Procrastination. I procrastinate to procrastinate. I procrastinate doing homework by watching videos. I procrastinate watching videos because I'm scared it'll make me guilty by sleeping. I procrastinate sleeping because I'm scared I'll wake up late by fucking eating grapes or some shit. I procrastinate eating by dancing and leaping around to fucking metal I don't even know.

But this is The day 1 of showing you my procrastinating necessities in the depths of my depressing life. Are you prepared? Ok.

So it is Sunday, and yet again I have woken up at 1pm. I go to bed earlier (2am is early for me shut up) And have fucking 16 fucking alarms with 30 fucking seconds between them going off...and I never fucking hear it. I did have this old fashioned alarm clock though...but I forgot to bring it. For fucks sake well done. So, I'll, I'll, I'll have to go along with this plan of essentially staying up until 9am and then having an hours nap on the sofa so that when the mother wakes up she will wake me up. Then, I might take another nap in the mid-evening, but most likely on the kitchen fucking table so that I'll be uncomfortable and will wake up quicker or with the mother coming into the kitchen.(This better work, I swear to fucking fuck). And then I will play through some songs on thy guitar and write some of thy story. *sigh* Honestly can't be bothered. See? I'm doing it again. Now, this blog probably didn't make very much sense because I'm completely out of it at the moment, but hopefully it will another day.

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