I video chatted him when I got home, and from the redness in his eyes, I could tell he had been crying before.

"Hey baby." I say pushing my headphones into my ears. Staring at his handsome face on the screen.

"Hi." he says shortly, as he lays there in bed, staring at the ceiling instead of looking at me. We start talking about the past, mainly just me talking about mine, him just laying there listening. Actually listening, until he falls asleep. I watch him, his face finally relaxed, staring at his large lips, his dark eyelashes, and his high cheek bones. Until I myself fall asleep...

Waking up, I look up to see myself in the computer screen. The call disconnected, I yawn and stretch frowning. Everything from the last two days, slapping me in the face like a freight train. I look down at my phone, texting him good morning.

I get ready for school, and by 7:30 I still hadn't heard back from him. Worried they already picked him up, I couldn't eat, or concentrate on anything at school. Walking around in a daze, crying off and on, as the realization hit me that my boyfriend was going to jail. Again. 

I stare at the wall in class, my mind going crazy, the rest of me, numb. 

"Haley?" My head snaps up, to the sound of the voice of the teacher. She's knelled beside my chair. 

"Ye-yes?" I ask, my anxiety making it slightly harder to breathe as all the teachers attention is on me.

"Are you ok? You aren't normally all spacey during class.." she says, laying her hand on my shoulder.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just, um, got a lot on my mind." I manage a small, meek smile, straightening in my seat.

"Ok, but if you need to talk to someone, I'm hear after school." Mrs. Falliot says, standing up, and we both cringe as her knees crack. "I'm getting old." she says, chuckling slightly as she returns to teaching class. And I take it as a free pass to just lay my head down and cry, silently into my arms.


My phone buzzes in my pocket, startling me from the slight nap I had just taken in Mrs. Falliot's class. Surprisingly she hadn't woken me up. I quickly fumble for my phone in my pocket, my hands shaking as I pull it out.

"Hey baby. Sorry I just woke up. And my phone was dead. It died in the night during our video chat."

I sigh, smiling to myself. But then look at the clock in surprise, as I realize it's almost noon. Ryan never sleeps past 8, he can never seem to stay asleep that long. Even though he never falls asleep til about 3 in the morning. He has slight insomnia. I smile, realizing he fell asleep earlier than normal, listening to me talk. Which with anyone else would've been an insult. But with Ryan it was a compliment, it means he trusts me. And I make him stop thinking about his past so that he can sleep.

"Hey I was worried, you never sleep this long."

I shove my phone in my pocket as the bell rings, and I quickly pack up my things and run out the door. Heading towards the lunch room, ignoring the push and pull of the other students in the hallway. I just push through and get to my table. 

"Yeah, I was surprised too. But hey my PO is here, I'll text you later. Love you."

My face warms and I smile softly to myself, I quickly send a "I love you too" back and head to the lunch line to grab some food.

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