Bit 2 Hunt With The Winchesters

As the boys woke up, Castiel and I were just watching them. It was awkward for all of us except Cas. He wasn't used to human customs yet, as I was.

"Did you even do anything while we were sleeping?" Dean asked Cas and then glanced over at me. We shook our heads no.
"Well, we watched you." I spoke. Sam hid the smile from growing as Dean gave me his b!tch face. I shrugged my shoulders at him and hopped off the table I sat on.

"Lets find a hunt." I said with enthusiasm. I had never hunted anything that wasn't a rogue angel or demon before. Hunting other monsters will be a new experience for me. Castiel seems to look like he's done it before. The way he talks about how it could be one or the other monster. He fits in with these boys. I'm proud of him.

"Here. Uh, there have been 3 disappearings within the last 3 days. Bodies were found missing their heart and in the middle of the woods. You think this is a werewolf?" Sam looked around at us and I was surprised how fast he linked it together.
"Sounds like our kind of case. Lets go kill the bastards." Dean said while going to pack his things. Sam went to do the same while Cas and I stood there watching.

"What's hunting like?" I asked my brother. He turned to me and smiled.
"The boys will take care of us if we need it. In return, we take care of them." He explained. Seems simple, but it's probably easier said than done. Most things are. A werewolf is no demon or angel.

-During the hunt-

Somehow, the pack split us up. Castiel is somewhere, Sam is somewhere else, and Dean is too. It's me, here, with a werewolf in front of me. I had no weapons, which was a dumb idea. Suddenly, the werewolf lunged at me. I crouched down and covered myself with my arms. Instead of feeling the impact, I heard the werewolf whine and then stop. I looked up to see who saved me and saw the Devil himself.

Our eyes made contact and I couldn't look away. My breath hitched in my throat and he didn't look away either. After this trance was over, I slightly shook my head to clear it, and looked back up. He was smirking and said,
"Until next time, Arabella." With that, he vanished. The werewolf's heart lay beside it on the ground. They wouldn't believe me if I told them the devil saved me, so I picked it up and got my hand bloody. Setting it back down, I looked on my Angel Radar to see if I could pinpoint the boys, any of them, but there was nothing. Something was interfering with my signal. I cursed it and started walking towards the building.

I walked in the front door and saw Sam and Dean arguing. The sound of the door shutting made them jerk their heads over to me. Then my bloody hand. Castiel walked into the living room that the boys were in and saw me too.

"Arabella, you're alright." Castiel smiled. I smiled back and nodded.
"As are you." I replied. He nodded and I looked at the boys. "Are you okay?" They both nodded and Sam spoke up.
"We should get going before the cops get here. Uh, do you want to wash your hand off first?" I nodded and walked into the kitchen. I turned on the water and scrubbed off all the blood. Walking back into the living room, we all headed out to the Impala. Cas and I rode in the backseats while the boys sat up front.

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