Jake POV

"Jake wake up" "Wake up" i feel my self being shook, i roll over and hit the person, "WHAT THE FUCK BRO", i sit up and say "What the fuck do you want Ryder?" " get up were going to be late for school", "I'm up I'm up damn" i say as i sit up in bed " now get out of my room Ryder" " you got 30 minute until i leave your ass here" he says as he walks out of my room. I get up out of bed and walk into my closet picking out black skinny jeans, white t-shirt, and a black leather jacket i put them on my bed and walk in to the bathroom and get into the shower.

I wrap a towel around my waist walking into my room, i get dressed into my outfit. I throw on my black boots. I get dressed and grab my key, and jog down the steps into the kitchen hearing the loudness of my friends, chuckle "Look who finally woke up" Ryder says as he sees me. "Yo what's up man?" asks Lucas, "hey man, you losers ready to go yet?" i ask walking out of the kitchen and outside. I hop into my Aston Martin Vanquish, i start my baby, and honk the horn making them run outside and hop into the car, i pull out the driveway blasting some music driving down my street to school.

I pull up to school and park in my parking spot. i turn off the car opening my door and get out as everyone stares at me and my group, i smirk walking with my group to the side of the school lighting up a cigarette, as we smoke our cigarette the bell rings so we make our way into the school " yo man we'll see you later" Ryder says walking away with the rest of the group.

I turn walking down the hallway as i see a group of kids surrounding a girl and boy, so i get nosey and walk a little bit closer. As i get closer i see a boy pushing a girl against a locker yelling at her and about to hit her, " HEY GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER" i yell at him pushing through the crowd "mind your business Adams" says Zack White the jock boy that is pushing her against the locker, once i get to them i pull him off of her and i push him up against the locker on the other side of the hallway " WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" i scream in his face " i'm teaching this FAT BITCH a lesson!" he yells back, " what the FUCK do you mean teaching her a lesson, WHAT DID SHE EVER DO TO YOU??" i scream in his face pushing him up against the lockers harder. " i'm teaching her to never talk back to me and that she is dumb no one likes her" he yells, i punch him in the face " LEAVE HER ALONE OR YOU DEAL WITH ME" I scream as i punch him again " fine man leave me alone" he says walking away with his group of whores, and jocks following him.

I turn to the girl seeing her on the floor leaning against the lockers crying " hey are you okay?" i ask her walking over to her, she looks as tears drip down her face " yea I'm fine thanks you can go now" she whispers to me " what do you mean obviously you're not fine, and in not just going to leave you hear on floor crying" i say back to her as i walk close to her and hold out my hand " hear let me help you up" she looks up at me " come on" i say to her, she grabs my hand as i pull her up " thanks" she says " no problem, why do they bully you anyway?" i ask her, she looks down as tears flood her eyes " umm it's because I'm fat and don't have any friends, they bully me they say that i am fat i need to die and that nobody likes or will ever like me" she whispers as tears fall out of her eyes, i look at her as anger crosses over me " don't worry about what they say okay?", "okay" she whisper looking up at me with a small smile."i got to get to class" she says walking away " hey why don't you sit with me at lunch" i say to her, she looks back at me and yells down the hall way " maybe" she chuckles and disappears into a classroom.




RRRIIIINNNNGGGG the bell rings i look up from my work to see everyone making their way out of the class room. I slowly put my things away debating whether or not i should actually go to lunch and sit with the "bad boys" or go and hide in the bathroom like any other day. After a couple of minutes i decide to actually go and sit with them because i don't want them to start bullying me like everyone else, and maybe i will be able to actually make friends with him or once in my life.

I slowly walk into the lunch room and go in the lunch line and get a chicken wrap with some curly fries and a bottle with water, i pay for my food and walk out of line and look for a table to sit at deciding not to just walk over to his table, as i sit down i hear someone calling me, i turn around and its Jake with his group of friends waving me over to his table, i look around to see if anyone is paying attention and there not so i slowly get up and walk over to his table " hi" i whisper to him looking around slightly intimidated, " hey Sky come on sit down" he pulled me down in a chair " you know my name?" i ask him slightly happy " yea i know your name we were in the same class in 5th grade" " oh really? cool" i say " yea well anyway, this is Lucas he points next to him, this is Ryder he points across from him, this is Damon he points to the boy in front of me, and this is Colton he points to the boy sitting next to me. All the boys are really cute, Lucas has blonde hair and blue eyes with a lip piercing, Ryder has brown hair and beautiful caramel brown eyes, and Colton has striking green eyes and amazing curly brown hair, i blushed looking down whisper "hi" and slightly waving " hey beautiful" Colton says to me. i blush even more " don't worry about him he is a flirt" Lucas tells me, i look up at smile at him "okay" " are you going to eat that?" asks Ryder " leave her alone stop asking her for her food let her eat it" Jake says " actually you can have it I'm not hungry" i say as i slide my tray over to him". "no it's okay you eat your own food" Ryder says sliding the tray back to me "no really i don't want it" i slide it back over to him "no you take it" he says " no you" i say " i will take it" says Colton sliding the tray over to him " hey that was mine" Ryder whines, " so you didn't want i, so i took it". I just shake my head and laugh at them arguing "What's so funny" asks Jake " just them fighting" i say "yea it is pretty funny but you get used to their arguing soon enough" Jake says. i just nod my head " why are you so quiet?" asks Colton ' I'm just not use to hanging out with people" i say looking down. "whys that?" he asks "well i thought you knew that i have no friends and i get bullied" i whisper " how is that possible a beautiful girl like you should have plenty of friends" he tells me, i blush " um no I'm not pretty I'm ugly and i don't have friends cause of my weight" " okay enough flirting you too" Jake butts in looking a little irritated. "umm sorry" i say looking down blushing a little " no it's fine I'm sorry for snapping" Jake apologizes. "no you don't got to apologize it's fine" i say giving him a tiny smile. " so do you want to hand out with us after school today" asks Lucas "actually i can't i got to do something after school" i kindly decline remembering i got to pick up my little sister from daycare "oh okay maybe another time then" he responds looking upset " no it's not that i don't want to, i really am busy after school" i say " no it's okay i get you don't want to hand out with a bunch oh gang members" he replies slightly upset " please don't like like that i would love to and out with you guys but i have to babysit my little sister" i explain fast not wanting to get him upset " oh okay than we will go with you than we can hang out after" Jake butts in " i don't know if that's a good idea she is only one and needs a nap" i reply " so we can hang out at you'r house, it will be fine" Ryder says " fine but we have to be quite she gets cranky if she doesn't get enough sleep". ' ok meet us at the back of the school " Lucas says as the bell rings.



RRRIIIINNNGGGGG the dismissal bell rings, i pack my stuff up and slowly walk down the hallway wondering if i should just leave them or actually go with them, after about five minutes debating i decide to go meet them so i turn around and slowly walk down the hallway and out the back door of the school. As i step out of the school i look around and see them leaning up against a car smoking and joking around.

Ryder looks over at me and says "Hey Sky come on" as he waves me over getting the attention from the rest of the boys. As i walk over there i say " hey guys" " you ready to go" Jake asks " yeah sure lets go" i reply walking over to the door and opening it, we all get in the car with me in the front because i have to show them directions on how to get to the daycare. We pull off and out of the school parking lot on our way to the daycare.

We pull into the day care and i get out of the car "wait here i will be back in a minute" i tell them closing the door and walking into the daycare and to the front desk " hey Sky, you here to pick up Hailey?" "Yeah i am how was she today?" i ask "she was an angel like always" Rachel the daycare lady responds" that's great" i say as i walk into the playroom.

"Hey baby girl" i say as Hailey gets up and runs into my arms, " Skwy" Hailey tries to say my name. "ready to go baby girl? i have some friends i want you to meet" i tell her talking out of the daycare " see ya Rachel" i say a i walk out of the daycare, as i get outside all the guys are leaned up against the car waiting for me, " hey guys meet my baby sister Hailey" i say as she waves to them shyly "where is she going to sit?" i ask them " she can sit in the back with us" Ryder replies. "okay fine but this is the only time" i tell them handing Hailey over to Lucas and getting into the car. Jake pulls out of the daycare and drives to my house as we pull into my driveway as we get out of the car I grab Hailey from Ryder, and walk to the door and unlock it, pushing the door open and walking into the livingroom, putting my bookbag on the floor and Hailey laying on the couch waiting for the boys to come in. " Sky where are you?" the boys ask " in here" I yell to them.

As the boys come in I pick up Hailey "wait here guys I am just putting her to bed and I will be right back" I whisper to them walking up the stairs and into Hailey's bedroom. I give Hailey her stuffed pig and cover her with her blanket, I kiss her forehead "sleep tight baby girl" I say and walk out the room turning out the light and closing the door some.

I walk back into the living room "okay guys what do u want to do?" I ask them sitting on the couch. "we could watch a movie" says Lucas or " we could play truth or dare' say Ryder " or seven minutes in heaven" Colton pitches in " how about a movie that should be fine, right" Jake says " yeah sure what kind of movie" I ask looking at them "it's up to you" they say "okay what about a comedy?" I ask "yeah sure why not" " I go pick out, identity theft then go into the kitchen and get a whole bunch of drinks like pepsi, coke, orange, brisk, ice tea, Snapple, water, monster and a whole bunch of snack like gummy bears/ worms, skittles, m&m, nerds, popcorn, and other stuff on a big tray and carry it into the livingroom." Wow that's a lot of food" they say amazed "yea I didn't know what you guys would want, so I picked it all". I set the tray on the table and they all go and pick out what they want " thanks" they say, I sit on the couch grabbing the remote and pushing play on the movie.

As the credits role I look over to see the guys passed out, I get up and shake Jake " Jake you guys you feel asleep" he groans and sits up " guys get up" he says shaking them, they all groan and sit up. "guys not to kick you out or anything but my mom will be home in a hour or so I trail off. " right we will be going, we had fun today sky maybe we can hang out another time" says Jake, " yeah me too, and sure it will be fun" I reply. "Bye guys" I say as they get in the car and drive off" I close the door and walk into Hailey's room to see her just sitting in her crib playing with her stuffed pig. " hey baby girl" I say walking up to her and taking her out of her crib " hi" see says as she puts he head in my neck, " are you hungry do you want to eat?" I ask and she just shakes her head yes, I put her on my hip and walk into the kitchen preparing some baby food for her, and a turkey sandwich for me, I sit her in her highchair and start feeding her, her dinner.

After dinner I let her play in the living room for a little bit as I clean up the extra stuff we had from the movie. After about 20 minutes I bath her and change her into her pajamas " good night baby girl" I say and kiss her forehead walking out of the room and into my bathroom to shower.

I wash my body and shave everything that needs to be shaved, I turn off the water grabbing a towel and wrapping it around me, I walk out of the bathroom and into my closet picking out some black tights and a big t-shirt, I put my hair in a messy bun and get into bed, I go through my twitter, and Facebook for a little while seeing the mean things people post about me. After a while I put my phone down deciding that it is enough, so than I turn my light out seeing it was 11 already I turn over in bed and fall into a peaceful sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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