You probably believe that Unicorns, Pegasi, Extra-Terrestrials, Skinwalkers, Dragons, and many more are merely figments of an overactive imagination, but Lillian Carter would dare argue at the first chance she gets. She's fought all of them, and though she claims they're strong, she's evidently stronger and tougher. With the occasional help of her Fiance and pet, she fights creature after creature, and though she is afraid at points, she stays resilient in nature. Her story isn't even one in a million, it's more like one in 16.4 billion, due to recent overpopulation on now colonized planets which are light-months away. Curl up in some fluffy blankets, sip out of a smooth mug and breathe in the aroma of your favorite hot beverage, and make sure your reading will be uninterrupted!

Le Coolness