Bit 1 One Night Stand

Fresh out the shower my phone started ringing, Aw shit who blowing up my line? Oh this ain't nobody but that pretty girl I met at the club last night name Kameri She was about 5'5 light skin with green eyes. Man she was too pretty but let a man hit it on the first night!!! When I first met her my guy Stephan introduced us at this club called ice, I saw a group of ladies dancing together and I was just looking in the crowd than over heard my bro call my name and when I looked I seen him and her walking up to me, I ain't go lie I was blushing a lil bit haha but I can tell she was a lil shy too by the way she said hi and gave me a hug. 

Anyways, I answered her call by saying was-sup gorgeous? (She giggles softly) "Hey Bryce, what you doing" S.hit just got out the shower bored thinking, what you doing? "Mad because you didn't hit me up so I can come join you but I'm laying down on my bed though thinking about you, I miss you" she replied. D.amn do she want a round two? Cause we can definitely go again! Aw is that right? I asked her, she responded "yea honestly I do! I really want to get to know you, do you?" Look you a real pretty nice girl an all I would love to get to know you more but I just got out this complicated relationship, the girl I was with before was a compulsive liar and I don't want to go through that crap again, I'm not saying you're a liar too I'm just saying we go have to follow up things slow you know? She said "I'm sorry to hear that I understand, I usually don't meet someone and let them hit on the first night but the way you held me while we were dancing and the way you grip my waist was so s.eductive. So yeah sure I'll take it real slow with you if you know what I mean haha." I know exactly what you mean baby I need you to come over and show me what you working with while we sober haha. "Alright let me shower and get dress, text me your address and I'll text you when I'm on my way" she applied. Alright I said and hung up the phone and so I can text her my address.

Two in a half hours later I heard a knock at my door, I raised up and got out my king size bed and asked who was at the door? I heard a voice but it was real soft though, so I looked out my peek whole an notice it was Kameri lil sexy I opened the door and she said "Hey, why you ain't respond to my text?" Aw s.hit what you say? I forgot and fell asleep, she said " I told you I was go text you when I was on my way" okay? I said "okay you could have responded and said okay I'll be waiting or something just in case I showed up and you were gone" she implied. Okay Kameri I apologize for that, Now that you here come on inside and let's make that happened what we talked about on the phone. 

As she stepped inside I grabbed her waist from the back and started kissing on the right side of her neck, She started m.oaning real softly as I'm doing it. It was starting to get hot and before we could even make it in the room I turned her around and gave her a peck on her lips and she reached up to me and started French kissing me. Next, she took off my shirt while unbuckling my belt kneeling down and pulled out the BIG MAN and got to s.ucking it so good I just stood there in disbelief with my eyes closed! While I'm massaging my bare hands through her hair, She than stopped and stood up and took off her shirt and I removed her bra and picked her up and fell over on top of the sofa and got to kissing a little bit more. Then, I raised up and reached below her stomach to take off her tight jeans pulling them off those thick thighs and she had on pretty pink lace panties with a bow on the top, I had to take them off. Finally, I eased myself in between her legs while she wraps them around my back real tight and I could feel my self going inside her, with it being so wet and tight, I'm going real slow by increasing my speed up and she m.oaning very loudly in my ear telling me to go faster, scratching with her nails going deep in my back as I'm going deeper in her. I looked at her and asked her how did she like it? She said " I loved it baby let's go again starting with me on top." 

I raised up off her on the sofa and she got up too, she grabbed my hand and started walking to my bedroom. I told her it's straight ahead, first room on the right. We get in my bedroom and she let my hand go, turned around and kissed me soo softly. She had sum juicy big pretty pink ass lips man had a nigga gone lol!! We just standing here smiling an shit than she took bout five steps back and sat on my bed with her legs up in the air teasing a nigga. I instantly kneeled down and got to sucking on her pussy lips. I'm going to work, tonguing down her pretty lil pussy and she rubbing her fingers on my waves moaning sexy as hell, which is making me eating it more. I can feel her juices on my tongue but that ain't stopping me, I kept eating! She moaning my name over and over again, I stuck a finger inside her while I'm still licking and she raised up and pulled me on the bed an got on top. She grabbed my dick to put it in herself, while she's sliding it in I'm sucking on her breasts. She laid my head back and got to riding my dick soo damn good my eyes damn near rolled into the back of my head! She going faster up and down, grinding her hips back and forth so damn good, I damn near wanted to bust all up inside her!!! She's moaning grabbing her hair, pulling it to the back and calling me daddy, and I'm about to bust but right before I do she hopped up and got to sucking my dick while I released it into her mouth and she swallowing every drop of it. Man she got me weak. 
"All done daddy" she said while looking at me, I put my head back smiling hard as fuck and said "oweeeeeeee" we both started laughing. "Im about to get in the shower" she said as she got up and left my room.

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