Bit 2 Anime Street pt. 1 (cont.)

Later that day, the rest of the gang were out by Chavo's barrel packing up his toys and knickknacks. While Chavo was gathering his things, Davis and Jake helped him get his suitcase ready. Pajama Sam and TK grabbed one of his toys. “Chavo," Sam said. “Where do you want the letter X at?" “And the number 8?" TK asked. “Put them in the toy box." Chavo replied. Sam and TK did just that. “That's right, everything should be in the toy box." Lita said as she and Megan closed the lid. “So it'll be safe and it won't blow away." Megan added.  “Well, I guess your home is about as ready for the hurricane as we can get now, Chavo." Davis smiled. “Okay. Thanks everybody." Chavo smiled back. “You're welcome." They all said. “So what'll we do now?" TK asked. “Now we should go home and stay inside where it's safe." Replied Lita. Everyone chattered in agreement. “You mean it's time for the hurricane?!" Steven asked in fright. “Steven, it's okay." Megan said. “I promise. C'mon, I'll walk you home."  “And I'll walk Sam and TK." Lita said as they took the kids home. Everyone said their goodbyes. "I'm gonna check on Patamon and make sure he's okay!" TK said, determined to protect his friend from the hurricane. "Good idea." Lita said as she and the boys walked along."See ya!" Chavo shouted. "See ya after the hurricane!!" Davis shot back. "See ya soon!" Smiled Jake. 

"Thanks for helping me with my barrel Jake." Chavo smiled. "You too Davis." "Sure." They both said. "I better climb inside an--" Chavo said as he was just about to climb into his barrel...that is until he was stopped. “W-wait! Chavo you can't stay here!!" Davis told him. "Why not Davis? ” Chavo asked. “Because your barrel's outside and it'll be much too windy and rainy out here to be safe!" Davis explained. "Davis is right, you have to come inside with us." Jake added. "But who's gonna take care of my barrel if I'm not here?!" Chavo asked sadly. "This is my home!!" "We'll keep an eye on it through the window, Chavo." Jake said. "Right now we really have to get inside!" Davis shouted. "The hurricane's almost here!!" "But wait a minute!" Chavo shouts. "I forgot my toothbrush." "We already packed it for you." Jake said. "I can't go without Willis." Chavo said as he took his stuffed dog. Jake asked if he was all set until, "Wait!!" Chavo shouts. "I forgot my picture of Patty." Jake explained that he put it in his suitcase. "I guess I'm about ready to go...bye barrel....see you tomorrow...I hope...." Chavo said sadly. After Chavo, Jake, and Davis left the lot, Chavo and his toys and knickknacks were safe and sound. As for Davis, he had to help one more person get inside.

Meanwhile, the wind was becoming stronger. So stronger that two squirltes had to go inside the apartment close by.  Davis and Ken were getting ready to get Impmon wasn't easy...”Blow winds, come rain!” Impmon said, ecstatically. “Litter Anime Street with wet, smelly trash.” Davis and Ken were annoyed. “IMPMON! WOULD YOU PLEASE LISTEN TO US?!!!” Davis shouted angrily. “The hurricane is almost here!!” Ken shouted. “Aw, scram!” Impmon smiled. “I LOOOOVE this!!” “Impmon, we gotta get you inside. To my apartment!” Ken told him. “Why?” Impmon asked. “Because it's not safe out here Impmon!!” Davis explained. “The wind could come along a-and just blow your can away!” Impmon just rolled his eyes. Suddenly an elephant trumpeted from Impmon's trashcan. “Hey Fluffy,” Impmon said. “Whadya mean you wanna go up to Ken's?! Why it's a beautiful storm out here! Look at all the trash blowin' around.” The elephant trumpeted again. All of a sudden, a purple digimouse named Chuumon climbed out of the can. “Chuumon?! Hey get back in the trashcan!” Impmon shouted. “There's a hurricane out here.” 

All of a sudden, Chuumon almost got blown away, until Davis grabbed him and placed him back into the can. “I wanna go to Ken's!” Chuumon said to Impmon. “What, Chuumon?” he said. “YOU WANNA GO UP TO KEN'S APARTMENT TOO?!” “Yeah right now!” Chuumon told him. “Ya see Impmon?!” Davis asked. “C'mon, let's go Impmon!” Ken said. “Let's go Impmon!” Chuumon repeated."Yeah! LET'S GO!!" Davis said. “Okay, okay!” Said Impmon reluctantly. “C'mon back in the can Chuumon. Hurricane's no place for a digimon...” Suddenly, the trashcan lid closed shut. Both Davis and Ken grabbed each side of the can. "Okay Ken, get ready to lift!" Davis told him. "Brace yourselves!" Ken shot back. It was hard for them to carry it to Ken's apartment due to the can being big on the inside. “HEY CAREFUL NOW GOGGLEHEAD!!” Impmon shouted. “DON'T TIP OVER THE ELEPHANT!! BE CAREFUL!!! I GOT VALUABLE MUD IN HERE!!!” As the boys carried the can to Ken's, which was in the apartment close by, there was noise and commotion inside the can.  "HANG TIGHT DAVIS, WE'RE ALMOST THERE!" Ken shouted. "I'M TRYIN'!" Davis shot back. From that time on, everyone on Anime Street were inside safe and sound...and that meant EVERYBODY!


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