The Innocent:

DAY 1:

Stranded on a Island with 3 others. I don’t know how I feel about this. None of us get along. We were supposed to be sailing our way to Candor. I mean i like where we ended up but, something just doesn’t feel right. It seems as if that one of us is hiding something.

The Traitor:

DAY 1: Great, I know i was to sabotage the boat, but seriously i wasn’t meant to be stuck on a Island with these 3 yahoos. Anyway I was given a mission, Half which is complete, but now i need to get rid of these 3 without being caught. I mean this should be easy right? But I guess for now I’ll have to play it off.

The Innocent:

DAY 2: Well no one has died yet. Surprisingly. We decided that it was best to explore the forest around us, but i get the fun job of sitting here watching base, Ha! like someone or something might come and attack us. But At least I get to update this book, while i’m sitting here.

The Traitor:

DAY 2: Ha! Of course they made the weakling stay back at camp! Well maybe I get to start the second part of my mission.

-Later on I bumped into one of the other guys and boy he did not see that coming! Just kidding i just scared him, as he fell into the fast moving river and crushes his skull against a rock and died. Anyway 1 down 2 more to go. This might be easier than i thought.

The Innocent:

DAY 3: So one of the guys didn’t make it and no one knew why. Maybe i should start going through the other’s stuff so there isn’t a traitor among us? But I highly doubt it, He probably got lost or got attacked by a beast.

-I started looking around the tents for anything suspicious. Didn’t find much until i came across one of the guy’s cabin and found a book that said “Kill list” on it. You know as shocked as i was on finding this i took it back to my cabin and started to read it. Man that was confusing to read. All this nonsense of these “missions” and “people who have failed our country and needed to die.” To be honest I think i’ll put this back and keep this a secret from the other. But who knows it might be him or someone else is trying to frame him, or even the simple fact to freak us out. So i’ll diss this topic for now and believe that it’s fake.

The Traitor:

DAY 3: First off I can’t believe that they bought that lie! Second: These days are dragging on and I don’t want to make any moves yet. I need to create suspicion between the two. ( And i know i barely write anything!)

The Innocent:

DAY 4: I still can’t believe what i saw in that book. It most definitely be fake. Right? Well that’s all i can hope for now. But it still seemed weird. It was so specific, like how to do the missions and who to target and how and sometimes it had the reasoning.

The Traitor:

DAY 4: Some bastard thought it was a good idea to go through my stuff last night! Great I hope they didn’t see what i think they saw. The Death Note Journal, is what i’m talking about. It has all my information on who and what. Let’s just hope they think that it’s a nice little Prank.

DAY 5:

Blake (Innocent) - So now what you two? And do you think Evan is coming back? I really hope he does, he is the leader of the group after all. (Blake writes the journal)

Minx (Traitor): He’s probably long gone now. And there NEVER was a leader of this group to begin with. And for the last time put that book away, no one is ever gonna see it. (tosses it into the fire)

Blake: Minx!!! What if we died and that was the only record left!

Minx: Welp, it’s gone now.

Jonathan (Undercover: Works with the opposite team aka he’s with Minx): Cut it out you two. It does get boring hearing you two complain.

Minx and Blake: (ughhh) fine.

Jonathan: Better. Finally some peace and quiet.

Blake: uhh shouldn’t you be getting some more food? We’ll die if we don’t eat.

Jonathan: Well if you’re so worried then why don’t you get the food?

(Minx in the background) Fight! Fight! Fight!

Blake: But it IS YOUR job.

Jonathan: why ‘ya gotta be such a baby, it’s only a forest. (walks away)

Minx: I’m gonna go get some more water for camp. (Walks in jonathan’s direction)

*Few Hours pass*

-Minx has this idea that she can be able to kill jonathan so it is less of a problem to deal with later on.

-Minx spots jonathan and…..

Jonathan: Minx what in the world are you doing?

Minx: (playing it off) Dang it! I was trying to scare you.

Jonathan: Ya you failed. -Laughs-

Minx: Well if you weren’t so good at hearing thing i would have gotten away with it.

Jonathan: No you wouldn’t. I’m not scared easily.

-Rabbit shakes a nearby bush-

Jonathan: -screams-

Minx: You were what now? -Laughs-

Jonathan: Be quiet Minx.

Minx: -continues laughing- I can’t help it! That was the most girliest scream that i have ever heard! Even I have a more manlier scream, and I’M A GIRL!

Jonathan: Be Quiet! For real this time! Something might hear you and kill the both of us.

Minx: Oh come on there is nothing out here.

-Within seconds these people like creatures surround Minx and Jonathan-

Jonathan: -whispers- I told you Minx, to be quiet!

Minx: Well i see that now.

Jonathan: So now what?  

Cover Bit 2

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