Bit 1 The Beginning (Intro)

Once there was a girl. Her name was Fallon. She was a very unique girl. Her mother was human, but her father was different. Her father was... A Vampire!

When she was born her mother worried about what would happen to her child when she grew up. For she had been born with fangs, like her father. It wasn't uncommon that children were born to vampires and humans, but she was the first to inherit vampiric traits.

Fallon's parents grew worried that other vampires would soon hunt the girl for her blood, for it was very rare. They kept her locked in her room until she was 13 to keep her safe.

They gave her everything she would need for the next 13 years of her life when they locked her away. When she came of age for schooling, her parents brought in tutors and professors to teach her. Meals were delivered to her room. She received love and kindness from her parents.

But she wasn't happy. Being locked in her room meant no friends, and no friends meant loneliness. Fallon was a very lonely girl.


Name came from Fallon Kane in "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Just for Teenagers" by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Amy Newmark.

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