The warm summer breeze had just hit Redwall High School. Giant, sweaty sixteen- year-olds were anticipating the vociferous school bell that announced the beginning of a long, relaxing break.


Penelope’s chair was turned towards the clock. Three minutes until she was free. Mr. Kenson, her History teacher, continued to teach as if someone cared enough to listen. Penelope knew that no one cared about rock formation or the depths of the grand canyon. They just wanted out of this hell hole. And then, before she could even start daydreaming about what she’ll do this summer, the bell rang. Everyone scrambled out of their seats, as if a freakish monster was going to erupt from the ground and hold them hostage until school started up again. Penelope took her time. She knew that Carrie would come bursting through the classroom door to ‘rescue’ her from Mr. Kenson. Penelope’s history teacher was a pervert. He stared at Penelope from his desk, always offered to have her stay after class for a “special meeting” to raise her grades, and he would pull off a sly trick, where whenever he would drop something near Penelope, he would touch her thigh as he gets up. Penelope should be reporting this, but Mr. Kenson was so young and could hardly pay rent as is (He vents to his classes about all his problems), and Carrie thought he was hot so she begged her not to tell a soul.

Just as Penelope thought, as soon as the rush of teen spirit fled out the door, in came Carrie, her blond curls bouncing behind her.

“Let’s go!”

She cried, grasping tightly to Penelope’s thin arm.

“Okay, okay.”

Penelope sighed, getting up from her seat in a rather leisurely manner.

They walked out the front door, looking at everyone scurrying to hop on the bus, some running home, others driving away in their dad’s old car that definitely needs some help on.

The girls walked through the crowds of people, looking happier than ever, their locked arms swaying back and forth. They walked to Penelope’s house, about two blocks from where Carrie lived.

“I’ll see you later!”

Carrie exclaimed, letting go of Penelope and waving her goodbye.

“Alright, alright, you keep telling yourself that.”

She laughed, and walked off into her home.


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