campbell: today is my first day of school and i am hoping to meet some nice but very beautiful girls

maya: well it looks like i have school today and i am looking to meet some good and hot boys

campbell: well i was right as luck would have it i met maya

maya: i am so happy a guy named campbell fell in love with me

dallas: sure i am a nice boy and cute but i have never had a girlfriend but maybe a schoolgirl will like me

vannessa: oh please i am the next delilah i am impossible to resist i will have a boyfriend this year

dallas: today at school i met vannessa

vannessa: dallas and i we will be a good couple

danny: i was never popular but maybe i can date a girl who will make me popular

mia: i am so popular and i hope to catch the eye of someone cute

danny: well my mia she is a very beautiful girl i am popular indeed

mia: everyone wants to be like danny and i

declan: this is my year all i need is a girl to start it with

holly j: i am wanting to date this year

declan: i am one luck guy thanks to holly j

holly j: declan is everything i dreamed of

tiny: well i am not so keen with dating but maybe someone will change that

lola: i am so naughty i am going to get that boy

tiny: i am dating lola this year

lola: well well mission complete i got the boy

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