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the stars that were aligned then grew closer until finally they met.

somewhere cold ;mark moved across the street, taking glances at the green-haired boy staring at him from a park bench. he had seen this boy so many times around town, and they always seemed to be in the same places. it seemed as if fate wanted to push them together into a sublime cluster of galaxies.

we walked on, not looking back at the boy. he heard footsteps, and then a voice. it was foreign, though sounded still american."hey, you dropped your wallet!" the voice called to him. he stopped. he knew exactly who was speaking; the green haired boy. he looked up at him and felt like he was struck in the face. his eyes met the other boys; blue. oh, so beautifully blue. like a mix between the colors of cerulean and yale. his eyes were like the old, nostalgic memory of looking out at the snow-ridden skies in a cabin on a day not too far from christmas. blue. like the ocean on a rainy day. so incredibly stunning. beautiful. marks face heated as he looked into those eyes, his words stumbled and he moved closer to the boy."oh, yeah, um thank you.. heh.. clumsy me, always droppin' stuff." the green haired boy passed the wallet to mark and smiled softly. mark was struck again, this time in the stomach. his smile, even prettier than his eyes, felt like a long conversation with your lover on a cold, rainy day, complete with coffee. it looked like anything warm, or anything nice. he came to once again, telling himself to snap out of things quickly. the boy spoke again."that's okay, i'm like that, too, sometimes." he looked at mark with his ocean eyes. there was silence between them as they stared at each other."i'm mark." he finally broke the silence. he couldn't take it any longer. he just wanted to know who this boy was."nice to meet you, mark. i'm sean, but i like to go by jack." jack. it was perfect. it fit him so perfectly, all at once. mark nodded and smiled. more silence."so, then, mark. if we're gonna sit around and talk, maybe we should go someplace less cold." jack offered this up, mark taking it almost immediately. he agreed and they headed to the nearest coffee shop. they sat down at a booth, opposite the other. they both ordered coffee and then turned back to each other."so, mark, how old are you?" jack watched him curiously."i'm twenty-seven. how old are you?""twenty-six. an age younger." they both smiled warmly at each other, holding their coffee. they talked to each other about the other, wanting to know more information."where are you from?" mark said after their conversation about his childhood."ireland. lovely place, but not lovely weather. complete shit weather." mark laughed and nodded at him. jack laughed as well. once again, mark was struck, this time in the chest. his laughed was intoxicating. it was so perfect, and angelic. his laugh sounded so pretty. he loved it. he loved the fact that everything about him was pretty. they talked on. they talked about what their favorite video games were, what youtubers they watched, and other things they bonded over. by the end of the day, it seemed like they knew everything about each other.jack was telling mark about something his friend did when the waiter came by with the brownies they ordered way after their drinks. they thanked the lady and moved on in their conversation. jack said something about his friends girlfriend that made him spark a question in his head."so, do you have a girlfriend, then?" mark asked as he took a bite of his brownie. jack shook his head, swallowing some of his brownie before speaking."i actually have a boyfriend.. i'm pansexual." mark smiled and nodded, getting quite excited as he was into both genders as well. what he didn't like was the fact that jack had someone. mark had someone as well, but the thought of the two of them even becoming friends was growing on him. jack spoke about his boyfriend after mark wanted to know more. "his name is felix. he's amazing! he's quite cute, and he's really funny." mark listened to him as he spoke. mark didn't tell him about his girlfriend. not yet, at least.

they decided to go home, but they gave each other their numbers. mark was stoked to text jack that night, or even tomorrow. what he couldn't believe is that he threw off his whole day planned to hang out with a green haired boy, who had the prettiest smile, the most beautiful eyes, and an enchanting laugh. but he was really happy that he did. he had a good feeling about that boy.

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