Bit 2 Out Into My New Life (Fallon)

It was a warm, sunny afternoon in the summertime of my 13th year that my parents finally let me go outside for the first time. The sun was bright, but not too bright as to blind me. Vampires could go out in the sun, just not for long periods of time. This was my first time being out in the sun, and I loved the feel of warm around me as if it were embracing me tightly, like a mother would a child.

Now that I was 13, I could control my impulses for wanting blood. I could eat normal food like Mom, but I had the same cravings for human blood like Dad. As I grew up in my room, Mom and Dad would always hire private vampire tutors and professors to teach me, so I was smarter than even normal human high school students. One tutor in particular helped me practice putting my fangs away into my gums, which I needed to be perfect at to live in the real world. I had finally mastered that and my blood impulses, so my parents decided that I was ready enough to face the real world as it is, even though they are still worried about unknown things.

I decided the first thing to do would be to go into town for a short while and get my bearings of my new reality. I packed a small bag, said a quick "Goodbye" to my parents, and headed down the street, whistling a merry tune as I went.

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