Her body gently pressed on top of me, hearing the soft slow rhythm of her breathing helps calm my mind and body. She has this kind of effect on me. The energy travels through every part of me and even deep into my soul. I stop to take in and absorb all the elements around me. The warm sweet air, the gentle sunshine kissing our skin, the soft ground beneath us as the winds blow all our problems away. Yes, this is my peace. These moments make everything worth it. These moments help me make sense of all the stress, pain and suffering we see in this world. We found our reason, our reason to go through each day, each battle, and each sacrifice. We risk so much just to be together. Possibly our lives and the respect of our people. We are true opposites and although we have mutual agreements and a sort of respect with each faction, romantic relationships are forbidden.

Her people are of the North, the Kaal people. Born from the coldest parts of all the lands and that is where they draw their strength from. She has shown me that her people can be kind and caring but they do stay true to their blood line as do mine. She has warmth to her though. She is nothing like the folk stories told to our little children. Stories about the people of the North. The Kaal people, with bodies sculpted from hard ice. The terrifying people with cold blue blood flowing through their veins. With piercing blue eyes that can freeze over the warmest body that dare tried to stare in them. She has warm skin, soft to the touch and sweet to the lips. She has light brown eyes that may leave you frozen as you lose yourself in their beauty. Her lips are smooth and supple and I feel the heat of her body each time we kiss. I can spend all the time we have together analyzing every aspect of her beauty. I try to focus and memorize each and every little detail. I want to appreciate every aspect of her and how each small feature is better than the next and builds her to a whole, as if she were a puzzle put perfectly together.

He holds me close as I lose myself in this moment. I try to lose myself in every moment with him. He knows how to break down my walls. The barriers I have built just tumble down and I don’t think he even tries or knows that he does this to me. This feeling and connection just happens so naturally and it kind of scares me at times. I tell myself I won’t take it for granted and will embrace it all while I still have it. A part of me is still in disbelief. I never would have imagined falling for a man of fire, a Vulcan. I grew up hearing stories, stories about the fire breathing people, who burn their enemies alive. The people with blood red eyes and bodies that burn you with the smallest contact. The Vulcans, the people who are merciless and ruthless. Instead this man lies beneath me, my skin pressed against his and not a single burn. His body warms mine but nothing alarming or frightful. His touch is gentle and careful. Even though he is a General and a skilled strong warrior, he leaves that life aside and I am with the real him. We lay in the sun in a field close to my city. He prefers coming to me fore if my people catch us, they wouldn’t harm me as I am royalty, but his people, especially on their territory would attack me out of fear. I stare in his dark brown eyes as he stares into mine. We do this and don’t even have to say a single word. It’s as though it’s our own language and we are communicating fluently. Suddenly in a flash, his eyes change, it sends electricity through my body, like a jolt or shockwave. They are a strong dark red, his body is switching to its offensive battle mode. His body detects the cold in the air. My people are near.

I jump to my feet as I feel them coming closer and closer. She runs across and hides behind some thick bushes and trees. They won’t sense her presence. She will be safe. I brace myself. I hold my ground and begin to prepare my body. I close my eyes and feel the ground beneath me. I take a deep breath and feel the flames fueling up. I concentrate and get a sense of what direction they will appear. One in front of me, one on the left and one on the right. Such a basic formation, they must be a lower rank or scouts at the very least. If they had sensed my energy level, they would know not to even bother attacking me. Instead they just sensed my presence. Assuming I’m a nomad or outcast trespassing, some weak Vulcan that would make some easy target practice for them. I see the one coming from the front of me first appear. I see the light blue in his eyes as he locks in on me. He charges straight for me and I thrust myself forward to clash right into him. I grab him by the throat with a single hand and lunge him towards his comrade coming from my left. I look to the right to face the other soldier who stops in his tracks. He knows better now and looks over my shoulder to see his fallen comrades. He can’t run though. He has come this far already. He gathers all his strength and before he makes his move. I give him a single blow which sends him flying across the field. I examine them all and make sure they are out cold before she steps out. I never wanted her to see this side of me. I feel ashamed and embarrassed but it was necessary.

I hold his hand and feel his temperature drop back down. I hold him close so he knows what I just saw doesn’t change the way I feel or the way I see him. We don’t say much as he walks me back closer to my home but I never once loosen my grip or move away from him. We get close enough and he stops, he stares to the horizon as I gaze in his eyes.

“We will find a way” I reassure him,

“I will never change how I feel for you and it only grows stronger with each setting sun”. There is a whole world out there, more than the one we know, the possibilities can be endless” I lean up and give him a gentle kiss.

He fixes his eyes on me and brings me close for a fair well hug.

“We will find that place” he says slowly.

I walk back to my district, replaying the events of the day. I wonder if she feels any different after seeing a little glimpse of what I am capable of doing. I wonder if she has any idea of the things I have done or the things I am able to do. Would that change how she feels about me and the future she sees. I know how she was after today’s events. Nothing seemed different, she still accepted me, but how could that be? More and more thoughts flood my mind as I approach our wall. It’s massive and surrounds our district as far as the eyes can see. In our walls, without knowing what to look, for one can easily miss this. There are strategically placed gaps that looks like dark spots. In there is one of our first lines of defense, scouts and sharp shooters. The gates open as I get closer, the benefits of my rank and level, I can come and go as I please with little to no questions and interrogations. I have battalions under my direct command that stress should come with some sort of privileges.

I barely sleep tonight, my mind wonders as I imagine him and the parts I have come to love, then the fight replays back in my mind. It doesn’t bother me the way I am sure he thinks it does. I understand and have seen wars myself. I know I need to see him soon. I must find a way to just reassure him and let him know exactly how I feel. My eyes open as the sun shines through my room. I guess I finally dozed off for whatever little time. I look out my window and see my father’s military escorts riding out of the city with him and the Queen secured in their formation. They will be gone a few days I remind myself. This will be my chance to see him.

The sun is at its brightest right around midday as I slip away from my city. I walk the trail that I know leads to his district but I have never actually used it before. I walk along the edges close enough to dash off the road but enough not lose my trail. I can see the wall now and I know moving any closer would be risky, allowing someone to sense my presence. I close my eyes and try to feel his energy, of course it’s hard as thousands of his people are right in that mix, but I know he is somewhere in there. I have to find a way to reach him. Eyes closed, I summon a little of my energy. I concentrate really hard and feel it leave me. I see through its eyes now, blowing through the wind heading right to the large gate. Through the walls and through the streets, a simple breeze to anyone around but hopefully he will feel it. I see him now and head straight for his face.

He stops in mid conversation and his eyes open wide. He figured it out!

The moment I feel the cold chill I know it’s her. What is she doing here? Is she alright? What could have possibly happened for her to risk coming here? Marcel takes over the training as he realizes I need to leave. I walk towards my home so as to not raise suspicion and take a different route to reach the gates. I follow the path up the hill and there she is. I stop and just stare for a few moments. Each time I see her is a reminder that she is real and not just a magical creation my mind has conjured and fallen for. She begins to slowly walk towards me after realizing I am somewhat star struck. The clothing style of her people definitely compliments her and all her features. The necklace she has on brings out the sparkle in her eyes. It’s clearly a rare bright blue jewel and unique one of a kind style. Her slow walk turns to a light jog and before I know it she is in my arms again and all my doubts and questions vanish.

We walk down a river bank with our feet in and out of the water going against the current. She tells me about her night and how her mind was racing. She tells me how she understands my life and responsibilities and that we all have sides we aren’t too proud off.

“I want to know ever side of you” she says slowly and sweetly.

“I want to know and love all of you”.

At this point I grab her close and passionately kiss her and that answers her questions better than any words ever could.

“There was a life before you” I said

“I will tell you whatever you want to know about it, but I want you to understand that I am more focused on my life now, with you and the future we have”

I began to speak more and more about things I have only thought of and never thought I would share.

“I do fear the future, what we will be to each other, how we will make this work, if I won’t be able to spend forever with you. I hate not having the answers, the lack of control drives me insane”

She simply smiles and lets me know she feels the same. This doesn’t answer my questions or concerns but it still somewhat calms me. I’m glad to know she feels and thinks of the same things. I smile and as I reach closer to her it happens. The ice blue color flushes into her eyes almost instantly.

“No!” I barely say out of anger, fear and worry.

“This can’t happen”


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