"Those tired eyes got to stop trailing with fatigue across the pages of purpose. You've gotta stop studying at some point, you schmuck."

"What? T'ha, where d'you get that from?"

"What? Schmuck? Well..."

"Don't. Jen, no." Jenny Platonia dragged out her pocket dictionary and dragged on each word once she found it to express her matter-of-factness.

"Noun. NORTH AMERICAN. Informal. Noun: schmuck; plural noun: schmucks," Quietly, her voice faltered in their snickers. "One, a foolish or contemptible person. "You've really got to be some schmuck to fall for-"

"Jenny!" Mikal warned. Mikal was thus amused.

"Origin. Yiddish. Shmok...schmuck...penis. Woah!" With a reddened face, Jenny's head tilted back and she cackled hard so that her body bent and twisted in her laughing fit. Mikal too shot into thudding giggles and peeled the book weakly off her to read. He read the definition, found the word "penis" and folded, burst into a deeper set of childish giggles so that his chest heaved and bobbed with his hand to his chest, and his eyes tight shut and watery. They both toppled to each other with weaving heaves until a student kicked them both hard in the shins.

"Dicks. You're blocking the Student Path. You interrupt my studious mind with your immature laughings."

"What are we? Like twenty?" Jenny rubbed her eyes and stumbled with a snickering glance at the two and jogged some place studious.

"Mate, seriously I need help."


"Ola just told me Rick broke up with her, and I offered her some chocolate. What a prick."

"You're not a prick, Dan."

"But I could've offered some actual...humane actual sympathy."

"I think chocolate compensates for humane sympathy, Dan."

"But they've been together for six years, Milak. Six years."

"Mikal. Six? Well..."

"Well then."

"I'm just making a point that you're not a prick, Dan. You've only known her for a few weeks. You don't owe her an emotional pour. If you were there to offer some form of, "humane" support, because that's what she needed. If she needed to talk to a friend for some personal stuffs, who would be emotionally attached to her which would...drag on the topic of the breaking-up a little bit, she would have gone to one of her flatmates or another friend. Or called a family member. She saw you because she didn't want sympathy. She wanted a distraction, even if she did tell you why." Dan's voice hushed.


"Are you reassured now?"

"Yes. Yeah, cheers dude."

"That's alright."

"So, can I help you with some hardcore Saxon shit or whatever the fuck you Historian nerds study?" Mikal stared.

"Don't deprive my passion, Dan."

"Pf, like you took the piss out of my art study of "The Chemistry of Oil Painting"?"

"T'ha, yeah, dude. That was some Matrix shit to me."

"Ha, I could say the same for your essay on the history of Aquire Peripheral Neuropathy Essay of Nazi Germany."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Well, it looks that complicated to me. And by the way, your proffessor wants to speak to you."

"Oh, fuck me! Why didn't you tell me this in the first place, you fucking prick?"

"I thought you said I wasn't a prick?" Dan began stumbling backwards.

"Well, you are now!"

"Calm your tits off and visit him then instead of wasting your time on me. D'you fancy me or something?"

"Just piss off to your little artsy hipster study room you little bitch."

"Ha hah, heh."

And to make his point, Mikal bent his arm back far and threw the plastic expresso shot in his hand, making Dan tumble in a joke and wheeze a mocking laugh.

But then quietly to himself, Mikal wondered, "Professor? What happened?"

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