I wake up to a long series of beeps, which give me a big headache every morning but I deal with it. Most people would think I'm crazy for waking up at 5:45 AM during summer, but I've been doing it ever since I took up this job. The job, is "Breeding Unicorns and Pegasi from cats" and I get a pretty good pay for it, considering the stock of them has been gradually growing all because of me. I live on a farm, and have an abundant amount of barn cats, ranging from hairless, to maine coon to tom cat.

I get dressed in my old denim jeans and reddish-brown T-shirt, which are both considerably worn, mostly because I haven't gone clothes shopping in about three months. I step out of my bedroom door, make and eat breakfast, and do anything a normal young adult would do in the morning, except pay bills because the government handles that and I don't have to pay taxes.

I rush outside and into the storage shed, which has candy bags and boxes of many colors, brands, and types. The reason I have this is because the main thing I need for creating unicorns and pegasi is candy, because of its magic. Candy is magical because it can bring children and adults alike happiness, which, oddly enough, can generate magic.

I grab a large bag of skittles, which has only the purple inside,another bag with only red, and some sugar as well. The colors I grab correlate to the colors of the mane, tail, and fur, and there is a high demand for pink and purple in Alaska right now, of all breeds. I could grab some blue as well, but I forgot to get the sack I keep things in when my hands are full.

As I approach the barn, I hear hissing and purring and meowing and every other sound a cat can make all mixed into a song that I have loved since I was little, hearing all the barn cats at my neighbors houses before farming Unicorns and Pegasi was even possible. I open the door, and feel dozens of tiny feline faces rubbing on my legs as I myself almost vibrate from all the purring cats rubbing against my small-ish body. Even my short, dirty-blond hair, which is in a tight upper ponytail, is noticeably shaking. I walk through without trouble, most of them know to get out of my path and the rest learn pretty quickly. I pour the cat food into the bowl and mix in some candy and sugar, but only so much as I don't want them getting sick. The bowls I feed them with aren't exactly even bowls, they're more like short, wide crates without lids.

The youngest cats instantly rush to the feeding area, while the older ones wait for them to get done eating. The food-crates are so big and full, that the smaller cats can walk into the middle without sinking in or anything so they can eat from the center. The younger cats don't get sick from the candy, but they can't help with the breeding process, they're too small. "Hey, kitty kitty, come over here, the food's better." I say to an adult female who doesn't look pregnant. The reason I need to know if the females are pregnant is because if they have candy the babies inside could get sick, and the eggs for the Unicorns and Pegasi don't work right and create weird, vicious, towering beasts, which I have to exterminate by myself because none of the swat teams can ever get here in time.

I hear a weird coughing, and sprint to the paper towels. They're a bit elevated, and me being 4′9 it's a little bit challenging to reach by just raising my hand, so I leap into the air and make the most frantic grab possible. I get a few towels, run towards the coughing, and set them down in front of a cat having a hairball. "Come on, you had me worried there" I say, because I didn't really prefer to give the cat a bath right now, and if it did upchuck on the floor, other cats might step in it and I would have to buy a whole lot of shampoo for them.

The reason I have so many different breeds of cat, is because the breed of cat determines the attributes, chemical makeup, and behaviour of the Unicorns or pegasi. The people who want them are usually kinda picky, so I have to genetically modify them a whole lot. It's kinda challenging, because I have to single out breeds that I don't want,and with all the cats I have to check, I usually miss things and end up having breeds nobody wants in a specific season.

I step out of the barn, and walk into a special shed I have that's connected to my house, press my left hand against the sensor just slightly, and hear a small dinging sound emit from somewhere beside the door. It opens, and I carefully step in. This shed is here so I don't have to get cat hair all over my house, and I can just step in,take my clothes off, shower, and get dressed again, all while doing the laundry and letting a special fan thingy blow all the cat hair into a bag, so I don't have to clean the floor, either.

I remove my clothes and toss them into the small, light-silvery colored washer-and-dryer duo and hop into the shower, making sure to only use cold water because I've already taken a shower today and I'm not too keen on ruining my skin. After about five to ten minutes, I step out, and water drips from my hair and forehead into my eyes, which I instinctively wipe away and grab a towel. I bend over, dry my hair a little, and wrap it in a little tower-mountain. I remember that when I was little, my brother, Josh, tried to pull it off and was pretty astounded when I yelped in pain.

"OWWW are you crazy!?"

"I didn't know your hair was in there!"

"Well, now you do, and if you ever do that again I'll hurt you twice as bad."


My reminiscing was cut short, however, the sound of a car pulling into the drive flooded in through the one-way glass window. I quickly finish drying myself and putting my clothes on, and I dash out to the yard, glancing around every few seconds at the cats just pouncing around. I see a car in the driveway, and as I approach, I wonder out loud.

"Is that Anthony?"

"Ding ding ding," I hear, and recognise the voice almost instantly, a smile growing on my face, "we have a winner!"

"Anthony!!" I scream, I know I'm overreacting but I just don't care. Anthony is and always has been one of my best friends. I haven't seen him in almost two months and I miss him so badly. I run up and jump on him, holding him in a tight hug. We've been official for almost two years now, I think, but then it hits me. "It's our two year anniversary, isn't it?"

"How'd you know?" he sarcastically asks, and we both laugh really hard. His parents don't approve, so we have been pretending that he hates me for the past year and a half. Whenever he comes over and his parents ask why he isn't at his apartment, he always tells them he's at his buddy Caleb's.

"Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! What do you want to do?" I ask, happy and excited that he actually came over. I know that he's not going to miss out on this, but I'm still just really grateful to have him with me.

"I was thinking..." He trails off, looks down at his feet, his face goes red, and he jumps into action, blindfolding me and tossing me into the backseat of his car.

"What are you doing?!"

"Taking you somewhere, and It's a surprise."


"What's wrong?"

"You didn't exactly have to blindfold me, I don't leave the house very often so it's not like I recognize everything."

"Good point." he says, then un-blindfolds me. He doesn't tug or pull or grab my hair or anything, and from the day we met, he never has. That's why we're so close. I know he'd never deliberately hurt me.

"Can I sit in the front?" I ask, hoping he'll say yes even though there's no reason he wouldn't.

"Sure, why not?"

"Thanks!" I say, red faced. I'm always blushing around him, he rarely asks why and when he does I just look him in the eyes, really hard, and say, "Because you're cute and perfect and I like you," or something like that. It's not really that good of an excuse but honestly, that's the only reason I can ever think of.

I slide out of the backseat, close the door, open the front passenger side door, and hop in within seconds.

"So, Um.. How's work?" He says, not really sure if he should consider it that. It is technically work, but I don't think of it like that. I think of it as "having fun with kitties, while making a living" or something. I tell him that work is pretty okay lately, and he looks at me, right in the eye. I feel torn between telling him to watch the road and grabbing his free hand, which is holding the area right above his right knee.

"Hey, do you think maybe you could, umm, not stare at me when you're driving?"

"Oh, sorry,"

"It's okay, just please pay attention to the road. I don't exactly want to die today, you know."

"I know," he says, half laughing, half speaking. I really like it when he does that, his voice is just so perfect. The smile on his face is immeasurably handsome, cute, and every other word that would describe something which can make a girl squeal in awe and delight.

"You better!" We're laughing together now, and he's trying really hard to concentrate on the road, but it looks a bit hard because he's basically hysterical. The wind blowing through the now open windows blows my hair in my face and onto the headrest on the seat, and it really tickles, so I brush it out of my face. He glances over, and looks at me like he's wondering about something, then looks away as his face turns slightly red.

We get a little silent, and I stare out at the sky, fields, and trees, and how we used to play together in fields and stuff, when we were teenagers. I'm really thankful, because when my parents were kids, deforestation was a large issue and litter was everywhere, or so I've been told. It couldn't have been true though, earth is so beautiful now. There are only a handful of real cities, L.A., Toronto, Japan, Sydney, Cincinnati, Chicago, and London. They're all in these giant, clear domes that are made of some really strong material, which we learned about in high school but it's been a few years and I rarely remember the name. We're nearing L.A. now, The buildings and skyscrapers and lights protruding from the horizon, and the astoundingly beautiful sunset shining through the open windows of the car and creating a long, dark shadow on the opposite side.

"What's so enticing that you stare at it more than you do me?" asks Anthony jokingly, picking on me for staring off and daydreaming.

"Everything divided by infinity" I reply, barely understanding what I said, but hoping he'll consider it as an insult. He looks at me, squints, and raises one eyebrow questioningly.

"But that's-" he stutters, hurt, and I lean over and whisper into his ear.

"I know."

"Okay," He says, quietly, "I'm going to forget t-." He says, but starts mumbling mid-sentence, so I don't completely understand his sentence.

"Forget what?′ I ask, interrogating him.


"Tell me," I yell, "now!"

"None of your business!"

"But I'm your girlfriend!"

After that, he doesn't reply. I can tell he want so badly to, but he doesn't. I don't want to make him do anything, but I want to know whatever he's hiding from me. I have to know!

"Hey, Lilian?" He asks, quietly, as we're entering the small, roundish entrance to L.A. "Do you think you could put that blindfold on now? I want this to be a surprise."

"Umm, okay, but don't pull anything funny, got it?"

"I won't, I swear on my gray sweatpants." He says, and I pull the large, navy blue blindfold over my eyes, around my head, and tie it in the back.

"Don't peek, please." He says quietly, as I'm finishing tying it on.

"I won't, I promise." I reply, being completely honest. I trust that he won't push me into a public pool or anything, he knows I hate those.

I hear a door open to my left, and it closes, then to my right, and I'm slowly guided out of the car. We walk for a few feet, maybe thirty at the most. We walk through a door and I accidentally bump it with my elbow and thigh, then we step onto a rubbery surface elevated about an inch.

"Hello, do you have reservations?" I hear a female voice say over the speaker to my right.

"Yes, Braydenheighm, If you have a place for us."

"We do," assured the voice, "Come right through this door and you will be seated."

"Why thank you!" Anthony says, enthusiastically. "Hey, Lillian? You can take off the blindfold now, you know."

"Finally!" I half say, half breathe. I take the blindfold off, and look at my surroundings, and my jaw drops. "Anthony! I can't believe you! Why didn't you tell me!" I shout, and people stare.

"Shhhhhhhh Lilian! We can't yell in here!" Warns Anthony. I know, I'm just so surprised, which is extremely obvious.

"Fine." I say, pretending to be upset. An astoundingly beautiful lady walks up, wearing a pink shirt with a collar and long, tight blue-jeans.

"Hello! Your name is Anthony, isn't it?

"Yes ma'am."

"Your table is over here." She announces, leaning on one leg and pointing with a hand towards a table for two. We walk over, and a waitress with a revealing V-neck shirt and black skirt that went right below her knees.

"What would you like?" She asks, politely, and if I didn't know better, as I was a waitress in my teen years, I would think that that beautiful, closed-mouth smile was real. She's faking, though, I know that for sure.

"We're not sure yet, but could you maybe get us some drinks?"

"Yes, what would you like?′ she asks Anthony, glancing at me enviously every few seconds, her bright, blue-gray eyes seemingly burning a hole in between mine, It almost scares me.

"I think we would appreciate it greatly if you could get us a Dr.Pepper and, ummm," He glances at me, and we meet eyes for a short while, "and a Sprite, please and thank you." He knew exactly what I wanted, mostly because I get a sprite wherever we go.

"Anything else?"

"No ma'am"

"Okay, be with you in a few minutes, Cutie!" The word cutie was definitely directed at Anthony, I think, angrily. She is so in for it. Against my better judgement, I swear at her under my breath as she sashays off in the direction of the kitchen.

After a few moments, the lady comes back, sets our drinks down, and when she sets mine down she very obviously tries to get it to spill on my outfit. I look different from this morning though, because I have less worn clothes in the shed to wear when I get out of the shower, so I don't look like a complete mess if I go somewhere.

"Ma'am, may I talk to you for a moment?" I say, not a hint of anger in my voice but Anthony and the girl both look at me, surprised.

"Umm, sure," she says, "But don't keep me for too long, I, unlike you, have an important job to do."

I stand up and we walk halfway across the restaurant, and I look her in the eye, glaring without blinking and hoping to god that I've intimidated her, but she doesn't seem to be startled whatsoever.

"Okay, time to stop staring at me like a mentally disabled pidgeon and tell me what the heck you want," she says, ruthlessly. I can tell my face has gone red, but I try to keep my cool.

"Only if you stop flirting with my boyfriend like a just-into puberty twelve year old girl, it's really immature," I say, struggling to hide the smug look on my face.

"I can have you out of here in five seconds flat if you talk to me like that!"

"If you try, I'll tell your mommy all about it, little girl."


"Roasted," a boy sitting near us mumbles under his breath, and a giggle escapes my throat. I glance at him, smile, and walk around the woman towards the table I'm seated at, high-fiving the adolescent boy as I walk past. I sit down across from Anthony again and smile weakly as my vision blurs, I know it's childish of me but I'm about to cry.

"Lillian, are you okay?" asks Anthony quickly, standing up and walking over beside me. He brushes my hair out of my face and runs his fingers slowly through it, because he knows that it gets my attention really easily. "What happened over there?"

"W-we got in a small argument, n-no biggie," I state, trembling. I don't know why I'm making such a big deal about this but for a woman to despise you and insult you at the first chance she gets, all while not even knowing your first name is kinda upsetting.

"Small argument?" I recognise a voice behind me, "That brat called me a child!"

"You called me a mentally disabled pidgeon," I say, trying to defend myself and sound tough but I probably just sound like a kitten who can't jump high enough to get the string hanging from someone's shirt.

"She called you what?" Anthony replies, confused, "how does that even make sense?" He says, while standing up to assert dominance over the woman, but not hurt her or anything. "Nobody calls my girlfriend names except me, got it? I can get you fired in a second if I want to and you know it. Now, back off," he says as I stare, amazed. He's the only person who's ever defended me to my knowledge, and every time he does he does it in a way that scares off anyone who weren't treating me properly. The girl walks off angrily, probably to go ask her manager to kick us out or something, but I hope she's just asking to put another waitress in her place so she doesn't have to look at me.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Wanna get something to eat now?"

"Yes please, but can I take a look at the menu first?"

"Well duh."

"Okay, thank you."

We look at the menu, which is a polished black leather and has a beautiful design on the front cover. I instantly look to the kids section of it, because it usually costs less and honestly, I like Macaroni and Cheese and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets a little bit too much.

"You know what you want?" Anthony asks, obviously really hungry, he's almost shaking.


A waitress walks over, and I'm glad it's not that other girl.

"Do you two know what you want?"

"Yes we do," Anthony says, trying to hide how hungry he is.

"Would you like to order?"

"Yes please."

"Well, what would you like, sir?"

"I think I'll have the fried catfish, a plate of deviled eggs, and a salad," he says, because we're adults and we're supposed to love that stuff. Well, supposed to. I don't.

"What about you?"

"I'll have the chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, chocolate milk, and a small bag of gummy bears!" I say, confidently. I know it's for the little kids, but I'm a little kid inside and I like chicken nuggets.

"Umm, okay! Is that all?"

"Yes ma'am."

The waitress leaves and he looks at me weirdly.

"Why do you always get the kids stuff?"

"Because I like it, that's why."

"Oh, okay,"

A few minutes of us glancing up at each other, being caught, blushing, and looking back down later, the waitress brings us our food. I don't know about Anthony, but I'm happy with what I got, minus one thing.

"Hey, Anthony?"

"Yeah, Lily?"

"Can I have a deviled egg? I'll give you two chicken nuggets for it," I say, he'll probably say no but I have to at least try.

"I guess,"

"Yaaayyyyy," I say, slowly but happily, not the least bit sarcastic, and we start laughing as we trade off the chicken nuggets and deviled egg.

We start eating, and he's staring at me while I pretend not to notice. He would usually be concentrated on his food, though, and the feeling of those warm, detail-filled eyes is making me get the butterflies. I realize I'm holding my breath, and try not to sigh too loudly when I let it go.

I want so badly just to ask why he's staring, but I don't. He stands up, walks over next to me, and before I can ask what he's doing, he gets down on one knee and pulls something out of his pants pocket.

"Lillian Carter, will you," He says, and pauses, then finishes his sentence, "will you marry me?"

I stare in awe, disbelief, and shock, as he pulls a ring out of his pocket, and right as I'm about to reply, I quickly become light headed and everything goes black.


I open my eyes to a dark room, and feel a cold ice pack on my forehead and a blue and lavender quilt tucked neatly in around and over me. What happened earlier flashes right before my eyes as I remember everything. The drama between the girl and I, how Anthony was staring at me, then it hits me smack dab in the forehead. He proposed to me, and I got so excited and happy and nervous and so many other feelings at once that I fainted! I sit up, and the ice pack falls into my lap, causing me to shiver. The bed creaks and I hear a soft thumping of footsteps and see anthony in his gray sweatpants and a white muscle shirt.

"Hey Lily are you okay? How do you feel?"

"I feel pretty okay," I say quietly, "But can I have a drink? My throats kinda dry and scratchy."

"Of course!"


He walks out of the room, I hear the faucet for a few seconds and the sound of a cup filling with water, then I hear either the fridge or the freezer, probably the freezer, open and the cracking of ice. After a few seconds and more shuffling and things he walks back in the room carefully holding a cup, and I can tell the water is cold because there's water droplets condensing at the sides.

"Thank you," I say, and I raise the cup to my lips. When I'm done drinking, I put the cup on the small, wooden bedside table, making sure not to spill any water on my books. Anthony leans down to hug me, and his arms just feel so soft and warm so I get sleepy.

"Hey Lily," he says slowly as he pulls away, "about earlier, when I asked, you fainted before you could answer, so is it a yes or a no?"

"It's a y-," I'm interrupted by a shrill roar, scratchy and demonic. I recognize it slightly, and a lump forms in my throat so that I can barely speak.

"What was that?"

"Come with me," I urgently order. I hope it barks harder than it bites, literally.

We dash from my bedroom and through the hall towards the staircase, and I almost trip along the way. My hallway is narrow, so Anthony is behind me asking what the heck is happening and what that noise was.

"Anthony I need you to stay inside," I order, "because there might be a little bit of violence happening and stuff, but I do need your help. Once I get outside, you have to dial the first number on that list right there." I instruct him while pointing towards a piece of paper taped to my wall next to the phone, that has a bunch of phone numbers on it, and the one I'm referring to says 'Swat Team, only use when in serious danger' on it.

"What I need you to immediately say, is that Lillian Carter's residence has a code One-One-Nine-Six situation at hand and needs assistance as soon as possible. Got it?"

"As much of it as I can," He replies, and I can see the fear and confusion in his eyes, along with his pupils constricting. I hear my heartbeat in my head and I hug him, telling him that this is life and death and that he better stay inside.

Bye, Lillian, I lo-," he says, but I don't hear him finish because I'm already sprinting towards the shed that's at the side of the house, the one that I usually come into the house from.

I open the door and immediately state a sentence in the flattest, calmest voice I can muster, hoping the mic catches it despite the ruckus outside, which is mostly just the sounds of snapping wood and shrieking cats, along with an inhuman grunt, or growl every twenty seconds or so.

"Code One-One-Nine-Six! Open the vaults Immediately!" I watch the shower door close and open again, now with an open vault inside instead of a shower. There are swords of many shapes and sizes inside, and I grab a Katana, a Falchion, a Scimitar, and a Chinese Dao, being careful not to cut myself with the sharp blades as I pull them off of the rack. I haven't used these in about a year and a half, so I don't remember how strong and light each of them are respectively or how to hold them in the most efficient manner. I put the swords down for a moment, quickly slide on a light, special edition chestplate, shoulderplates, a helmet and some leggings, all made of thin, but strong metals that are definitely not easily permeable. I pick the swords back up and rush outside, only to stop dead in my tracks as I finally gaze upon what I'm up against.

I obviously missed a pregnant cat, I should've checked more thoroughly, I think. Now I have a definite chance of death and so does Anthony if that thing gets inside the house. But it won't! I can't let that thing hurt him, and if it tries it'll have to get past me first!

It sniffs the air and you can see its nose twitch while it's doing so. It looks at me with its reddish-pink eyes and I see its face, which is morbidly deformed. It has two eyes, but there's almost a third one, I can tell because there's a line right above its left eye that has a small hole in it and a moving black and red part inside. The mouth opens in two places, one in the front and one where the right cheek is supposed to be, the sharp, new teeth are already chipping, and I finally see why.

The cats were whining earlier and screeching because it was eating them.

My body is filled with more adrenaline than ever before as it rushes towards me, and I spring into action. I sprint away from the house, away from the recently-damaged barn, and away from any animal or creature that could get hurt besides old Mr.Horsie-Cat over here, and pull the Katana and the Scimitar from the scabbards on my right and left sides, I have two for each side so they were both in the front.

I can feel my heart racing and my armor bouncing as I wait for it to get near me again, which only takes a few seconds because it's about eleven feet tall and completely bloodthirsty. As it gets closer, almost close enough to touch with my longsword that I left in the shed, I dive out of the way and watch it slip across the wet grass. As it slides, because it is less than a day old, it's still clumsy, so I have a chance, I run behind it and slash along its back, and the wound starts bleeding right away, orangey-green blood gushing out of the gaping cut. It emits a window-shattering screech and it turns to face me.

"Lillian! No!" I hear, and turn around, but before I could tell Anthony to leave, or even get a good look at him, I'm hit directly in the chest with a large, furry paw at full force, knocking me backwards onto the grass. The creature walks up to me so that we're face to face, and breathes in my scent, like I'm it's favorite holiday meal. It puts its paw on my chest, and its claws extend from the paw, making small incisions in my collarbone. I cry out in pain, and right before the creature is about to bite me, a shiny, silver thing flashes above me and slashes a mark right through the left cheek, chipping multiple teeth and cutting the tongue off in the process.

"Lillian, get up! Run! Get out of here! The swat team will be here soon, I can handle it!"

"Sorry to burst your bubble, but the swat team usually takes an hour to get here. We have to fight it on our own. Well, I do. You have to go back to the house."

"You're not my mom! I don't want you to get hurt just like you don't want me to. We might as well fight together. Remember? We made a promise."

"Oh, right. Well, Okay," I say, getting ready to charge at the monster, "life, death, and love?"

"Life, death, and love," he replies.. We meet eyes once more and run towards the still half dazed creature, making gashes in its body with our swords, but they're not as big as the first one I made. Once we're sure it's gone limp, we stop.

"That was sooooo," he says, but is interrupted halfway. The creature stands up and throws him to the side, ferociously clawing into his chest while doing so. He lands about ten feet away, gasping for breath and moaning in pain. I can see, even from where I'm standing, that he's starting to cry, his eyes becoming watery and shiny wet spots forming near his tear ducts. He lays down and goes limp, probably from shock and how much that had to hurt. I run over, and notice he's already covered in dirt and there are large, blue-violetish bruises strewn around the visible parts of his body.

"Anthony, are you okay?"

"On the count of now, roll to your left!" He says, and I do as he says, swinging my now unsheathed Falchion, which is the only weapon I have in my hands now because I put my other swords back in the sheaths. It comes in contact with flesh and slides right through it, I must've done a good job sharpening it last time I did. I look to where the damage was done and there's a giant laceration right across its lower belly, blood and chunks of who-knows-what dripping and falling out of it onto the ground. I watch as the creature falls to the ground, and I insert the sword back into the wound, slicing deeper and deeper into the organs and flesh, causing it to curl up in agony and scream demonically.

Wait, this thing is only a baby, I realize. I'm hurting a baby. A horrible, carnivorous, bloodthirsty, murderous one, but a baby all the same. I stop dead in my tracks and pull the sword out from its gut regretfully. Maybe I should put it out of its misery, these creatures only live for a few months before they either die from side effects of the mutations, starve, die from their own weight and size, or are killed by someone else, usually the swat team. I may have to kill it.

Kill it already! I think, but I can't do it. I physically cannot move my hand up to slit its throat while it's vulnerable or anything. I hear metal scraping together behind me and I turn to see Anthony walking around me, up to the creature.

"Wait, Anthony, what are you doing?"


Anthony beds down by the creature, which is whimpering and looking at me, begging, as if it want something. He drops his swords by his sides and speaks.

"I cannot kill you, it is against my philosophy and morals." he looks up at me, then back down at the quivering monster. "I can, however, assure you of your death to come and wish you luck in the afterlife, Reincarnation, or whatever else could happen following your passing." He looks up at me, stands up, glances downward once again, and tells me to proceed with whatever I had in mind.

"I cannot say the same, but I can tell you that your fate will be remembered and you will be mourned. Good luck," I say, following along with giving respects to the creature in its last moments.

I walk to the side of the creature's head and neck, facing towards it, raise my weapon to the sky, and I'm not sure I'd like to think about what happens next.

About fifteen to twenty minutes later, the swat team arrives and tells me that I did a nice job fighting this one, and that it's still fit for some testing regarding the brain and such, but the organs are too mutilated to observe below the lowest area of the ribcage.

"Nice one, Carter. We greatly appreciate that you handled this before we got here, we need as much ammo as we can save up."

"Thank you! Why exactly do you need so much ammo, if you could spare a minute to inform me? I'm very curious."

"We have a new mission called Operation S-286, and we may need to use many firearms. You see, Operation S. stands for Operation Saucer, which is, if you couldn't already tell, concerning extraterrestrial life forms, and we have a few unsettled matters to deal with between us. The only reason I'm allowed to tell you, is because you've been working with us for a pretty long time, and we were wondering if you would like to fight a small battle with us. We're running low on troops anyway, so it would be our pleasure."

"I think it'd be an exhilarating experience, I'm in!" I say, excitedly. "But who'll take care of the cats while I'm gone?"

"I can!" Anthony says. "That is, if you trust me with the responsibility."

"It's settled."

After a bit of a longer conversation between the man, who's name is commander Dario C. Elyzach, and carrying a body bag with you-know-who's corpse inside, we hear a small, high pitched roar coming from the barn. We run over, thinking there's something wrong with the cats, but we see something completely different.

"Oh my gosh it's so cute!" I yell, staring at the two small animals playing together. The scene is a small, fluffy kitten playing with one of the "Creatures", but this one is definitely different. Instead of having a deformed face and wings that are halfway in its back this one is completely healthy and doesn't seem bloodthirsty or monstrous at all. It's not fighting or causing any actual pain to any of its small, fluffy playmates. It's also fluffy, and looks exactly like what a cross between a Unicorn, Pegasus, and cat would look like, a lion but with a horse's tail, wings, three horns making a line up its forehead, and an omnivorous diet, I assume.

It doesn't act like it would grow as fast when it eats as the other encounters I've had, but it does look like it could get to the same size if fed and treated right, along with a lot of exercise.

"What is that adorable little thing and can I have it?!" Asks Anthony excitedly. I look towards commander E., and he nods in agreement.

"As long as you send us monthly progress reports on behaviour, height, weight, eating habits, all the usual." He looks down at the thing, crouches, picks it up, and pets it on the back of its ear, and it purrs.

"So we can keep it? What will we name it?"

"It's not an it, it's a she," commander E. corrects, "and you should ask Carter, she's technically its Guardian."

"Well, Lily, what do we name it?"

"I say," I look around the room, and my face lights up, "FLuffee Alynna Crogal Carter."

"That's a mouthful."

"I know, that's why I like it, because I like long names." I say while motioning commander E. to pass me the little thing. "Hey, FLuffee. How are you feeling, my little baby?" I ask, and am met with the cutest little attempt at being fearsome I have ever seen.


"Oh no, what a scary lion baby! It's gonna eat my head!" I say, and FLuffee looks satisfied.

The swat team is leaving, so we walk back in the house carrying FLuffee in my arms. I sit down on my bed with her, and Anthony sits beside me.

"So, for the third time in the past twelve hours, is it a yes, or a no?" He asks, once again.


He hugs me tightly, and I utter two final words before drifting off in his warm, soft arms.

"Thanks, Anthony."

Cover Bit 2

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