Callista's been waiting a little too long for her Prince Charming to arrive. So long she's begun to think he really doesn't exist after all - or well, not for her, at least. Years of endless bullying and family problems make it worse. With only one best friend - who's not always very loyal - to lean on, Callista stops daydreaming about her fairy tale life once and for all and just focuses on the real world from now on. Everything changes when Eric arrives in town. He takes an immediate liking to Callista and vice-versa. Though a bit hesitant of him, Callista agrees to be with him - even if it means having to rekindle with Eric's new best friend and her old crush, Dylan; even if it means breaking away from her best friend, Niya; and especially if she's finally and truly found The One.

Love Young Adult Fiction Teen High School Middle School Sweet Sad Depression Emo Broken Heart First Love Friendship Love Triangle Betrayal Second Love True Love