I watch him as he struggles to eat, knowing his stomach is turning from within, on the verge of everything he just ate coming right back up. I rub his back, barely touching my food, despite his urging to finish. 

I look up to see mom giving me a worried look, causing tears to spring to my eyes for about the sixth time that night. I just give her a small shake of the head, telling her I'll tell her later. 

He nudges my side and I look over at him, his hand covered in blood, blood trickling out of his nose. "I'm stressed now..." he says quietly. "When I get bloody noses, it means I'm overly stressed." I immediately stand up getting a tissue for his nose, mom looking over even more concerned as she spots the blood.

As I get back, I start rubbing his neck and shoulders, feeling tense muscles and knots under my fingertips. He sighs loosing up his muscles, I smile as I see his face relax slightly. His eyes fluttering shut as he lets his head hang down as I massage his shoulders.

We sit there, for over two hours, him just staring at nothing. And I every now and then rubbing his shoulders. And almost constantly running my fingers through his hair.

"Hey," he says interrupting the silence. "I won't cut my hair if you don't." I smile, knowing he planned on getting his hair cut, despite my wishes. But now if I agree not to cut my long, not wanted hair, he won't cut his.

I hurriedly agree, "Deal!" I smile and kiss him gently. He gives me a smile, that for the first time all night reaches his eyes. 

"God you're beautiful." I look down blushing, from his unexpected comment. He gets a a weird look on his face, and stares at the wall.

"Ryan, what's wrong?" I grab his face, urging him to look at me.

"Nothing." He smiles at me, but this one sad. "It's just you're mine, and I can't wrap my head around the fact that you're willing to wait for me. Nobody ever waits for me." 

"Ryan, I'm not nobody, I'm yours." I say, he smiles and hugs me tightly.

"Haley, I think it's time for Ryan to go home, Its already midnight." my mom interrupts our moment. I frown and look at the clock, to confirm that yes it was already past midnight. 

"I guess." I say softly. 

"I'll even give him a ride tonight, I don't like him walking home alone so late." I smile, knowing my mom really liked him. 

"Thanks mom." I smile and get up, grabbing his hand pulling him up as well.

"Yeah, thanks Mrs. Heney." He gives her a tight smile and walks out the door. 

We drive in silence, he continues to run his hands through my hair. Like he'd been doing all night. We pull up in front of his house, and he sighs. Pressing his palms into his eyes, when he pulls them away I see wetness rimming his eyelids. 

He gets out and I get out with him. I stand in front of him, and he wraps his arms around my waist. I lay my head on his chest, hugging his chest tightly.

"Haley Ann, I love you." I look up quickly, searching his face, for a sign he's joking. And all I see is seriousness and sadness.

"I love you too Ryan Mitchell." I get on tiptoes and and kisses him gently. 

"Good." He breathes into my neck. "Will you video chat me tonight? So I'm not alone?" he asks, and I can hear the tears in his voice.

"Of course baby." I watch him walk up to his door and go in, and now I had to tell mom everything.

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