Miry's POV

It was a late Sunday evening but it was just as boring as any other. I was walking home from Wendy's the same way I always do. But today...something was different. The atmosphere was off, something just wasn't sitting right. All of a sudden I hear a scream as if someone was being brutally murdered. I focus on the sound only to find that it was bouncing from every direction. I finally pinpointed the overall direction the sound was coming from and it was from down the alley way I was approaching. It was strange though, I had never seen this particular one before. How strange...I always take this way home. For the past year I've walked this same street and never have I seen this alley way before.... I slowly approached with caution ringing in my head. I peered around the corner but nothing was there. Against my screaming thoughts, I started to head down the alley way. That's when the screaming became loud and apparent almost like someone was running towards me as it grew louder. A rush of anxiety shot through my chest me thoughts now screaming at me, RUN! YOU IDIOT RUN! I spun around only to be met with a face full of brick wall. I ran my hands over the brick, "What?" I spouted out confusedly. I just came from this direction...what happened. My train of thought suddenly stopped as the screaming became so piercing and high pitched it ran right through me head, causing me to slide down the wall and curl into a ball and start shaking. Louder and louder it got not leaving me alone. I thought my ears were going to start bleeding at any moment. I closed my eyes and the scream became so close so loud. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again there was a little girl standing in front of me with her hands over her ears. She was tiny with long black hair, her skin as pale as a ghost. Her bright blue eyes bleeding into mine. She took a few steps towards me and tilted her head. She looked almost as confused as I was. The screaming had gotten softer but it was still there. Just not as apparent. She took one hand off her ear and put it over my mouth and the screaming stopped. What? She put her other hand down and let out a happy sigh,"Why were you screaming?" She said in a hushed tone. I felt my breath become even heavier under the pressure of her cool hand. She took her hand off and whipped it on her white sleeping gown," Ew, don't condensate on my hand...Gross." I tilted me head," You have a very large vocabulary for a kid." I said slowly catching my breath," Why was I screaming?" I looked at her suspiciously,"Why are you asking me? I just followed the sound of bloody murder and found you." I look around this place looking less and less like what it did when I entered. Then she crossed her arms and said angrily,"What do you mean kid? I'm twenty four." My attention snapped back to her,"What?!...There is no way." She took a couple more steps toward me now our faces were just merely inches apart. "What do you know? What are you, like five?" I was taken back,"No..." I tried to push against the wall as best as I could,"I'm 17." She tilted her head at me this time,"No...You HAVE to be like five..." Is this girl really gonna push my buttons? I thought to myself, I got my feet under me and stood up,now looking down at this girl," Excuse you," I said in my most official voice," I've been working for a year now only to be still on the bottom but I am not a five year old..." She froze, this girl who had just had so much attitude with me and was so sassy. Her face went stone cold and she didn't have any emotion in her face," You...You work?" I was taken back,"Of course I work, Don't you?' She shook her head," No...You're not suppose to work unless you well under 13..." I shook my head,"What? Is that even legal?" She looked just as confused as I felt,"What do you mean is it legal? It's been that way for about a hundred years now." She back up a bit and gave me some room to breath,"Where...Are you from?" I silently watched her and she wrung her hands and her calm cool exterior become a nervous one," I'm from...L.A" I said slowly, not sure why this information would help her. She raised an eyebrow at me," California?" I asked but she just shook her head and said," What realm are you traveling from?" I looked at her like she had just spoke Spanish," Uh....The United States of America?" The only way I could even think to answer the question but she still looked extremely confused," You are making absolutely NO sense." She said coldly," First you are screaming bloody murder then you make up names for places I've never even heard of before and now you're trying to tell me you have no idea what realm you're even from?" I nodded my head,"Un Believable." She said crossing her arms and letting out an annoyed sigh,"Fine, keep your information to yourself it's not like I'm trying to help or anything." I felt my jaw drop,"What do you MEAN? I have no idea what's going on. If you really have no idea what I'm talking about then where the hell am I?" The girl looked at me suspiciously and said,"You're in the realm of Sobanna, planet of the monks and monsters." I tilted my head,"Wh-what?!....." 


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