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Kameri is a 24 year old college graduate student that attended Harvard University and got her masters in psychology. She moved out in Cali, Long Beach and bought her self a lovely condo to get away from her past back at her home in Atlanta. Kameri's past is epic! Her mom name is Erica and she's a insane drug attic, A brother name Michael that act like he could not stay out of trouble and maybe in a gang who knows?! Also three best friends who names are Asia, Marie, and Kayla. She met them when she first moved to Cali they showed her around, hung out a lot and got really close. She moved to Cali to get away from all the negativity in her past!

9'clock at night and barely making it in the house, Just left Bryce house and I swear I feel like I'm Falling for him already, I don't even know him and I let him fuck me twice!!! What is wrong with me? I have way too much self respect for my self for something like this to even happen. I hope he don't think I'm his lil booty call or something cause I ain't no hoe. Any who, I need to take a hot bath and just think for a moment. As I'm running my bath water I poured some bubble bath smell good soap in my water, got undressed and stepped inside the water and Laid down in the tub. While I'm laying there all I could think about is Bryce and I having sex over and over again. I think I'm going crazy for him thats the fucked up part about it... Even though I'm going through all this craziness right now I just said to myself ' fuck it let me wash my body and get dress because I can't even enjoy this bubble bath '. 

In my room laying down on my bed with the pillow over my face, ' is this Love? Am I falling in love? ' I say to myself. As I'm laying here stressing my damn self out I get a call, and it's one of my friends Marie! " She called at the right time, I need to talk too her about the shit I'm going through. 

I answered by saying "Hey girl!!"

she replied "HEY MISSY what's going on?"

"Everything I really need some advise on sum shit I already did but don't know how to stop because if I go back over there with him I'm going to repeat the same shit!"

"okay girl hold up I'm confused are you okay? What happened? Who is he? And repeat what?"

Oh shit I left this girl confused af let me explain! " okay first off remember we went to that club called ice off the beach?"

"yeah"she responded 

"Okay while we were there I saw an old friend of mine name Michael and long story short he introduced me to his friend name Bryce. I was shy as hell girl he was fine as fuck! I'm talking tall about 6'4 light skin with hazel eyes, omg girl he was just perfect I swear. His tattoos was A1! Anyways, we walked up on him and I said hi and gave him a hug. Then he started whispering in my ear kissing me on my neck and I just was rolling with whatever he told me."

'WAIT GIRL WHAT HE WHISPER? ' she interrupted 

"See best friend I don't even remember that's how fucked up I was, I'm telling you I was off it!! But any who, I guess we had sex that night"


"exactly what I just said, I don't know, I don't even remember nothing but except him giving me his number when we were dancing, he locked it in my phone his self!"

OMG GIRL YOU CRAZY haha WOOW so what happened next?

"I ended up calling him back the next morning to try to get to know him this time and he was telling me that I'm real pretty and how he would love to get to know me too but he not ready to rush into a relationship because his ex was a compulsive liar."

"Okay... What that got to do with you getting to know him though?"

"It doesn't he was just being honest and open about his past and thought I should know about it I guess shit I don't know but he did say that really wanted to get to know me to though."

"Okay, So what's the problem?"

"After we was done talking about that he Asked if I can come over and fuck while we sober and I said YEAH"

"oooooooo so you just out here giving away that lil cookie with no hesitation haha" she crazy for that one!

"I was hoping you wouldn't say nothing like that" We both started dying laughing about this conversation.

On some real shit, she said "well stop giving him what he want and just start all over by meeting him again and this time go out to eat or somewhere fun and just spend a little one on one time with each other to get to know one another. You know? And if he can't do that one thing than I'm sorry hunny he ain't shit but a man whore just trying to fuck! You can't be giving yo self EASY to these niggas cause then they start taking the sex for granted and you don't want to even think about Getting in a situation like that." 

"yeah I feel you on that one, I'm way much more than that! Thank you though babes, I can always count on you when I'm feeling down"

She said "no problem girl I'm here anytime you need someone to talk too" 

"Alright I'm about to go to sleep early tonight, goodnight Marie love you" I told her. 

"Nighty Night babes love you too girly" she said before hanging up.

When I ended the call on my phone I thought about me and my girl conversation and took what she said and called it a night, I was so damn tired after that bath man but I'm glad I spoke to Marie though. That's my bishh I love that girl to death! Finally, I cut off all the lights in my house and called it a night, who knows what the lord have for me in the morning. Goodnight 

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