Bit 1 Bit 1:  Prologue and first half of Ch.1


"Isabel Akilina...and Siofra O'Mally" said a male voice. The voice belonged to Mr. Saladin, one of the 5th grade teachers at Luna Elementary; a school on Earth's moon. He was standing in front of two holographic pictures. One of the holographic pictures was that of a red-haired girl with freckles, green eyes, and olive skin. She had a beaming smile and seemed very happy. The other picture had a girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. She had light skin and a huge pair of glasses. Although smiling, it was not as big or beaming as Isabel's. "Are those students who I think they are?" asked another person, a female, looking up from her book. She was the other 5th grade teacher, Ms. Sidos. Mr. Saladin nodded and she closed her old book and rushed over. He shook his head and said "Why do you keep that old book? We have all of our information and knowledge on tablets. You would have to carry a ton of books just to equal a fraction of what a tablet can hold!"

Ms. Sidos cracked a smile. "I just like the feeling of a book in my hands...tablets are so...cold. I understand they are useful, but nothing beats laying back and cracking open a good book." Mr. Saladin sighed and looked back at the pictures. "I don't think I will ever understand. You must be the only person in the universe that has such an ancient book collection." Ms. Sidos thought about what he said. She stared out of the nearest window, with a view of space with various spaceships whizzing by. In the distance, Earth was in view and she focused hard on it, thinking of various things and eventually smiling. She finally released herself from her thoughts and said, "I suppose you are right". Mr. Saladin thought that was strange and asked "What's wrong?" Ms. Sidos came back to reality and smiled. "Oh...nothing...I...I was thinking of my Master Book. It is a book I have been writing since I was young about any and all history. I left it back on Earth before I came here to the moon."

He chuckled. "You? Writing about history? What would the best historian in the universe would ever write about?" he said, sarcastically. She shared in his laugh as well and looked back at the holographic images. "You know, a long while ago, we would need some sort of monitor to see these pictures. Holograms are fascinating, aren't they?" she said, titling her head and smiling. "I'm more interested in these two students" he said, refocusing on their original topic. "Are you sure these are the two students you-" started Ms. Sidos, but was interrupted by Mr. Saladin. "Yes, absolutely." She nodded her head and turned her attention back to the students. "Isabel do you say her name again?" she asked, pointing at the holographic image of the student with light skin and long brown hair. Mr. Saladin grabbed the student's name and enlarged it over the student’s picture. He then tapped it and it broke apart into three separate words: SEA-OFF-RA. " it is pronounced that Irish?" asked Ms. Sidos. Mr. Saladin nodded. "Yup. She was born in Ireland and Isabel's name is Spanish, but she was born in Russia."

"Interesting," said Ms. Sidos. "So then...what's next?" Mr. Saladin looked hard at the images once again and back at his fellow teacher. "We do what teachers do best...we teach!"

Chapter 1: New School, New Students, New Friends

Explosions rang overhead as Isabel rode her War Bear to the enemy camp. The bad guys were scared of the sight of The Amazing Isabel and her Glorious War Bear charging toward them."Oh no! It is The Amazing Isabel and her War Bear charging toward us!" said the bad guys, as they ran way. "THAT'S GLORIOUS WAR BEAR!" roared the bear, setting his sights on the bad guys. They quickly retreated into their bunker. The heroic pair broke down the bad guys' wall and they screamed when they saw The Amazing Isabel and her Glorious Talking War Bear. "Give up Bad Guys! No one can defeat The Amazing Isabel and her Glorious Talking War Bear!" she yelled, posing with her bear. "Okay, sure," said the Bad Guys. "I never really wanted to become a Bad Guy. Terrible health benefits, the hours are long...I just took the job because it seemed like fun." Isabel and her bear both nodded. "I can understand that. Now let's sit down and invent Russia!" she said, jumping from her war bear and sitting down next to the Bad Guys. The bear also took a seat next to them, and all of them lived happily ever after.

"And that's how my family invented Russia" said Isabel, only this time she was riding a hover bus and not a war bear. She was not in Russia, but on Luna, heading toward her school. "...Uh...who are you talking to? All you did was sit down next to me, and started telling me a story about a talking bear and...wait, how do you invent a country? Don't you have to discover it?" asked the student, with a very confused look on his face. Isabel smiled and said "I would absolutely love to tell you how, but as you can see, the hover bus has stopped, and we most head to our school!" The confused student looked around, and the hover bus was still in motion. " are not. We are still heading to school...the hover bus just stopped to pick you up...." Isabel laughed and waved her hand. "Oh right you are. Well then, you see, at first-" she started, but she quickly jumped out of her seat and ran from the student. The confused student, even more confused now, looked back at her, but dismissed this strange encounter and went back to his tablet reading. Isabel jumped into an empty seat next to a fairly taller student. "Hey! What's the rush! No running on the bus!" said the tall student. "Sorry, had to make a daring escape! People are so nosey!" said Isabel, hiding behind the seat and peaking out with the corner of her eye. "I suppose your right. What school are you heading to lass?" asked the taller student. "Luna Elementary. I'm in the 5th grade, despite my size..." said Isabel, poking fun at her height. She was shorter than most 5th graders. "Ah, I'm also in the 5th grade...despite MY size" said the taller student, also poking fun at her height. She was taller than most 5th graders. They both laughed and the taller student continued their conversation. "So how do you feel about being in the 5th grade? On Luna no less!"

"I kinda go with the flow" said Isabel, making waves with her arms, which she proceeded to do even after she was done talking. "Okay, you can stop that, I understand 'what the flow' means lass" said the taller student. Isabel heard that word "lass" again, and had no idea what it meant. "Lass?" she asked, still waving her arms. The taller student grabbed her arms to keep them in place. "I'm from Ireland, it's another term for girl. And for boy we say-"

"Lasser?" spurted out Isabel, her arms still confined. The taller student let her go. "...No. Lad. We say lad. By the way, what is your name?"

"Isabel. Isabel Akilina, I'm from Russia!" said Isabel, giving her signature beaming smile. "Siofra O'Mally. Descendant of famous Pirate Queen of Ireland Grace O'Mally. She is my great great great great great great great-"

"Okay, I get it, she is your super great grandmother! My mama said my super grandfather is someone named Rasputin...she sent me a history file on him but I never got to reading it." Isabel took her tablet out and powered it on and went into her class roster. "My teacher is...Mr.Saladin? Who is yours?" Siofra peeked at her tablet until she found the answer. "Oh! Looks like we have the same teacher!" exclaimed Siofra, excitedly. The hover bus made a sound, and the computer spoke.

"Attention, would all students of Luna Elementary please exit the bus. We have arrived at Luna Elementary. Students who attend Sea of Tranquility Elementary please remain onboard."

A group of students rushed out of the hoverbus. Isabel and Siofra were the last to get off the bus, and they were amazed at what they saw. School staff were herding groups of students to the right areas while drones were flying around the school grounds looking for anything that needed to be repaired; they also looked for students who happened to get lost. Lights were on the ground, directing the students to the sections they needed to go to. The colors were Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, and Black.

The entrance of the school had a giant holographic picture that read: LUNA ELEMTNARY. In the hologram there was a picture of Luna and several space ships flying around. There were door ways that lead into six different sections, each section represented a grade level; from Kindergarten to the 5th grade. Inside each of these sections were classrooms, a playground, lunch area, and a common area; basically everything one school had. Luna Elementary was like having six different schools in one. It was extremely large!

"All 5th graders please follow the BLACK line" said a staff member. A huge group of students followed the black colored line, which, upon getting closer, was pulsating. Siofra and Isabel made their way with the group, making sure to not lose each other. Isabel, due to her height, could not see over the other students, but Siofra grabbed her wrist and was leading her to the correct path. Eventually the cluster of students arrived at a fairly large door, with a big "5" on the door, indicating that this was the 5th grade section. A hologram projected in front of the door and shimmered into existence. The hologram was a female, with blue transparent skin and purple clothing with hair pulled back into a ponytail. She wore what looked like a uniform. Being new to Luna Elementary, Isabel and Siofra were shocked. "Who's that?" asked Isabel

"What? That's Ms. Luna!" answered a student.

"Ms.Luna?" questioned Siofra

"Are you two new or something?" aggressively asked the same student, staring at the pair of new students. Siofra suddenly gave a sharp look to the student who asked the question in a mean way. "Why yes we are lad, and I suggest ye change yer tone, before Grace and I decide to change it for ye!" commented Siofra. Siofra's slight "Irish" accent turned into a slight "Pirate" accent.

The mean boy looked very confused. "Whatever" he said, turning his attention away from Siofra. Isabel looked confusedly at her newly found friend. "Hey, Siofra, what's up with that pirate talk?"

"Sorry lass. My grandmother lives inside me. She sometimes takes over, you know how it is" responded Siofra, who was being stared at by Isabel. "Uh, sure. Of course. That's totally normal" said Isabel very quickly. She figured the universe would answer this question in time, and decided to dismiss it.

"Welcome 5th Graders. It is great to see you all once again. Beyond these doors is the 5th grade section of the school. Just like last year and the years before, it is your own space. You are now the highest grade level in this school, so you have to set the example for the lower grades." The hologram smiled and waited for any questions. Isabel and Siofra wanted to ask a bunch of questions, but decided to wait for later.

"For the students who are in Ms. Sidos' class, please follow the PINK line. And for the students who are in Mr. Saladin's class, please continue to follow the BLACK line." The door slowly descended into the ground, to reveal the 5th grade area. Isabel and Siofra rushed with the rest of the class to their classroom. Since the 5th grade cluster had to separate and head into different directions, they had more room. Other than Isabel and Siofra, the rest of the students were following the black line, but since this was their first time at a new school, they were amazed on how different it looked from their schools back on Earth. The first part of the 5th grade section emptied out into a large area. This had to be the "common area", where the students would line up to exit and head home. It had benches and several trees. The main part of this area was the office; its function was the same as the office in any other school. As they exited the common area, they entered another hallway. " you have any idea who...or what Ms. Luna is?" asked Isabel, clearly perplexed.

"I have no clue...but she IS a hologram. That means she is made up of light, and she has to be part of some sort of artificial intelligence...has to be part of the school's computer." Isabel stared at Siofra again. "I'll...pretend to know what you just said" said Isabel, smiling. Before Siofra could explain what she said, someone cut into their conversation.

"Ms. Luna is the school's computer. Well...she IS the school, kinda, sorta" said a boy. Isabel looked at the boy, and recognized him! "Oh...hey! I sat next to you on the hoverbus!" said Isabel, recognizing the student. The boy nodded in agreement about their previous meeting. "Before you ran away that name is Leon, by the way. Leon Authement. I'm from France." Leon was slender with light skin and had short brown hair and dark eyes. Isabel smiled and said, "Isabel Akilina, Russia." Siofra decided this was the proper time to introduce herself, but was still focused on Ms. Luna. "Siofra O'Mally, Ireland. Leon, what do you mean 'kinda, sorta?'"

Before Leon could answer, yet another student cut in. "Ms. Luna is a hologram AND a computer. She's the school's computer. Well...she IS the school. Which is why we call her Ms. Luna!" The student forgot to introduce herself. "Marybeth Hisakawa by the way. Japan." Marybeth was in a hoverchair and had light brown hair with eyes that matched and had fair skin. She continued to speak. "That meanie earlier was Donovan...Hisakawa.” Isabel and Siofra immediately stopped in their tracks. "Hisakawa? Wait...he's your-" said Siofra, but Marybeth cut her off by saying "Brother, yes. He can be mean sometimes..."

Leon's eyes widened. "Sometimes?!" he exclaimed, in a surprised manner. Marybeth chuckled a little. "My brother tends to pick on Leon. I try to get him to stop, but he says it is a 'tradition'". Leon sighed in an aggressive manner and said, "A tradition is when my family celebrates July 14th, Bastille Day! What Donovan does is called torture!"

"Maybe it's a torture tradition!" joked Isabel. The group of students laughed, and even Leon smiled. The group did not notice they were way behind the rest of their class, and hurried to catch up. "I'm sure he will stop this year, Leon. If you want I can run him over with my hoverchair" stated Marybeth, in a half joking, half serious tone. "I'll be fine Marybeth, thanks" said Leon, realizing just taking the torture would be better than a sister running down a brother. The students eventually came to their assigned classroom. The class gathered around room 501, and lined up on the colored line outside of the classroom. The students were chatting in a lower voice, waiting for their teacher to let them in the class. Siofra and Isabel were hanging out with Leon and Marybeth, who were telling them about Luna Elementary and how they moved to Luna when they were much younger. They also said that because there were not many actual teachers on Luna, class sizes were fairly larger than those on Earth. There were only two 5th grade teachers, but the 5th grade section of Luna Elementary had extra classes, which were all empty. Eventually, they think, more and more people will move to Luna. Siofra was still interested in Ms. Luna and what exactly she was.

"So, you said Ms. Luna is...the school? Is that right?" she asked. Leon and Marybeth nodded. Siofra rubbed her chin and said "I think that means she is the school's artificial intelligence." Isabel, Leon, and Marybeth looked at each other in confusion. Isabel was about to ask Siofra to explain, but Marybeth gasped. "I totally forgot to tell you! The class competition!"

Leon slammed his hand on his forehead. "Oh right! We should tell them about it! It's very important!" he said in agreement. They were about to explain this "class competition" when the classroom door slid open. The man who stepped out had brown skin and dark eyes. His hair and beard were black as well. He looked very...scientific. He pushed his glasses up to his eyes before he talked.


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