Bit 4 Date night or Nightmare


Uh oh looks like I got a incoming call from this nigga, before I answer I need to be straight up honest with him and hold nothing back about what I have to say! 

I answered his called "hello" 

"Wassup ma, what's good with you?" 

"Shit we need to talk"

"Aw shit Talk about what?" he asked

"We need to talk about us, you ain't bout to start blowing my line up everyday just trying to fuck. I told you I want to get to know you more and we haven't went out on date or nothing yet!"

"look shorty I don't need yo sex, I don't call you just to fuck neither! That was just a one time thing and you rolled with it, don't act like I'm forcing you to doing something you didn't want to do."

"I'm not trying to make this into an argument Bryce, I'm just saying lets go out somewhere and get to know each other a little more"

"Aight he said I'm going to pick you up at 2:30pm sharp so don't have a nigga waiting he said while laughing, get pretty because I got somewhere special for us to go."

"Nigga I ain't never late I'm always ready for whatever but aight"

"Ready for whatever? Mhm mmmm like what? He said 

"NOTHING I said with laughter haha don't start with me lil boy we just discuss this!"

"Haha I know, I'm just fucking with you he said and that's daddy to you.

"Man whatever I said flirty but anyways I'll see you when you get here, see yah" I said as I hung up the phone. Ugh, finally he on the same page as I am, now I need to get fly for him and this lil date or whatever!
I turned on YouTube on my phone, plugged in my speakers and played this song Feeling myself by Nicki and queen Beyoncé, I played this song so damn loud that my fucking ears started ringing haha but shit I don't give no fuck! Anyways, while getting dress I put on my sexy black liner dress, it's see through at the top where my cleavage shows and these nude guess heels, I put on my Chanel perfume and doubled check in the mirror one more time and blew a kiss at myself. 

My cell starts ringing, it was Bryce "what's up baby you ready?"
Yeah I'm just putting on my necklace, I almost forgot it"
"Aw, you trying to get all cute for yo man?"

"Boy shut up haha"I replied. "Where you at?!"

"I'm outside, Come on"

"Alright let me get my keys"

When I stepped outside he got out the car and opened my door for me, but before I even got in he grabbed my waist and that made me turn around to look into his eyes and gave him a lil peck on the lips. Then i got in the car and so did he, than looked at me smiled and pulled out of my drive way playing some music. His phone kept ringing and I noticed him put ignore it by pressing decline!

I asked "damn who blowing up yo line?"

"Nobody", he replied

"Well it must be somebody because they blowing your shit up" I said joking 

"It's my ex, she won't stop hitting me up"

"Let me talk to her" I said

We stopped at a light, he looked at me in a blank stare.

"What? Let me talk to her I will be nice" I said nicely 

She called again then he handed me the phone, I started laughing and answered it. "Hello Kemari speaking" I said smiling looking at Bryce. He started giggling to him self and she just quite as a fucking mouse on the phone right now. "HELLO KEMARI SPEAKING" I got loud because she might not heard me that's why she probably silent.

"Um I heard you the first time, who tf is you bitch and where is Bryce" 
I had to pause for a sec and think twice if this hoe just called me a bitch or not!! "Okay okay lil mama be smooth I'm a new friend of his and I don't respect you calling me out of my name but I'm go let that slide cause you don't want to go there with me but Bryce right here, what do you want with him?"

"Well Kemari I want him to give me a call because we need to talk about something that's really important and he know what it is!" (Click)
She hung up the phone and so did I than gave Bryce back his phone. "What did she want?" 
"She said yall got something very important to talk about and you know what it is"

"What the fuck do I possibly know wtf she want to talk about, i haven't talked to her ass since our break up and every since she been stalking the hell outta me like she ain't the reason why we parted! I'm trying to move forward without her and she steady putting me in bullshit situations like this" 

"She probably pregnant" I said quietly to my self looking out the window... 
"Man what? If she is it ain't mine, I ain't saying that to be a dead beat either cause ain't no way that baby mines if the hoe is pregnant cause she cheated on me, walked all over my heart, and lied to me" 

"Fuck her, let's not even think about her at all tonight, it's my day haha get out yo feelings thinking about her cause it ain't even worth it! Let's just have a good time tonight okay?"  
"Yeah you right ma, all my attention been on you every since I laid my eyes on you! You dope ma for real" he said staring at me, you might be the one" 
I looked up at him and smiled because I hope he's been honest with me right now. I'm really falling for him and I just hope he's feeling me to for real and not just telling me what I want to hear!! 

We pull up at this adult arcade building. I was like nigga you call this special? Haha like my whole mood changed when we got out the car. He noticed my face look dull as if he can tell that I was not interested in this shit 
he asked "what's wrong"

Uhh nothing I'm good why 

"Cause you looking like you Don't want to be here"

Well when you say "get cute I got somewhere special for us to go" I'm thinking we about to go to a resturant,  not a big ass arcade building with all these people. 

"We still going somewhere special damn bae chill, its almost 4 o'clock still daylight outside! Where the hell we going at this time? bae I got this, stop complaining at what you ion even know what's going on aite??? I mean I thought about this place cause it's got hella fun stuff in here to do and ok got a bigger suprise when we get in here.." he replied 

I started smiling "alright fine, we go see when we get up in here" 

He grabbed my hand as we started walking to the entrance and kissed me on my cheek when I wasn't looking. I giggled softly, and kissed him on the lips. 

We entered the building, and the first thing I noticed was that there was absolutely no one in this building but employees, and us! 
I said "DAMN where everybody at?"
Bryce mention " I rented the entire arcade building out for us, SURPRISEEEEEEE" he Said laughing.
"Zammmmmmm Daddy" I said flirtatious.. We both got to dying laughing and Bryce than got our wrist bands from the guy. He put his on, then applied on mines for me. 

"Your such a gentleman" I said
" for you I'm anything baby" he replied
"Whatever!!!"  I said laughing

He pulled me closer to him as we started walking  to play some games. The first thing we decided to do was go-cart racing. Before We both got in our own carts he leaned in beside me for a kiss and mention "may the best driver wins". I said "I plan to, thanks" laughed and winked at him! He was  smiling hard as hell talking about "alright alright actions speak louder than words so lets get to it!"

We raced and I WON!!! 

"Yaaaaaaay I WON, I WON, oh yeah, oh yeah, in yo face daddy!!!!" 

" I let you win baby, calm down" he replied
"Nigga bye I WON cause ima dog, you ain't let shit win" I said
"Fine baby, you win I'm just fucking around with you, good game he said  while giving me a high five" 

"Thank you" I smacked his hand

We started playing more games, beating each others asses having a good time, vibing and enjoying ourselves. It's almost 7 o'clock and Bryce asked if I was ready to go, I said yeah and we headed out. 

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