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❝the alignment date came.❞

somewhere cold ;mark and jack had hung out every day of that week leading up to the day they would go to PAX together, both yearning to know more about the other so they could at least say there were friends. they dug into every little tiny bit of information that the other had about them, and all they ever did was talk and play video games at mark's apartment. but that's all they really wanted to do.

the day came that they would go to the convention together, and they were really excited. they became good friends over that small week, but they grew close in that amount.they headed out from mark's apartment after getting ready together, catching an uber and riding over the closest they could get to the convention. they brought their suit cases because they were to stay over night the whole weekend that PAX lasted as they thought it was best.

they spent the whole day at PAX, looking at video games, buying stuff, and learning more about each other. they had a really wonderful time, and they both started growing on each other, but, what they didn't know is that that might've been a little risky.

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