blake told them. But what Minx didn’t notice is that Blake lied about the direction that Jonathan went in. -

Blake: ~quietly to self~ Well i am KINDA good at lying.

Minx and the members of NCT are running for miles and miles.Until they Find footprints in the dirt, the footprints are heading in the direction that they are running in. So they continue to follow. Thinking that they are Jonathans’.

Minx: Guys! Go up.

-Following the command they all disappear into the treetops-

Chenle: *wispers* What are we doing up here?

Minx: We are waiting here for a while, so be comfy.

Chenle: But why?

Minx: No matter the situation, Jonathan ALWAYS retraces his steps, whether he wants to or not.

Chenle: Well that’s dumb.

Minx: It is, but for this situation it helps.

Chenle: True

Minx: Now be quiet.

DAY 7:

Early in the Morning~ Taeil hears footsteps and heavy breathing.

-Taeil watches the person and carefully wakes up minx-

Taeil: *wispers* Minx, someone is here.

Minx: -wakes up suddenly- Who?

Taeil: I don't know, that’s why i got you.

Minx: -looks down- it’s him.

Taeil: I’ll wake the others, while you trap him.

Minx: Got it.

-Minx runs through the trees to get ahead of jonathan to trap him, She reaches the perfect spot and drops down on top of jonathan. Minx ties jonathans hand and feet.-

Jonathan: -yelling- Get off of me!

Minx: Just be quiet. No one is going to help you.

-The others gracefully fall from the trees. Except for Jaemin. (He fell on his face)

Jeno: Jaemin you are supposed to fall on your feet, Not your face.

Jaemin: I know, I got stuck coming down.

Jeno: Sure ya did.

Jonathan: Well well well. Looks like you caught me. Why do i have to be a prisoner?

Taeil: Because we don’t trust you as we do with Minx, and you proved us to not trust you by running from our guards.

Jonathan: Fair enough, but why do i have to be chained?

Taeil: You are bad at listening aren't you?

Minx: Xero, Hansol, Watch him. Taeyoung, Doyoung, Ten, Hae Chan, walk around him make sure he doesn’t try to escape again.

-They reply with a nod-

Minx: Alright. Head out.

Jeno: Minx let me lead. We are going to a new place. -He turns to Taeyoung- Cover his eyes, we don’t need him to see his way there.

Taeyoung: -Nods-

Minx: Alright Jeno, Lead the way.

Jeno: You got it.

-They walk for 10 miles to a new camp site that they use for people like Jonathan, the ones who can’t be trusted-

-Jonathan breaks the silence- Jonathan: Do you guys have to take me to this new place, i mean poor blake he is all alone at camp.

Minx: Don’t worry about blake. And be quiet, you aren’t meant to talk.

-They all walk in silence once more. The only sound to be heard are NCT’s footsteps in harmony. Even the animals of the forest are silent.-

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