Yesterday morning when I set off I looked in the mirror, smiled, and said to myself, “Today is going to be my best day so far.” I lied. My name is Persephone and I tend to give myself unrealistic expectations about my adventures. Also yes, I was named after the goddess of freaking flowers who also doubled as the queen of the underworld. If that isn`t life goals than I don`t know what is. I travel with my sister Nyx who was, you guessed it, also named after a Goddess. Nyx was the Goddess of darkness and night time. Nyx and I are twins but you wouldn`t know if you looked at us. Nyx is the definition of beautiful. Her skin is white as snow, and I swear not even the brightest sun can ever change that. Her eyes are a sparkling ice blue and her hair is pale blonde with white streaks.

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