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Bit 4 Bit 4 - New Year's Eve

"Why?" she inquired. Heart pounding in my chest. Why what?, Kaylee wondered, that Rob would want me alone? That he'd lie to me?

"I thought maybe... you would want some time with just the two of us. Like things used to be before, you know, we grew up." Rob answered. Kaylee's stomach clenched looking at his soft grey puppy-dog eyes and the uncharacteristic clumsiness in his words.

"Well, yeah..." She admitted. Kaylee could feel the blood well up in her cheeks as her face turned a deeper scarlet. Almost in a trance, she reached out for Rob's hand. He withdrew his hand in confusion, then swiftly suggested they go inside. "Okay, right." Kaylee said, suddenly sobered. Kaylee stepped into the all too familiar house, which now feels empty and foreign. Vulnerably intruding into the unknown, carefully watching her idol for what to expect. Rob strolled over to the couch and motioned in a gentleman-like way for her to sit. And so she did. Rob sat while leaning forward, his hands clasped in the direction of the floor, elbows on knees. His head was turned to the right toward me.

"Do you remember playing cops and robbers?" Rob reminisced, indicating to the rest of the living room. Kaylee sure did. She remembers the light touch of his hand as he led her behind tall leaves of the potted plant that used to be in the corner by the fireplace, to hide from Jimmy. Shhhh, he had whispered, stay here. I'll get him. He sneaked away with his finger guns. They must have been no older than six or seven.

Breaking the nostalgic silence, Rob tickled Kaylee's side. Kaylee instinctively jerked away and her expression twisted into a smirk, hiding her giggles. He now tickled both sides. Kaylee accidentally let out a loud laugh as she scooted herself away to the other side of the couch. Rob crawled after her, prodding her waist. Kaylee tried to tickle back, but was too busy catching her breath. Silence ensued after she realized Rob was over her. His eyes lingered on her face as hers had with his. As he moved closed to her lips, Kaylee's heart somersaulted and she pushed him away. "Sorry," she murmured, "Have to go."

Kaylee avoided looking at him as she slammed the door carelessly behind her, leaving Rob stunned on the couch. Jack Frost nipped at her face, and ice crystals crunched beneath her feet. Hot tears stung her face as she cursed herself at the missed opportunity. She focused on the reflected light off the snow that lit her way home to distract her from her grief.  

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