sky pov

i jump out of bed being woke up from a big bang on the door, i grab my metal bat and slowly walk down stairs and to the front door jumping as the banging comes again, i slowly unlock the door and open it getting ready to swing at someone only to find that it was Jake. "Hey sky can i come in?" he says pushing through me and walking into the livingroom.

" um yea sure" i whisper to myself as i close the door and walk into the living room to see him siting on the couch feet on the table searching through the channels " umm what are you doing here Jake?" i ask him not trying to be mean " well babe we are going to a party tonight" he tells me smirking as i blush looking " a party? i dont know im not the party type" i says shyly still feeling the heat in my cheeks.

"It will be fun come on you never do anything fun you need to get out and let loose" he tries to convince me " but i have to watch Hailey" i tell him thinking of a excuse to make up why i can't go. "i have a wonderful babysitter already planned don't worry about a thing" he says smiling at me " i don't have anything to wear" i say "yess you do don't lie you can just go in shorts and a tank top or something" he replies smirking "fine i will go" i say kinda nervous. " good see you at 8" he says walking out of the house.

I got out of the shower seeing it was already 7 so i have a hour to get ready, i put on a light pink dress with lace covering the top and than is flowing down it comes a little higher than mid-thigh, baby pink high heels, i did a smokey eye and put on baby pink lipstick, and made my hair wavy, once i was dont i saw i still have 10 minutes so i went and made sure Hailey was sleeping and got something to drink.

DINGDONG my doorbell went off i put my water down and went and opened the door to see Jake standing there looking hot, he was wearing black skinny jeans, a tight white tshirt wear i could see his muscles through it, and his black leather jacket, i look up at him to see him staring at me, i blush and look down " you can't wear that" he suddenly said to me" what, why? i thought i looked okay? do i look ugly? i shouldn't have agreed!" i say suddenly upset that he doesn't like how i look, " n-no you look wow i just don't um never mind come on" he says and opens the door open for me, thank you i say stepping outside seeing a girl walk up to me "hi i'm Linda i am Haileys babysitter for tonight" "yes hi i am her sister she is already sleeping so all you got to do is check on her here and there" i say and walk with Jake to his car.

He pulls off and drives down the road blasting music and he starts singing along to the lyrics making me stare at him in amaze " why are you staring at me" he asks me glancing at me " you have a amazing voice you should sing more often" i tell him blushing a bit " thanks, anyway we are here" he replies pulling on the side of the road and parking the car.

we get out and i look up at the house to see.............

Bit 2

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