“It’s simple, to save the other three, one of you will jump.” insisted the man with the gun.

As the four on their knees heard this, no one said a thing. The helicopter hovered in the middle of a cloud, looking around he saw the horror on the other’s faces. No one wanted to choose or be chosen, the indecision in the room made the air static. As they watched the countdown tick to five. “It’s been great and we had one hell of a time.” he voiced, glancing over at the countdown nearing zero. “I love you all no matter what.” He finished. As it hit zero he took two steps and dove out, disappearing in the cloud instantly. “I guess the decision was made, sparring your lives.” he pointed out, still pointing the gun at them. No one said a word, he looked down at them and realized they didn’t give a damn about the guy that jumped out for them. The fact that he sacrificed his life for them, the selfish pussies could care less.

“That’s a shame.” He gazed down at them.

The first gunshot left in its wake a body and a truth, the weak will freeze while the strong will. The second victim launched himself forward only to feel the outcome of the second gunshot, he dropped down falling through the cloud. The last victim was so frightened, she hadn’t moved since she got on the helicopter. He stared down at her annoyed by her lackluster survival instincts. When he noticed the pool of piss forming around her legs, he shook his head. As she drew her last straw. The finally gunshot rang out, silencing her prayers. He pushed her out of the helicopter watching her disappear into the cloud below, before turning and shoving out the second victim.

“Aye boss I thought only one was going to die for this ulti-matum?” The co-pilot asked.

“Yea, me too. That just goes to show you never really know.”

“Oh well.” The co-pilot remarked.

“Not a shred of remorse felt for his sacrifice and I’m the wicked one. They’re worse, they’re monsters and abominations…I can’t deal right now.” He spoke, grabbing the back pack off the wall. “I’ll meet you back at the spot!” he shouted, walking out of the helicopter and falling through the cloud.


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