Bit 1 Meet The Characters

Hi my name is Sky Walker i am 16 years old, and a junior in River dale high school (idk if that is a real school). I live with my mom, and my little sister who is 1 her name is Hailey. My mother is named Jamie Walker but she is never home because she is always working at the hospital. I am 5'3 and 240 pounds, i have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am bullied on a daily bases, where ever i go i am being bullied. I get bullied the most at school because i can never hide from my bullies. They make fun of my because i am fat and because i am ugly, they call me names like whale, fat ass, lardo, piggy, wide-o, and more and sometimes they hit me. I have to take care of my sister because my mom never has time for us anymore, not since my dad passed away. That is the main reason i gained all my weight and i can't seem to lose it, i got depressed and ate my sorrows away. My little sister was the only thing that actually got me out of depression and she makes everything brighter for me. So this is me so far.


Hey im Jake Adams i am 17, a junior in high school and the bad boy of the school. I have tattoos and lots of muscle, i am in a gang not really by choice. I live with my friends and some of my gang members. My parents are dead, my father was a gang leader and my mother was killed by a rival gang, after that my dad planned to fight and kill them but ended up dead after killing the leader. It was hard at first being a gang leader at young age but i got use to it after awhile. Now people fear me mostly because of rumors some might be true but so be it if you want to believe them. I don't care what people think, and i don't take shit from no one. This is me.

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