What if Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel's stories all collided? With a twist to each of them individually? Meet Evelyn (Cinderella). She went to the ball hoping to meet the prince. But what happens when the prince doesn't notice her at all? Who finds her glass slipper when she loses it? Meet Sierra (Snow White). When the huntsman lets her go, she's very releived. But what happens when she strays from the path that leads her to the seven dwarves house? What if she never eats the poisoned apple...never meets the prince. What does she find instead? Meet Rylan (Rapunzel). After being locked up in a tower her entire life, she's tired of being alone. What happens when she finds a way to escape the tower on her own? And never gets rescued by the prince?

Princess Fairytale Twist Magic Castle Slipper Kingdom King Queen Stepmother Stepsister Rapunzel Snow White Cinderella Tangled