PROLOGUE In the year 2045, there is no such thing as 'The United States of America.' We all live in a state of chaos, poverty, slavery, war, fear and murder all while under the iron thumb of the leader. Whom we no longer call the president, our alpha and omega are what this world knows him as, a ruthless and sinister dictator. This world is dark and only the privileged are deemed worthy to live a dignified life while the eighty percent live in hell. We are Blackstorm a beacon of hope, light in a world that is far gone. Blackstorm is constructed by ex-military, ex-secret service; spies and the best tech minds that have not become corrupted. This dictatorships time is coming to a cease-fire and we will bring them to their knees then make them drown in the blood of the innocent. 2045, Maryland State death camp facility. Today was visiting day, but this old habit is quickly becoming extinct in this new world. Prison is a death camp and if you're behind these walls you are there till you die. Inmates or the more technical term 'numbers' for that's what you become, a number to be used as the government see's fit. Dangerous experiments are executed on all numbers and his number was called today. Today's mission is simple to infiltrate, extract and destroy. This death camp holds the person, mind, and creator of Blackstorm and 25 years have been long enough. He's the reason the team was able to escape but they promised to come back for him and trust is everything in an uncertain world. It didn't take long to figure out an extraction plan after the big escape. Who would have known the best way was the simplest of them all. Let's take you back to before Blackstorm was what it is. Before the world was fucked up and we all was living in the 'free world.' That's laughable just saying that! We were never free; no one is if you think about it, stuck in a routine, living paycheck to paycheck, living how the government dictated. It's admirable how long we were fooled, how we were fooled and how easy it was to take that false world and change it overnight. Not literally overnight but you can say it happened that fast. Maxx short for Maxximum, anyway Maxximum was the name when the world was bearable, all those years ago. Military raised and joined himself at eighteen, made special ops at a young age. Guess the powers that be seen him as dangerous, too free spirited, a threat to the future of this world because before he knew what hit him, he was in the death camp prison. That is where Blackstorm was born, where the revolution was breed. You see this prison didn't house your regular criminals, you know the occasional drug dealers, and murders. This camp housed everyone the new government felt would be a threat to their dark new world order. Men and women are housed together and the ones who mated never seen their offspring once born. Many took their own lives, Maxx was close himself at times. Until Maxx came to a realization why kill himself and let the enemy live? See he never was the one to believe in a higher power, and the saying everything happens for a reason until now. He knows what and why he was thrown onto this earth, to live through this moment in history and face what has come in his path. Finally, Maxx knows why his enemies fear him, rookie Maxx! He is the judge on this earth and the judge declares WAR!

Dystopia Future War Military Prison Revolution