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the stars stayed next to each other until someone announced the date of the alignment.

mark's place ;mark really didn't want to seem like he was the desperate and needy type, but he wanted to text jack more than anything right now. it was 7:30, the apartment that mark lived at. he waited for a little while for jack to just maybe text him first, but of course, he didn't. so mark had to take the action into his own hands.jack and mark exchanged their phone numbers, but also their kiks and their instagrams, and franky, he didn't know which to text him on, so he just went with the regular messaging.

mark: heyy jack

mark waited a few moments.. was he actually gonna respond? he was probably just being nice but didn't really wanna talk to you.the thought of this conspiracy made marks heart sink into his stomach as he sat with his messages open, yet no text from jack. so he turned back to the home screen and let his phone screen go black. he waited,and two minutes later, he heard a notification noise sound from that phone, and he jumped for it, his face lighting up like the tokyo on a dark night.

jack: hey there marklesparkle !

mark: was rly bored so i decided to text you aha

jack: thats alright, i'm just sittin in my apartment atm doin some work

mark: oh, same here.. anything interesting?

jack: i dont think so, its just editing youtube vids.

mark: you're a youtuber??

jack: ye, nothing interesting though lol

mark: weird. im a youtuber too..

jack: wow lol that is kinda weirdjack: anyways, sorry but i rly gotta finish these vids. text tom.?

mark: ye sure. see you then. x

jack: byee xx

mark was disappointed that he didn't get to text jack a little longer, but he thought it was a really big coincidence that they were both youtubers. but he brushed it off and sighed before putting his head back on his bed pillow. c'mon, mark, he has a boyfriend. you have a girlfriend. you just met him, you might need to chill.that's all that mark could think. why was he so invested in this green haired boy when they were both in happy relationships and had met less than eight hours ago?

later in the night, he was still up. it was about midnight and he couldn't seem to sleep. he was on his laptop laying in his bed, scrolling through the recent twitter notifications he had gotten, and a bunch of people seemed crazy about one weird event thing. he remembered hearing jack talk about his interest in video games, and mark told him that he shared the same interest. and that's exactly what the event was about. they both seemed to live in the same city, and the event was near there. it was a video game convention called PAX. he was intrigued and thought of jack when he looked at the flyer. it was midnight, so he knew jack would be asleep like a normal human, but he texted him about the event anyway, expecting his response to come in the morning.after that, he put away his laptop and tried to sleep, though he couldn't seem to catch a splinter of sleep, or even a bit of tiredness.all he could think of was PAX, and he played scenarios out in his head of what could happen that day though he knew he shouldn't think of the two of them that way.the convention was a week away from the day those two stars had met.

[*A/N:] -whoopsie this was short, sorryyyyy.
i'll try to fish out some more inspiration in the future.

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