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Who could that be at this time? Kalee's heart skipped a beat as she turned over again to look at her phone. It was her bestfriend Sam. HOW WAS THE PARTY LAST NIGHT? DID YOU GET ALONE TIME WITH ROB? She was so excited about kaylee getting to see him, kaylee couldnt tell her that it was a complete bust. All he did was act like he doesnt know she likes him. Why else would she wear that skirt and freeze all day.

"It was bad girl. He didnt even notice me. Am i ever gonna get my first kiss?" kaylee replied. Her eyelids and body was still heavy so she went back to sleep. Once she woke up again it was one o clock. The smell of food was what caught kaylee's attention. Her mom only cooks when they have guest over, hurrying down stairs in her pjs she noticed her mom had over Rob and his family. Timmy noticed her creeping down the stairs and called her name. "Hey kaylee nice to see you." Timmy smirked a lil to see her pjs. Rob glanced over and cracked a smile and gentle nod.

"Sweetie go get changed and come eat with everyone." her mom made a shooing motion. Turning around now completly emabrassed kaylee tripped up the stairs. Now completely embarrassed by what just happened kaylee sat on her unmade bed thinking how could things get worse. 

"Kaylee come downstairs with everyone else dont be rude." kaylees mom said with power in her voice. "Im coming okay" kaylee threw some clothes on and ran downstairs. All the seats were filled except for the one next to Rob. "Oh great!" kaylee thought to herself as she felt her armpits sweat. Rob was looking extra nice today, he had a nice sweater on with skinny jeans. The scent he was wearing lingered through her nostrils, Rob turned toward kaylee and handed her a note under the table. She put it in her pocket for later and after everyone left she was sure to read it.

"Kaylee come wash these dishes!" kaylees mom yelled. Kaylee looked at her with no words to even form, she was only in the other room just about to open the note when her mom told her to do the dishes. "Well until we meet again." kaylee said as she tucked the note back into those dazzling pink jeans she wore. The dishes were stocked up as if she threw a party. There was pots, pans, and everything inbetween. Finnally she finished with wrinkled fingers and went into her room. "Ah ha now Finnally to read the note." she said outloud. The paper had his scent on it still. It was a bit wrinkled as if he had wrote this a while ago. Kaylee held the paper in her hand for a while before deciding to open the note.

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  • Mia Varner
    Mia Varner over 4 years ago

    Okay, this small cliffhanger crap has to stop. Y'all people are teasing me and it's not okay! Ahhhh, the pain!