Magic is nothing but a fairytale. Finnegan Lynch was sure of it. Finally escaping the jaws of his father Finnegan sets his sights on a crew. Still, he cannot keep his curiosity from churning when a mysterious cargo loader tells him the myth of the Lunar Pearl. Sela Burkhart, a girl yearning for the facts following her mother's disappearance, teams up with the pirate under the name Johnathan Swany and dressed as a boy. It is her quick wit and determination that keeps Finnegan's crew afloat, but when she starts recollecting memories of a past she is sure never existed, she has to stay on her toes when two new crew members join. As their journy continues they must learn that survival is more than just fleeing from Crowns, and they must accept the new world unraviling before them.

Magic Pirate Sea Ocean Siren Murmaid Witch Love Bookseries