(Logan is asleep on his couch and snoring loudly. In the distance you hear an alarm going off.)

(Logan groans and rolls over onto the floor.)

(Logan then wakes up and walks over to the other room which is now revealed to be his bedroom he takes the alarm clock and unplugs it from the wall.)

(Logan puts on pants and grabs his car keys he then leaves the apartment and walks to a parking garage.)

(he finds his car and puts the alarm clock underneath the front tire before getting in and running over the clock multiple times.)

(After this he gathers the pieces and throws them away on his walk home.)

(Logan picks up the mail and goes into his apartment)

(Logan pours himself a bowl of cereal and then a phone rings.)

Logan: You’ve reached Joe’s Pool Hall, 8Ball speaking.

Eric: Hey Logan, did I leave my lunch at the apartment?

Logan: I just woke up,Eric. No idea.

Eric: Okay, well could you call if you find it?

Logan: Yeah,I guess.

Eric: Ok bye I need to get back to plane repairs.

Logan: Don’t break anything. See ya.

Eric: Hey Logan can you do me a favor and stop killing my alarm clocks

Logan: Why would you assume I did that.

Eric: Because You sound wide awake at… twelve thirty and usually you’re still waking up when I get home.

Logan: (grumbling) I’ll try.

Eric: Thanks and buddy get a job or something because this moping around fawning over her is killing me.

(Logan hangs up the phone)

Logan:(mumbles)What does he know.

(Logan shakes his head and begins to go through the mail on the counter.)

Logan:Junk,Junk,Junk,Eric’s junk... (he stops) Huh, one addressed to me.It's not my birthday...

(Logan opens the letter and reads It out loud.)

Dear Mr.Williams

You have been inviting to the reading of the will of Mrs.Jean Williams. You will be expected to attend the reading at 501 south street Silent Willow,North Carolina on the twenty first of this month.

Sincerely Johnson,Wentworth and Johnson.

Logan: Well this is the worst birthday ever.

(Logan picks up his phone and dials the number on the letter.)

Lawyer: Hello you’ve reached Johnson,Wentworth and Johnson how may I help you.

Logan: You can explain why I’ve been invited to the reading of my grandmother's will.

Lawyer: Well sir I believe it’s because she’s dead.

Logan: Yes she is and she has been for the last ten years.

Lawyer: Well I think you may just need to come here and find out.Good day.

(The lawyer hangs up.)

Logan: What a nice guy...

(Logan walks to his room zoom in on his hand turning the knob show hand opening door into another apartment.)


(A door bell rings)

(Heather walks down the stairs,quickly pauses,and then opens the door)

Heather: Hi James!

James: Hi.Are you ready to go?

Heather: Yeah,give me a second.You can come in if you want to.

( James walks in and shuts the door behind him as Heather walks upstairs)

James: Um…Heather have you redecorated(staring at the walls)

Heather: (From upstairs)Yeah.I didn’t like the color.

James: It looks…perfect...

(Heather comes down the stairs)

Heather: Alright so we need to get you to work so I can get to work.

James: well off we go.

Heather: We can cut through the forest.It’ll make it shorter

James: if we want to walk we should probably avoid the forest.

Heather: Okay since you a Twenty five year old won’t go through the forest we need to leave now.

(Heather and James leave and close the door) 


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